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Tree of Life Knit-Along #1

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Tree of Life Knit-Along #1

Tree of Life Knit-along badge

UPDATE: Thanks for your comments on this Knit-Along suggesting that the pattern be free. We are offering this pattern free until 6/1/08 for anyone who would like to join the Knit-Along. Please click on the image above to get the pattern.

In need of a good spring project, I decided on the Tree of Life afghan designed by Nicky Epstein. The pattern was originally written for Lion Brand in Wool-Ease but I thought I’d give it a try in Fishermen’s Wool, in Natural, which is a great airy off-white. The Twin Trees and Flower Garden patterns that make up the design inspired me that by the time I’m finished, the weather will actually be perfect for a day in the park.

After doing a quick swatch, the gauge worked out perfectly, with 18sts to every 4 inches, so I’m off to a pretty good start. (For more information on gauge, listen to this week’s YarnCraft podcast episode.)

tree of life Knit-along badge

I hope you’ll join me for this group knit-along as we work on this classic pattern, a long-time favorite for over 10 years, together. I’ll be sharing my progress every two weeks, and I hope you’ll ask questions, comment, and share your progress too.

Feel free to use the knit-along badge above on your blog. (Right-click the image — or Ctrl+click on Macs — and select “Save As” to save it to your computer.)

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  • […] [dot] com). Learn about using our FAQ section and our new blog, the Lion Brand Notebook. Join the knit-along as Corinna works on the Tree of Life […]

  • Love this idea!! Can we get more info? Where do we obtain the pattern? Are we sharing where we are at, questions, comments here on this blog? I wanna play!! 😉

    Zontee says: Hi Kathie, you can just click on the badge above and it will take you to the pattern. You’ve got the rest exactly right–Corinna will be updating every two weeks and we encourage you to share links to photos of your project, questions, and comments on each of those posts!

  • I would love to join. Where can I get the pattern?

    Ilana says: we made the pattern free. Just click on the image of the afghan.

  • As to the Knit Along-the afagan is a beautiful pattern. It would be much nicer, and a great incentive, if the pattern was FREE!

    Ilana says: Thanks for your suggestion Linda. We made it free. See above.

  • I just bought and was looking at the Tree of Life pattern and have a question. For the tree of life portion, the odd numbered rows are WS and the pattern ends with a RS row. That pattern is followed by the dividing pattern which begins with another RS row (the odd numbered rows on the dividing and flower garden patterns). So the last row of the tree of life pattern (RS) would be followed by the first row of the dividing pattern which is also listed as a RS row. Am I missing something? Thanks for any explanation/help!

    Zontee says: Hi Emily, the pattern actually says that after the Tree of Life pattern (RS), you should purl one row. The purl row is the WS row that will get you ready for the dividing pattern. Hope that helps!

  • Hi! Have seen this tree of life pattern for many years and have decided to join your knit-a-long to stretch my knitting skills and finally tackle it! This will be a challenging project for me. Now I need to wait for my order to come in and start knitting my gauge! Marlene

  • I’d play if the pattern were free.

    Ilana says: Thanks for your comment Arizona! Click on the image of the afghan to get the pattern free!

  • I would love to join your knit along, and I can buy the pattern online as it is downloadable, but I live in the UK and cannot order the yarn as you do not ship to the UK. Is there a stockist that ships to the UK that I can order from?

    Ilana says: Shirley, you can get the pattern free and email to find a UK distributor.

  • I’d like to second the free pattern suggestion. There are so many of them on the website–choosing one for the knitalong would certainly make it a possibility for a lot more people.

    Ilana says: It’s free now, thanks to comments like yours. Just click the image of the afghan!

  • I had a question, I am tempted by this project, but I wanted to know how long we had to knit it…does this knitalong have an end date?
    I saw by one question that we had to buy the pattern? How much? oooh, it’s getting a bit too complicated for me, maybe I won’t join after all….
    it was a good idea though, well done!

    Ilana says: Hi Linda, I hope you’ll join us. The pattern is now free. Just click the afghan image. Corinna will be knitting this and as she does, she will write in this blog about every two weeks about her progress. You can take as long as you like to knit it but you’ll be able to follow along with Corinna, post your comments, questions, and talk about your experience, comparing it to that of everyone else working their way through this project.

