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Tree of Life Knit-Along #2 – Twin Trees

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Tree of Life Knit-Along #2 – Twin Trees

Tree of Life Knit-Along BadgeLast Sunday was a bright and sunny day and I jumped at the chance to sit on my roof overlooking downtown Manhattan and start my spring afghan project. It’s calm, quiet and feels like a private oasis in the center of a busy city. Whenever I start a project as large as this, I try to take my time and read through the pattern in advance, as well as double-checking my cast on. It’s so easy to miss 1 or 2 cast on stitches, when you are working with 180 stitches, and even 1 stitch too few will throw your whole pattern off.

A great thing to remember when tackling a challenging project is to not get overwhelmed by the size of it, but break it down into simple components, section by section and row by row. When setting up, remember that in this project, the right side of the work will have a purled background and the trees will pop out of that because they are knitted, so your right side rows will begin with a purl stitch.

The trees are beautiful, with their twining branches, and do take some concentration, but the pattern chart is simple to follow if you can keep track of what row you are on. I suggest using a post-it to cover the rows already completed. The row directly above the post-it, is the row I am currently working on. Where M1 increases are used on the trunks of the trees, be sure to make them knitwise, as stated in the pattern,

The cables that make the branches twist as if waving in the wind are quick and easy once you’ve done one or two. Even if this is your very first cable project, you CAN do this!

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  • Gorgeous!! You have gotten lots farther than me. 😉

  • I am really digging this pattern. The trees rock! I am not enjoying the flower garden just yet but maybe it will grow on me.

    peace and needles,

  • I’m on row 35 & really enjoying this. There’s an error on row 27 which threw me off…perhaps this should be corrected so others will not suffer!

    Zontee says: Hi Pam, good catch on the graph! Luckily it’s only one stitch and doesn’t effect the cables at all. We’re replacing the graph, but keep in mind that as the written directions say, on those WS rows, you should just knit the knit stitches and purl the purl stitches as they appear. Personally, I find that it’s a lot easier to remember that when cabling than to keep checking the graph.

  • I couldn’t wait to start this project, I’ve never participated in a knit-along before so I was really excited. Especially since the local Joann etc. has the WoolEase on sale this week for $2.00 a skein, but how disappointed I was because the Fisherman color has a pinkish hue (totally unacceptable). And they didn’t have any other colors I liked or thought would be appropriate for this heirloom afghan. So I have to substitute something else, I don’t care for Vanna’s Choice so the hunt is on.

  • I was so excited about the knit along. I have never done one before. I have not gotten near as far as you but am starting all the different branches of the tree. It took me a while to get the hang of the pattern and figure out if I was actually doing it correctly. I finally decided to just keep knitting and see what happened. I was pleasantly surprised that after several rows I could see the tree branches start to take shape.

  • I’m nearly finished with my first flower section, just a few more rows. I have very high knitterly hopes of finishing this afghan over this memorial weekend. I have 4 solid days of nothing but knitting. Wish me luck!

  • Ok,

    I don’t know if I am the only one who has a problem with this, but in the pattern, with #8 US needles, the gauge is supposed to be 18sts X 28 rows=4 inches in stockinette stitch. On the wool-ease yarn label, with the same needles, the gauge is 18sts X 24 rows = 4 inches. After carefully swatching, the gauge on the label is exactly what I get with #8 US needles and if I try smaller needles, to get the row gauge right, it throws my stitch gauge out of whack. Is this a typo in the pattern or am I missing something?

    I had the hardest time finding enough yarn for this project, I finally found the yarn today, so I just finished the swatch and that’s it for my progress so far.

    Zontee says: Hi Michèle, this is a question that came up a couple of times with the first post. The gauge stated is correct, but is an average of the gauge over the entire afghan. So if your 4×4 gauge swatch is 18 sts x 24 rows, keep in mind that your rows will tend to tighten up as you start the cabling sections, and therefore your overall size should be about right. Hope that helps!

  • Oh! Sounds like I am behind… But, my yarn came on the UPS truck today, so a knittin’ I will go! I’m planning on doing two. One in lemon grass, and one in paprika. Woo hoo!