  • I have to agree with Linda Tate. I think that a knit-along sponsored by a yarn supplier ought to stick to free patterns.

    Ilana says: You got it! Just click on the image of the afghan.

  • I would like to join as well. Is the pattern one that needs to be purchased or is this a kit?

    Ilana says: The pattern is free if you click on the image of the afghan. You can get the yarn at most major craft retailers or directly from

  • I would like to join but am allergic to wool – what other yarn would you suggest and where can we get the pattern and list of supplies.

    When do you anticipate starting?

    sao (AKA Shirley Albertson Owens)
    Midlothian, VA

    Zontee says: Hi Shirley, personally I think that Vanna’s Choice is a great yarn to use instead of wool. I believe 12 balls of Vanna’s Choice should do the trick. Click on the badge in Corinna’s post to get the pattern and supply list.

  • I love the pattern. How do I get the pattern

  • A friend asked me to knit this afghan, so I made a “sampler” pillow using one row of flowers below the tree of life pattern, both surrounded by rows and columns of knit and purl to make a border. She approved of my knitting, and asked me to make another pillow as well as the afghan.
    It was a great project, and fun to knit. Wool-ease is very close to traditional Irish fisherman’s yarn in the “feel” of the way cables and bobbles are created.
    I would love to know from other knitters what kind of needles they used for this project.

  • I’m so excited to start this project! I’ve been looking at it for some time in the catalogue, and am glad to have a ‘teacher’ through the project.

  • I remember seeing the different quantity in the catalogue, but now can’t remember…how many skeins did you have to boy of Fisherman, since it’s a different amount than the jiffy?


    Ilana says: Great question! Corinna has decided to make this in Fishermen’s Wool. The pattern was designed in Wool-Ease. If you’re buying Wool-Ease to make this afghan, just get the amount listed in the pattern. If you are using Fishermen’s Wool, you would need 5 skeins. You’ll have extra yarn with the Fishermen’s Wool because the skeins are so large but you’ll be assured of not running out. Either yarn works great.

  • but i only crochet….

    Ilana says: keep watching for a crochet-along at a future date

  • This is so gorgeous. Is it knit in one piece, or are strips sewn together? (I ask because it looks like the kit includes just straight needles, not circulars.)

    Zontee says: Hi Catherine, the middle is knit as one piece and a separate border is then knit as a separate piece and attached. You will want to use circular needles. You can find a set here on our website.

  • Love a good knit-a-long. May have to gather some stuff together to join in. Looks like an easy quick knit.

  • Do you think you’ll have something similiar on a beiginner to intermediate level? Don’t think I’m ready for this

  • I would LOVE to knit this afghan but I feel it’s way beyond my skill level. How can I get help?

  • I would love to join the knit-along, but cannot, without a free pattern. Pity……….

  • I would love to join. Where can I get the pattern?


    Zontee says: Hi Esther, while we don’t ship to Mexico, you CAN always download patterns (whether free or paid)! Since we’ve made this pattern free for the next two weeks, just click on the image at the beginning of Corinna’s post and you’ll find the pattern. Enjoy!

  • I would if the pattern was free. It looks like you’re drumming up business rather than helping everyone with a KAL

  • What a happy coincidence!! I started this about three weeks ago and put it down for some reason. This is a great excuse to get back to it. I think I’m just about to get to the branches of the trees.

    How is this going to work and when are you starting?

    Zontee says: Hi Beth, like Corinna mentioned in the post, she’s going to be updating every two weeks and encourages everyone to post their questions, comments, links to their blogs or photos online, etc. here in the comments section. She’s starting now, and will check in two weeks!

  • The PDF pattern version of the tree of life afghan will not open. Will it be fixed so I can join along?

    Zontee says: Hi Paula, sorry for the problem. It should work now!

  • I like this idea because it will inspire me to work on this afghan which I purchased from Lionbrand as a kit and it is sitting amongst all my other projects waiting for my attention. I would be interested in the reply to the question regarding instructions for RS and WR ending and start up of patterns.