  • I haven’t knitted anything in a very long time, but I am trying this one. I have loved working with the wool-ease yarn in crochet and working with it in knit will be a challenge, especially on this pattern, but I will try it out.

    I have 10 balls of the Grey Heather color. It is a better color for my household with two kids and two adults, all of us clutzes. I am wondering how well the pattern will show up in the darker color.

    Is anyone trying this pattern out in a different color than the Fisherman (off-white) that is reccomeded?

  • I’m about halfway through the first tree section. This pattern is a lot of fun. Easy enough to do, but interesting enough to keep me from getting bored.

    I’m working with a green cotton yarn, Sugar & Cream, pistachio color, I think. So far it looks good. The finished afghan will be heavy, I’m sure. But that’ll just make it cozier.

  • Hi everyone – this is such a great project. I haven’t gotten as far as you, Corinna but I am working on it. I did figure out that the right side was the pearl side. That stumped me a little. I am trying the pattern in the seaspray color. I think I will like it. In certain light it looks blue in different light it looks green. I love the color green and I like blue a lot also so I am really enjoying it.
    I am a little nervous about cables. I have only tried cables on a scarf I made awhile ago. I liked doing them and have experienced a twisted cable so I think I will know what to watch out for. I am very excited about working on the project and I can’t wait for the finished product.

    Wow Hallie finishing it this weekend – that would be great, impossible for me, but great if you can. Good luck and really enjoy your weekend while you knit.
    Good luck all. It is so fun to have others to talk a project over with.

  • Slowly plugging along here. I frogged my first 4 rows. I was going to intarsia the trees in brown and crochet the edging until a saw a really good pic of the project.

    Now, I’m leaving it in one colour and going to knit the edging. Its too nice to change too much of!

  • Well, my “Chosen” Son and his Wife are expecting their first born in about 6 months (it’ll take me that long to finish it)and I’m going to attempt to make this “Tree of Life” in baby afghan size (approx 30×40″).

    Problem #1 – I want to make it in pure White – I’ve tried Cotton-Ease and Vanna’s Choice – I’m not crazy about either one of them – any other yarn suggestions would be welcomed? Cotton-Ease is better than Vanna’s Choice but I want it to be perfect.

    Problem #2 – Row 16 and all rows with a M1 – the first M1 on the right-hand side of the tree trunk is perfect but when I do the same thing on the left-hand side of the trunk it leaves a “hole” before the purl stitches. Anyone else having this problem? Any Suggestions?

    Happy Knitting Everyone!!!

  • I am on row 37 of the trees. I am not using the graph, as I just find it easier to read along with the pattern. I made a mistake with the M1 waaaay back at the beginning, which left me with holes. I didn’t frog the whole thing, but I do want to fix the holes somehow. Any suggestions? Other than that, I am enjoying knitting this a lot. I may even make one in a different color for our bedroom.

  • I am half way through the 1st garden flowers. I love how the trees look and the flower garden is interesting. I am using a different yarn that is a cream color with flecks of black, brown, grey, and tan. It’s good to know that if I have a problem I can’t figure out I can post it in here and get help.

  • You guys are a LOT farther along than I. I had to pull out (is that what “frogged” means? 🙂 5 rows, twice! That’s what I get for trying to do the cables when I was tired! I have some advice for anybody who needs it…

    1) Regarding holes while doing the M1 – When doing the M1 on either side of the tree trunk I have done both lifting from the front and then knit through the back and also the lifting from the back and then purling. What I found that actually worked was lifting from the front and then knitting into the the front of the stitch instead of the back. I have had no holes this way. Wow is that as clear as mud or what?!? hope it makes sense!

    2. Use a LIFE LINE! lol. Where the cable row begins (can’t remember which row that was…think it was 18?) I took some dark smooth, smaller in diameter, yarn that won’t bleed and used a large blunt-eyed needle to pick up every stitch (just the right hand loop of every stitch) on the stockenette side. I took great care not to incorporate that life-line in the next row that I worked. That way if I have to go back due to any mistake, it’s not quite as difficult as the life-line stops me from accidentally ripping out too much!

    Those were the two things that helped me! I hope they help someone else too! I am very hopeful that I get to work on it a lot this weekend. I think I’m finally getting the hang of it!

    Christina ~

  • I started my afghan 2 days ago. I am on row 15 and will be starting on the branches shortly. I am having a great time with it thus far. Can’t wait to begin the cabling. 😀

  • This afghan is fun! I’ve made a few little mistakes here and there but I’ve been able to correct them (for the most part). I’ve gotten to Row 30 so far and am starting to see the branches now, which is cool. I must admit, though, I’m a little afraid of the flower garden section!

  • I love this pattern, and have started making it in “Pound of Love”. My local A.C. Moore only had 2 balls of the fisherman yarn that was called for, but I love this soft yarn that I am using. I am up to row 15 and looking forward to starting the branches. Thanks so much for this web site, it is fun to read about other knitters and learn of their progress.

  • i’m using pound of love, too, and am halfway up the tree. very exciting pattern ….. but a good one , for this is my first knit–long, too.

  • this is my first time doing this and hope to keep up with all of uses

  • yipee—-
    i am now on row 56 of the twin trees.
    so impressed with the design.
    how far i wonder has corinna come?

  • Problem #2 – Row 16 and all rows with a M1 – the first M1 on the right-hand side of the tree trunk is perfect but when I do the same thing on the left-hand side of the trunk it leaves a “hole” before the purl stitches. Anyone else having this problem? Any Suggestions?

    I had that same problem, I ended up just doing the increase by knitting into the front and back of the stitch. No hole.

  • I started this last Thursday. I’ve just started on the flower garden section. I did have a few problems with the trees, the holes with increases. And when I got to the first cable row I was say off. So I pulled out about five rows and placed markers between each pattern repeat, that helped me a lot with keeping each sections seperate.
    Now I’m having trouble with the first row of the flower garden… not coming up with a pearl one at the end. So I will just trudge along till I figure out what I’m missing, rip out and start over! lol
    I just started knitting back in November, but fearless I am not! 🙂

  • Only found this knitalong yesterday – have downloaded the pattern & ordered yarn (I’m in the uk so Lionbrand is pretty expensive over here, so am subbing with Sirdar Hayfield Aran). I’m not experienced but def up for a challenge & it’s great I can get help here when needed. I’m aiming to finish for Xmas & give to Mumsie – she thinks everything I knit is wonderful, even when it’s patently not, so it will have an appreciative recipient however it turns out! Good luck to one & all.

  • Had to wait for my yarn to come. Noone had 10 of the same color around here. So far I am doing well, on row 26. I will have to take my time doing this as it is my first cable stitch. Also this is my busy time, with work, a large garden and My mothers 80th birthday in July. Good luck to you all and I will be reading on your progress

  • I can’t figure out how to purl 2 together in back (p2togb). Can anyone help me?

  • I found this on a search of the internet, I am just assuming tbl stands for through the back loop. Is this p2togb?:
    p2tog-tbl is done by entering the two stitches from left to right, through the back loops, and twisting the right needle around into the normal purl position. This causes the stitch that was originally on the left to end up on top of the stitch that was originally on the right, and to be twisted around the base of the new stitch, which itself will not be twisted.

  • Hello everyone – I love this pattern. I just started the cable rows on the tree pattern. I find the pattern fun to do, not to difficult but difficult enough to keep me interested. Jan – I had the same problem with the hole in the M1 stitches. I just picked up the small stitch next to the longer yarn. It stopped the hole problem. Amy – I was also wondering how to fix the holes without frogging. I think I will sew a small stitch to pull the hole together and weave the yarn ends into the row. I won’t do that until later so I am not sure how it will work out.

    I really like this project and sharing with all of you.
    Happy knitting.

  • The P2togB gave me some trouble, too. Here’s a link that I found that shows very clearly the positioning of the needles.