    Zontee says: Hi Frances, see above for my answer to Emily’s question about the RS and WS rows.

  • I was looking for a project to make for myself for a change. This was the perfect project! I made it of a goldish worsted yarn and have cuddled into on many a cool evening.

  • Hi Corinna,

    the blanket is beautiful. I did subscribe my email address to the Notebook to become part of the group. Now….how do I obtain the pattern so that I can start knitting the blanket?

    Currently I’m doing a blanket for a friend’s husband who is going through chemo but I’ll be ready to start the Tree of Life blanket right after.

    Thanks for providing a new group to be part of.

    Barbara D

  • Love the pattern, it would be a great gift to my friend for her wedding in October.

  • I’m going to join…but I will make mine crib size for a new baby that is on the way. Will any worsted weight yarn work? I haven’t got the pattern yet. Is there anything else that I need to do to “Join” this KAL? I will need reminders. Also wondering about the start date.

    Zontee says: Hi Cindy, any worsted weight yarn will do. Just make sure to adjust your needle size to match the recommended gauge. You can download the pattern by clicking the image at the top of the post as stated in Corinna’s post. No other steps necessary; just check back with us every two weeks to see how everyone’s doing. You can subscribe to the Lion Brand Notebook to get its posts, which will include the knit-along posts. Corinna’s getting ready now and she’ll be updating with her progress in two weeks. Hope that answers your questions!

  • I love the idea of a knit-a-long, however I’m really not ready for something like this! Are there any plans for a simpler project in the future?? What about Crochet-a-longs??

  • Always been a solo knitter — in class — at meetings — never joined a group befor. Do I really have to keep up? Lots of projects going on at the same time. Pattern is beautiful. Here I go.

    Zontee says: Hi Martha, you can definitely work at your own pace. It’s helpful to check in with Corinna’s progress, as well as the progress of other knitters participating, but you can definitely feel free to work at a rate that’s comfortable for you.

  • click the image of the afghan, top of this page, you will find the pattern there also.

  • This is my first try. I’ll share my thoughts and if I run into any problems I’ll ask for help. thanks. Excited about becoming one of your members.


  • I don’t have a website or blog can I still join. My other question do we have to be finished by a certain date.

    Thanking you in advance.

    Zontee says: Hi Jan, you can absolutely join! The knit-along is just a way for everyone participating to keep each other motivated, provide support and encouragement. You can work on the project at your own pace, and all the knitters doing this knit-along are encouraged to share their progress!

  • People, please! The link to the FREE pattern is right at the top of the page, click on the photo of the afghan. For future reference, you should always entirely read a webpage before posting comments, you’ll often find your questions have already been answered.

    Emily Wilson – I haven’t started the afghan yet, but I imagine that the missing row would be another WS row keeping in pattern.

  • I am so happy that LionBrand is doing this great knit along pattern. I can not wait to start. I am going to be knitting this for my daughter. Thank You so much LionBrand.

  • I would love to join but I do not consider myself to be on the “Experienced” level. Please advise if you ever have an easier pattern. Thanks, Janet

    Ilana Says: Janet, now that we see there is so much interest in our knit-along (or crochet-along) we will present some different types, including intermediate or easy level in the future.

  • swell, I already PAID for this pattern! But a knit along sounds like fun. I just don’t feel this is a level “playing field”.

  • I admired the pattern in the last catalog but it looked too ambitious. However, I JUST finished the Fishermsn’s Wool Aran cardigan, even making major adjustments in the sleeve cap/armhole area and changing it to a round neck, so I feel ready for anything! I already have the wool which I bought on sale several years ago when a local variety store was going out of business, so I can start this weekend–like I needed another project…!

  • I just read through all the comments and found that the pattern is free…just click on the image of afghan at top of page, when it comes up go to the bottom and click on “Print this”. The afghan is beautiful, however I definitely am not that experienced of a knitter, but will save the pattern….maybe some day I will get to that point! Good Luck to everyone and have fun!!

  • I think this is a great idea but I’m still new to knitting and don’t know if I can tackle an experienced level project. Any suggestions for groups that might be more beginner orientated would be nice!