    This was EXTREMELY helpful to me. It’s much easier when you have a visual.

  • Maybe I’m the only one and maybe because I’ve only been knitting a little while, but this row confused me a little

    Row 7: P8, *insert a crochet hook (or point of right needle) from front through the fabric at right of the twisted knit st in first row, catch yarn and draw up a long, loose loop; sl this loop onto right needle, knit next st and pass the loop over st,

    I finally figured it out after I did it wrong. I think if it was written, catch the working yarn, instead of catch yarn. I don’t know. Just sort of stumped me for a bit.

    Also, I switched to circular needles on about the 15th row. It’s a bit too bulky and heavy to hold on one needle. Much more comfortable to knit with the main part of the afghan in your lap rather than being supported by your hand.

  • I am having trouble getting started. The pattern calls for a 180 st co.
    Working the written pattern i am coming short 12 stitches.
    I tried working by the chart but I do not understand how to make a no stitch can any one help please
    Thank you Shelia

    Zontee says: Hi Shelia, don’t worry. You’re not the only one who has had this question. We answered this a couple of times on the first post. I think that Jackie, our technical editor’s explanation to comment 78 was best. She said, “Row 1 (WS): *K4, work Row 1 of Twin Trees pattern or follow Chart Row 1 for 40 sts; rep from * 3 more times, k4.

    in other words, (*k4 + 40 sts of chart) would be 44 sts; this 44 st repeat is worked 4 times total (4×44 = 176 sts) + the k4 at the end = 180 sts.”

    For future issues, you may want to browse the comments on Corinna’s first post to see if other people have had similar issues. Hope that helps!

  • hi:
    that’s a great pattern, can you tell me how and where to get it. i would like to start one also. thanks and good knitting to all…. Clara

    Zontee says: Hi Clara, in our first post, you can click on the knit-along badge to get to the pattern, or you can search for it at You may also want to read the “How to Knit Along with Us” post for more information.

  • I have nerver done one knit-along before (excuse me for my english, it has been resting *smile*). I’m not use to read patterns in english. But I have started and it feel good so far… I will take photos and try to write in english at my blogg. Welcome to visit.

  • hi everyone!
    well, my afghan, in loden (a lovely woodsy green) wool-ease is coming along nicely now… now, after I’ve introduced a life line! I had to frog my work 4 times! eeks. the farthest i got (the second to last frogging) was row 32, and besides the messed up cables, etc., was looking sooo lovely!

    i used dental floss for my life line, as it makes it really easy to Not accidentally hook the lifeline when knitting the next row…

    i’m on about row 30 now, tho haven’t done much on this for a couple of days… shell shocked after the last frogging back to row 15! now I am being very very very deliberate (and not knitting when i’m so tired and distracted! ha).

    this is going to be beautiful, and it is certainly worth the effort! i hope that I can do the garden!!! think i will definately be trying that pattern out on a swatch, FIRST! 🙂

    happy knitting, all!

  • I’m on the flower garden section now. I’m not quite sure about this picking up the stitch business, but I will take it slowly and (hopefully) get it worked out. This afghan is a technical challenge for me and I am really enjoying it

  • I recently started the tree of life afghan and am having some difficulty. I have reviewed the previous posts and don’t see my question addressed there. I am not a graph knitter, so I am using the written instructions. In doing the Twin Trees stitches rows 1-15 I knitted/purled the first 4 stitches, did the ensuing 40 sts, knitted/purled 4 again, and did the ensuing 40 sts. That seems to look right on the needles. When I get to Row 16 my confusion begins. Am I supposed to Purl 4 @ the start of the row then do the next stitches in the pattern & purl 4 and repeat the pattern stitches to end where I purl 4? Or do I just start right in on the pattern stitches – purl 12, M1, etc.? I did it the way I initially explained and then when I got to row 18 I thought perhaps I wasn’t supposed to be using those 4 border stitches like in rows 1-15. Thank you, Terri

    Zontee says: Hi Terri, you do continue the knit/purl 4 before each repeat (and at the end) throughout the Twin Trees sections. Row 16 should end with 188 sts. (4 sts + 42 sts in the Twin Trees motif = 46 sts; 46 sts x 4 repeats = 184 sts; 184 + 4 purl sts = 188 sts)

    At row 18, you’re increasing the st count again (the M1s). It’s all in preparation for the tree branches. Just keep going, and once you get to the branches, it will make more sense. Good luck!