  • How do I sign up? When are we starting?

    Zontee says: Hi Dianna, as I said in my response to Cindy’s comment (#43) there’s no need to sign up. Just download the pattern, get your supplies and get knitting. Corinna is starting now and she’ll be updating every two weeks as mentioned in the post.

  • I am so excited. Never participated in a knit along before! I have downloaded the free pattern and I am going to buy the yarn at lunch!! I will be able to start on the commute home! (I take the train, even I won’t drive and knit!)

    Cynthia in Boston

  • I have a question about the Tree of Life Afghan. Since i am allergic to wool, do you another suggestion as to what yarn to subsitute?

    Zontee says: Hi Carol, please see my suggestion to Shirley in comment #20.

  • This sounds great. I was a little daunted at the experienced tag… but I figure one row at a time, and if I have problems, help is just a post away.

  • I have knit the pattern in the past and want the inspiration of the group to keep me motivated to finish

  • I just came across this “knit along” and I think I will join in and do one, too. I have been knitting diaper covers for my grandsons (twins 5 mos old and one 15 mos old), a nursing cover-up for my daughter who’s expecting our first granddaughter, but those are all straight along knitting — no challenge.

    For Hilarie, the second sweater I ever knit was an Aran pattern for my boyfriend at the time. Took quite a while to do — lots of ripping back (good thing wool is resilient), lots of counting and recounting, lots of stitch markers (this is when I learned to use contrasting yarn as a marker), lots of patience — but what a sense of accomplishment! I’d advise you to go ahead and try — at least there are no fitting issues with an afghan! Good luck!

  • I love the pattern but as a left-handed knitter I always need to review to see if I need to make adjustments. Can you tell me if this is a pattern that will require changes for us lefties?

  • I’m in! I will pick up my supplies on Monday, I already downloaded the pattern. My daughter-in-law is in the ICU with a blood clot and when I saw this pattern I instantly knew I must make it for her. I taught her to knit years ago and we are knitting buddies as well as family.

  • How do you get the knit-a-long icon on you website?

    Zontee says: Hi Hayley, as it states in Corinna’s post, you simply right-click the knit-along icon (Ctrl+click on Macs) and select “Save As” to choose where to save it on your computer. Hit “enter” and it should download.

  • Got the e-mail this morning about the Knit-A-Long sounded like fun so I printed out the Pattern.

    You mentioned that a chart is provided for those who would rather use it than following written instructions.

    FYI – You might want to consider changing the color of the chart as the grey does not print very dark and it’s hard to read. Some of the symbols are so light that you can barely see them.

    I just put new ink cartridges in my printer so I know it’s not that. The rest of the pattern printed just fine.

  • I have printed the pattern and am ready to join the Knit Along, but can’t figure out how to “join ” the group. Or..have I joined by subscribing? I think this will be fun!!

    Zontee says: Hi Kaye, you’re completely right. Just participate, follow along, and share your progress!

  • I found this pattern in a book I found on a used book shelf last fall and have just about finished it for my sister. It works up beautifully, and impresses everyone who sees it.

  • I learned to knit using the Lion Brand Learn to Knit website about 2 years ago. Within 6 months, I was knitting scarves, mitten’s and sox. I have learned cables and knitting lacy scarves. I guess my natural progression would be to join the group and try this beautiful pattern. Thank you for offering the pattern free. I may try the idea where the woman made the pillow first. Just for a little practice. When I make it to the afghan, do you think it would be better to use circular needles?

    One last thing, by sending in my comment, does that automatically make me part of the group, or do I have to officially register?

    Zontee says: Hi Renee, I personally like circular needles because they give you the ability to do very wide things more easily. There’s no “registration” for the knit-along–as I said to Dianna (comment #52) and Kaye (comment #56), we encourage you to participate, comment, and share your progress, but it’s up to you how you participate in the knit-along.

  • After just tackling socks,bears, sweaters,booties mittens and beaded braclets and Think I’m ready for this. Just have to get the yarn and we’re off!

  • I echo several others. Love the pattern and will save for another day. I’m not yet ready for that difficulty level — would welcome a KAL with an easier pattern.

    Zontee says: Hi Sally, definitely check back for future knit-alongs and crochet-alongs. We will be varying the difficulty level from project to project.

  • I would like to try this, but I am already freaked out about sewing on a separately knit border. Is it hard? Will you provide further instructions–such as where do you start sewing it on–in the middle of a side, at the corner? What happens when you get to the corners? How do you connect the beginning of the border to the end? I’m so afraid that after knitting the entire afghan, I will be unable to finish it correctly!

    Zontee says: Hi Mardi, the difficulty level for this project is experienced, but we will have future knit-alongs and crochet-alongs at other skill levels if you’re not quite ready for this project. Corinna will be sharing her experiences and we’ll be giving tips and notes throughout the project, and we encourage other knitters participating in the knit-along to do the same. We’ll all help each other to get through the project and stay motivated. Also, you can always get technical help by e-mailing or calling our customer service line at 1-800-705-8636 Monday to Friday 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. EST. Hope that helps!

  • My Grandmother taught me to knit many years ago and now I want to make this afghan in her memory. Thanks for having a “Knitalong”. I’m in for the duration.

  • I love this idea. We’re getting ready for another trip and there are only two things I do (other than take in the beautiful scenery) while treking down the road and that’s KNIT and work on my COMPUTER. How terrific that I can do BOTH with the same project. Looking forward to it.

  • I have run across the knit along and this sound very exciting. I am off to buy yarn and start. The pattern looks to be a challenge but I am always up for a challenge and starting a new project.

  • I so want to joint this! The afghan is just beautiful! Please count me in! And thanks so much for offering the pattern for free.


  • Hi Corinna,

    Thank you for providing the Tree of Life Afghan for free for the next 2 weeks. Its a beautiful pattern and I’m looking forward to starting it. Also, thank you for hosting the CAL.

    I would like to say to the other knitters that aren’t sure if they are ready for this pattern, you might reconsider. If you have knitted past the basics and can read instructions, I’m willing to bet you can do this. Just read the entire pattern first and then mark off your progress as you go along.

  • I’m in! It’s been a long time, but I’ve been wanting to get back into knitting and crocheting.

    I’m certainly not ready for a pattern this intricate and artistic, but how else can I learn!?!

    Joyful, always up for a challenge!

  • great idea ! I made publication about this Knit Along (like SAL), to inform my knitter’s friend about it ;o)
    I don’t know yet , if I’ll do it…but time will say it !

    good evening from west of France ( little BRITTANY)

    Zontee says: Salut Fée, bienvenue à notre knit-along!

  • Hello Everyone!

    I love the afghan and can’t wait to start on it!

    I have a question though: The pattern says to cast on 180 stitches, K 1 row & P 1 row, okay. But, then Row 1 Trees: K 4, pattern of 40 sts 4x, K 4. That’s only 168 stitches, what do I do with the other 12?

    Thanks so much! ~Kelly

    Jackie, technical editor says: Row 1 (WS): *K4, work Row 1 of Twin Trees pattern or follow Chart Row 1 for 40 sts; rep from * 3 more times, k4.

    in other words, (*k4 + 40 sts of chart) would be 44 sts; this 44 st repeat is worked 4 times total (4×44 = 176 sts) + the k4 at the end = 180 sts.

    For technical questions, you can always email Support (at) and you’ll have an answer within 24 hours. We are answering this in the Notebook since we think it may help others with this project.

  • I recently ordered 14 balls of Wool-Ease Seaspray and then ended up not making the afghan I intended, so this is the perfect way to use the yarn and still have some left to contribute to a scrap afghan. I’m much more comfortable with straight needles than circular, but I love cabling and this will be good practice for knitting with circular needles!

  • I don’t know how to knit. I just bought myself a teach yourself how to knit kit. SO, will i be able to do this once I get the basics or is it fairly advanced? I am a crocheter so I’m hoping I can pick knitting up fairly easily.

    Zontee says: Hi LisaMarie, this is an advanced pattern, but we are planning to have more knit-alongs and crochet-alongs at different skill levels in the future, so keep checking the Lion Brand Notebook for news, projects, and more!