  • i have also had problems with Row 16 and i have frogged it 5 TIMES. i’m soooo frustrated. i thought i was doing the repeat correctly by doing the 4 purls then the pattern row but now i have 5 left over!!!! i’ve been counting diligently. do i have to take it out AGAIN?????
    i know, yes i do . . . but my sympathy!

  • The tree pattern was a big surprise. I had forgotten all about it, and looked up my spinning record. In 1999 I made a grey handspun jacket for my son’s 40th birthday. As he was in the Parks and Recreation I used the tree pattern on the back. By using two colours it was quite complicated. The wool was grey romney and the trees were white romney dyed green with tansy leaves. They stood out so well on the grey background.
    I thought I would pass this on as another suggestion for the use of this pattern.
    Our family all like their handspuns, especially those who live in the colder parts of New Zealand.

  • Hi Knitters! This is my first “experienced” level project and I am enjoying the challenge, though I am only on row 21. (not a lot of time to knit, plus I am slow) It is amazing how fast some of you zoom through this. My last afghan took me 3 years! But I am proceeding slowly and find I must work in total silence, but I haven’t had to undo any whole rows yet. I have noticed that one big difference between beginning and experienced level patterns is the degree of explanation. Experienced level patterns assume you know what you’re doing. Ha! 🙂 Thank goodness for online instructions, books, and this notebook. I have a Vogue knitting book and find it very helpful in describing the different stitches and procedures. I never heard of the “lifeline” concept before- what a great idea! I am tempted to put one in every 10 rows just in case. And I never heard of “frogging” either. I heard ripping out stitches called “tinking” (tink is knit spelled backwards). Anyway, great meeting you all, and thanks to everyone who posts hints and solutions- we appreciate it. BTW- has anyone gone so far as to post a video on YouTube showing how to do some of the more challenging stitches? That would be SO wonderful. Happy knitting ttyl

  • I recently started the tree of life afghan and am having some difficulty. I have reviewed the previous posts and don’t see my question addressed there. I am not a graph knitter, so I am using the written instructions. In doing the Twin Trees stitches rows 1-15 I knitted/purled the first 4 stitches, did the ensuing 40 sts, knitted/purled 4 again, and did the ensuing 40 sts. That seems to look right on the needles. When I get to Row 16 my confusion begins. Am I supposed to Purl 4 @ the start of the row then do the next stitches in the pattern & purl 4 and repeat the pattern stitches to end where I purl 4? Or do I just start right in on the pattern stitches – purl 12, M1, etc.? I did it the way I initially explained and then when I got to row 18 I thought perhaps I wasn’t supposed to be using those 4 border stitches like in rows 1-15. Thank you, Terri

    Terri, I had the same problem, I posted that I ended up placing markers after the first four stitches, then after the pattern, then after four more. It kept my head straight when starting the increase and cables.

    So it’s knit/purl four, place marker, work pattern, place marker, knit/purl four, place marker…. to the end, and end with four.

    Now I’m through the flower garden, I took out the markers, because that section of the afghan does NOT have the beginning four stitches in the pattern.

    When I did the draw up yarn, I stuck my crochet hook just to the right or left of the very bottom stitch of the stem of the flower, (row 1) and grabbed the working yarn, pulled up through the front and onto my right needle. Then knit the next stitch and drop the loop up over the knit stitch and off the needle.

  • I’m done, I’m done, I’m done!!! I finished late last night. I love the pattern, but if I had to pick anything to change, I’d not do the flowers section at all, but I’m happy with my results.

    Thank God I got it done already, cause the baby shower is 5 days away.