  • I know you can knit at your own pace but when do you estimate the afghan to be completed ? I am trying to recruit some friends to do this knit along. In otherwords, how many weeks will you be posting ?? Thanks

    Ilana says: We expect to post every two weeks and to take about 12 weeks total but at this point, that’s just our best guess.

  • What a surprise, I had decided to knit this as a wedding gift for my son and his dear wife to be. I have over a year to finish it. This is quite the motivation to get started. I think I will swatch this weekend and get on with it!

  • I’ve looked at this pattern dozens of times and hesitated to try it because of the “experienced” note on it. I hope this blog will help me to get through any tough spots in the directions.
    I’m off to get my yarn and start this beautiful Tree of Life pattern.
    Thank you for your help

  • Hi everybody:

    I’m excited to join the group. thanks for giving an alternative to the wool yarn, I see that several of us are allergic to wool. For me knitting with wool is a problem but I can use items made from wool as long as they don’t touch my skin so the sheets would keep me safe. Congratulations to all who have family and friends who are expecting. I have knitted and crochet many of baby blankets and bears. I’m sorry to hear that some of you have friends and loved ones who are sick, I will keep them in my prayers. I have never knitted anything this complicated before but I will give it a try, after all its only yarn. Cynthia in Boston I’m glad you don’t knit and drive, I wish I could knit during my commute on the bus but I get motion sickness if i do. Good luck to everybody and remember to have fun.

    Diana in Hialeah Gardens Fl

  • I’d love to do this project but I’m not experienced. Do I miss out on the fun of this particular project, or will there be one for the not-so-experienced?

    Zontee says: Hi Candy, as we’ve noted in previous responses we will be having knit and crochet-alongs at other other skill levels in the future. We hope you’ll keep an eye out for them!

  • I am looking forward to this knit along. It will certainly be a challenging event. Thanks for thinking of us and lets all get those needles clicking. I just need to dive into my stash to find that Fisherman yarn… it’s here somewhere 😉

    In His service, Darski

  • very great idea !! let’s knit it !
    kind regards to every body ;o))

  • Just by chance, I had purchased Nicky Epstein’s book and had decided to knit the trees afghan. I bought the Lion Brand 100% wool to make it and decided to look up the website listed on the yarn. Now, lo and behold, you guys are doing a knit along on the very same afghan! I’ve knit 16 rows already and am finding I can’t wait to see the trees start to branch out.

  • This is definitely the classiest idea for a Knit-Along EVER! I can’t wait to get started. I’ve been intending to knit this pattern anyway (it’s reproduced in a recent Nicky Epstein book I just bought), so having “virtual company” is going to make it even more fun. It will also make the pattern appear a little less daunting, since there’ll be a world-class expert to answer questions if we get stuck. Good job, Lion Brand! You are the greatest. P.S. I’m going to try knitting up a square block with nothing on it but the twin-tree motif. This could be a great block to assemble into one of those charity quilts, I think. (It would make a great center block to be surrounded by other more plain bolcks.) It would also give you a chance to practice the motif before you get started on making the whole entire afghan. Just an idea I’m putting out there in case it might sound good to somebody. Best wishes to all!

  • I am so excited about this pattern. Great idea! Doing this project with others will amke it even better. Thank you so much!

  • I love this pattern but I am not ready for it yet. I would love to knit along in the future if you choose an easy-intermediate pattern.

  • I have looked at this pattern for years..(didn’t know it was on the free list and just paid $.99 to download, oh well.) I only have about 5 other projects going so I guess I can start another one. Already have the fisherman yarn from years ago when I was originally going to make this. So, if we get stuck, help is available. I am new to knitting patterns from graphs.

  • How about a crochet a long?

    Zontee says: Hi Robbie, as I mentioned in earlier responses, we will have crochet-alongs coming up in the future. Keep checking the Lion Brand Notebook to see when they start.