    I used the pound of love, so it is a smaller afghan, because I wanted it to be the right size for a baby and wanted a tighter guage. I’ll post my finished pics on flickr as soon as I find a camera to use. I seem to have lost mine.

    I’m happy to assist anyone who might need help. There were a couple of errors I found in the pattern, but managed to work those out just fine.

    Good Luck to the rest!!

  • Hallie- congratulations! Would you mind spelling out the errors you found? Thank you.

  • Silly, silly me trying to knit the dreaded row 16 while watching the season finale of ‘Lost’!! Had to give up & try the next night & thanks to previous posts I managed to work out what I was supposed to be doing. I too ended up with the holes on the left of the trunks, but they’re not too big so I’ve decided to leave them as they add character (or so I tell myself – however, I reserve the right to completely change my mind!)Just about the start the cabling – should be fun!

  • Hi everyone – I’m doing fairly well so far. If you’d like to see my progress, you can visit my latest post on my blog at:

    Zontee says: Hi Michelle, thanks for sharing! It looks great so far!

  • michelle,
    what size needles are you working with?

  • I started the tree of life afghan today. I cast on 180 sts, but when I got to the end of the first twin trees row I had 12 sts left. When I added up the sts (k4,k12,p4, k8, p4, k12) x 4 I calculated 168 sts. Did I do something wrong or is there a typo? Anyway, I went back and k10 instead of k4 at the beginning and end of the row and so far so good. Will that cause me a problem later in this project?

    Zontee says: Hi Yetta, please see the explanation in comment #32 of this post. As it says in the first few lines of the afghan pattern section, you need to knit 4 before each repeat of the Twin Trees motif. We also discuss it in Corinna’s latest knit-along post. Hope that helps!

  • Hi Lata – I’m using size 8 (Clover bamboo circular).

  • Hi y’all! I printed out this pattern while I was on vacation in Abilene TX. I returned home last night and alas my luggage did not. No one seems to know where it is. Is there any way I can print out the pattern again??? I already have the yarn and needles, which I ordered when I printed out the pattern.

    thank you………..
    Mary Ellen Frailing

  • Finally started the tree of life pattern, I decided to knit the tree in olive green with a cream background. At present it could be called a big twisted mess but am looking forward to seeing the end result. I have decided to use a diffent ball for each section to save carry overs at the back.
    It will be slower but I am making it for my daughter and have 4 months to complete before she has her baby.

  • I have just finished my FIRST Tree of Life Afghan and will be giving it as a wedding present, the twined trees seemed to send a message.Thoroughly enjoyed the challenge – you really do need to concentrate – but am delighted with the results and plan to make more to have on hand for wedding presents – the ‘baby afghan’ knitters might bear in mind that there are loopy bits in the finished product which invite little fingers.

  • Hi Friends, I am loving the knit-along & the Tree of LIfe project. I am so excited about knitting! And I haven’t done it in 15 years, what a project to start with! I am halfway through the second set of trees & making good progress. I find that once I had done the first set of trees, the second set goes really fast because I can see what is going to happen.

    A tip for remembering what the PRC & PLC mean:
    when I see PRC, I know it’s to “hold stitches behind” or in back of the work, my mneumonic is I’ll-be-right-back. Obviously, then, the PLC means hold the stitches in front. This has made my work so much faster, because I don’t have to stare at the guide & try to remember what each direction means!!

  • I finished the first set of twin trees and am now working on the nice, easy dividing rows! In reading ahead I see that when I get up to Row 1 of the flower garden I increase in the first stitch and then purl 10. Should I purl the stitch I am increasing into? After this part of the row is it correct to assume I will have 12 purled stitches? Do I need to do any special increase or just purl twice into the same stitch?

  • Thank you for including photos of techniques!I’m progressing nicely on the trees, but reading ahead about the flower garden section had me worried—before I saw the photos!
    I’m on the 38th row of the trees, and really enjoying the process. I was “on the road” out east with my son and his friend last week and didn’t bring this with me. It’s nice to be back on it again!