  • Hi – I think this is a great idea as I’ve been eyeing this pattern for a while. I would like to try to make it in cotton though, instead of wool (for my niece who lives in Arizona and is starting a family soon). Do you have any feel for whether either the Nature’s Choice Organic Cotton or the Lion Organic Cotton would work for this?

    Zontee says: Hi Lynn, you could certainly make it in Lion Organic Cotton, which is the same weight-class as Wool-Ease (Nature’s Choice is bulky weight). Just make sure that you adjust your needle size to get the same gauge as recommended in the pattern. For more on gauge, you can check out our latest YarnCraft podcast episode. Also make sure to buy enough enough yarn!

  • If any of you, like me, have a hard time deciphering all those little tiny blocks on the chart, you can enlarge it by photocopying–I copied it in 4 sections at 250%–or by copying the chart from the free pattern page: hold down the left mouse button and run over the whole box till it turns green; hit Control-c to copy, then drop it onto a blank page with Control-v. You can set the margins of the page as big as your printer will allow, then left-click within the chart and pull the corners out as far as possible. I enlarged it by 2″ in each direction–not as big as the photocopied one, but not so fuzzy either.
    Thanks, Lion Brand!

  • I was just looking at this pattern on the online catalog, thinking how beautiful it is. I’m happy to join in. Will the pattern show up as well in a dark color yarn, or are lighter shades better to show off the pattern?
    Thank you

    Zontee says: Hi Joanie, the design is very textural, so it should look nice in most colors.

  • I love to knit and crochet. This is a beautiful pattern, but I am tied up with other projects right now. I have a Xmas stocking to finish and another to start. I do crafts(mainly bead work), sell Avon and am trying to catch up on things left undone when my dear husband was in the hospital for 5 months and nearly passed away 4 times. God has been good to us as we have celebrated another year of married life together (54) now. Hopefully many more. Thank you for giving all of us a place where we can get free patterns and look up so many others. Joann

  • Oh why not! Expert level?
    Not yet, but after this – who knows!

  • This is very exciting. A knit-along is a fantastic idea especially for projects that look like they may be challenging like this one. I’m in as soon as I finish knitting my granddaughter’s sweater,which I am finishing this weekend, and my grandson’s hoodie,which I haven’t started. I will also make sure my knitting buddy knows about this.

  • I would love to join but am in the middle of a stole/shawl for work to help with the blowing air conditioner but will use the patttern for future projects
    Thanks for sharing with us and I will watch your progress

  • I love this pattern. I did 2 sweaters from an old Mc Calls Knitting book. It is complicated, but interesting. I have already ordered the Tree of Life afghan, but I need it to be longer. Could’nt I just buy some more yarn and add one more pattern?

  • On the graph I noticed that there are squares that say no stitch what does this mean?

    • Did you ever recieve an answer for this question.  I am just starting this pattern (july 2012) and reading the blog.  If you read the pattern notes it doesn’t indicate anything for this “No Stitch”.

      • Hi Melissa, “no stitch” literally means that you should pretend that that box doesn’t exist and move on to the next box. It’s a stitch that was used up by decreasing earlier in the design. Keep in mind that while the fabric is 3-dimensional, our chart is 2 dimensional, so in order to represent the areas that cinch in, charts will say “no stitch”. 

        For future reference, since this is an older knit-along (from 2008), commenters are probably not checking back. However, you can always email for questions about patterns, and one of our experts will get back go you. Hope that helps!

  • Hi,

    This pattern has intrigued me for some time, too, and since ds is getting married, this would be a nice gift. Hopefully, with more experienced knitters ready to hold hands through difficult patches (right?), we’ll all end up w/ a beaut.

    Since I have never worked with Wool-Ease before, can someone tell me if it will require hand washing? How is it for wear and tear? Where can I find out who in my area carries this particular yarn?

    It would probably also be a good idea to extend this pattern by about 5″ to accommodate a very tall “coveree”. How would I best do that? By extending the dividing pattern and flower garden? Any other ideas? How much extra yarn would I require?

    Are you sorry yet you offered to answer our questions, Corinna? 😉

    Zontee says: Hi there, just wanted to let you know that you can find care instructions for all of our yarns on their individual yarn pages (Click on Our Yarns on Here’s the page for Wool-Ease. To locate a store in your area, visit the Store Locater at the top of We can’t be sure of what each store carries, so you may want to call your local store to check if they have what you’re looking for.