  • I am hanging in there!! Seem to be a slower knitter than most of you (This project has been very challenging for me but now that I have the knack for all the cables, I am actually enjoying it!!) I am on row 40 of the twin trees and can see that the trees are waving in the wind. Am looking forward to the dividing rows – almost there!! Thanks, Tammy, for the info on P2togtbl. Happy knitting, fellow KALers………..

  • I decided to use the Color Olive for my Afghan. I think it looks pretty good, so far. I am slower than most of the rest of you, but definitely enjoying my first Knit-a-Long. My Sister is also knitting with us, but she is making a scarf, with only 1 repeat, because she is disabled, and can’t knit very fast with her hands.

    Enjoy all the comments. I am at Row 24, just starting to branch the tree limbs out.

  • I am not understanding the “no stitch” I have started this over 7 times now I am doing just a splotch til I can get this down

    Zontee says: Hi Brenda, a swatch is definitely a good way to practice. “No stitch” literally means that you don’t do anything during the gray blocks and you just skip it. The gray boxes represent a column in which a stitch has been decreased or will be made later. Hope that helps.

  • I just wanted to say I have knitted for many years but this pattern has stretched my ability and I thank you for that. It is a beautiful afagan.

  • Here I thought I was doing good, having a few problems but nothing I wasn’t able to solve after carefully reading the pattern. Now comes my problem I finished with row 35. On row 36 when I come to the klb, that is a purl st.for me. Is this right as it throws the rest of the row off? I really am enjoying knitting this. Thank you.

    Zontee says: Hi Sally, the K1B should be on top of a knit stitch. The general rule of thumb is that the knit stitches will be on top of knit stitches and the purl stitches will be on top of purl stitches in the Twin Trees section. It may be helpful for you to look at the Twin Trees chart to see where you might be off. Glad you’re enjoying the knit-along!

  • Sally, I hate to say this but you are a stitch off somewhere. The k1b should definitely be over a previously k st.

    Check for dropped stitches or accidentally made stitches, or just a knit where you should have purled. I think it is easier to find and correct mistakes early rather than to go through 20 more rows trying to work around where your count is off.

  • SALLY:

    Zontee says: Hi Auntie M. On row 36, you simply repeat the pattern as written WITHOUT “border stitches”. As you can see from the photo there is no gap in between the flower repeats, while there IS space between the trees. Please see the comments on the first Tree of Life KAL post for more information. The pattern with the one big tree is our Nature in Natural Afghan.

  • Is anyone still or just working on this?
    I started it way back when this KAL started but then put it down and have not picked it up until just a few days ago.
    I just finished the first set of trees!
    I’m so excited about making this. I hope I can make it through the flower garden…I’m a bit worried about it after reading all the comments.
    Thanks to everyone for all the input

    Zontee says: Hi Judy, don’t forget to check the KAL group for this project on — there are usually still people working on it there.

  • HELP! I’m on row 36 of the twin trees pattern. Somehow, I don’t know what I did wrong, but row 36 does not seem to conincide with row 34.

  • I’m having the exact problem with Judy’s problem on Question 59. I seem to check my stitches carefully and I don’t know what I did wrong. I’m currently stuck on row 36.

  • After reading Answer to Question 61, I get it! The first 4 stitches in front, between, and end of the twin tree pattern in row 36 three me off. I simply forgot I was knitting the 4 stitches before the pattern. So you would knit the first 4 stitches as you did in all the other rows as explained in the beginning of hte Afghan direction and then your pattern stitch start on stitch 5.

  • Can anyone clarify “k1b” stitch on twin trees pattern?

    Can anyone claarify “k1b (twisted knit st)” in row 1 of flower garden pattern?

    Thanks for your help,

    Zontee says: Hi D, both are the same thing — the words in the parentheses is just explaining what you’re doing (i.e. making a twisted knit stitch). As it says at the bottom of the pattern: k1b = knit stitch through the back loop. For the explanation on our website click here.

  • I am starting the border. Ca I keep the last bind off stitch on and pick up stitches from the blanket as I knit the border or I have to bind off all stitches and use a needle to sew the border to the blanket.

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