    If you want to extend the pattern, I personally think it might be nice to start and end the body of the afghan with an extra dividing pattern on each end. You’d probably want to pick up an extra ball or two to make sure you have enough yarn. I hope other people will share suggestions too!

  • Thanks for offering this “Knit Along”. It sounds like a great time! I’m a grad student so this should offer me a nice reprieve from reading and writing and get my hands busy doing something other than typing furiously on my laptop!!! LOL! Thanks again 🙂

  • I know lots of folks have said it, but I’ll say it again.

    I’ve only just started knitting (taught myself about a month ago). I’m pretty thrilled with the progress I’ve made so far, but this pattern is just too tricky for me.

    I look forward to seeing something in the future more on the intermediate (or even beginner) level.

    I recently bought a used Knitting book (older one called Tricot Knitting Dictionary I think?) and I am amazed at how many hundreds of patterns & variations you can make with only knowing the basic knit and purl stitches (and not involving cable needles, etc).

    I am eager to learn how to do cable stitches; but just not ready for it yet.

    I think the idea of a knit-along is great; are you going to have a discussion board where folks can post pictures of their works in progress, etc.? I think that would be great.

  • I love the idea of a knit-a-long, but is it possible to have more than one project going (that is, have some for less than expert knitters). The afghan’s beautiful, but it’s way beyond my skills (and patience). How about something easier (and quicker), too?

  • I love the idea! Now I just need to figure out how to add the button to my blog ^^ .

    I placed my order for the yarn…however they are out of fisherman =( so I went with Sea Mist or something like that . lol

    Anyways, I will post my updates on my blog every 2 weeks also. Thanks again. Can’t wait to get started!!



  • I was wondering … how long the size 8 needles should be. It seems to me that with a CO180 a circ would be best, but the pattern doesn’t say so.
    I’m wondering if this pattern can be worked in longer strips so that it can be done on just regular 14″ needles.

    Great idea. I haven’t made an afghan in knitting yet. just socks and dishclothes … and bookmarks.

    Zontee says: Hi Ginger, because of the width of the pattern, I would definitely recommend circular needles if you’re going to make the pattern as stated. You can find a set here on our website. Since the pattern is four repeats of the same patterns, I think you could adapt it so that you make each repeat as a separate strip and then sew them together at the end. If you try it that way, let us know how it goes!

  • Tina – the ‘no stitch’ simply lets you know that that particular stitch will be used in one of the ‘ktog’ or ‘ptog’ so technically it will no longer exist … or it is a row/stitch place that will not exist until after a ‘m1’ or ‘yo’ which is going to come in a later row. It will all work out. If you count the stitches across the rows, it all comes out equal.

  • I downloaded my free pattern, now I just have to get the yarn. This is very timely for me because I have been looking for a special afghan to make for my niece who is getting married and for her brother who is newly married and just home from a tour in afghanistan. This definitely qualifies. I can’t wait to get started.

  • Thank you so much! I’ve been eyeing this pattern for some time and now I can actually do it, but I’ll have to stop doing my other 7 projects to work on this.

    Is there a particular color that brings out the pattern best? I’m assuming a light and solid color works best. Do you have a recommendation? Thank you!

    Zontee says: Hi there, this pattern is very textural, so it will look good in most colors. Light colors will certainly be easier to work with, since you will be able to see your stitches more clearly, but choose the color that’s right for you!

  • Love the pattern, where can I get it?

    Zontee says: Hi Muriel, as it says in Corinna’s post, you can simply click on the knit-along badge to get to the pattern. To download it, go to the bottom of the pattern page.

  • What does the back of the afgan look like? Does it have a nice finished look? It certainly is pretty on the front side. I’d love to join you on this knitting journey.

  • I love this pattern, and love the idea of a KAL…This is such a wonderful project and great to work on…Hope to join everyone on this one. Already downloaded the pattern…LOL!!! Good luck everyone…enjoy.

  • I was really excited to do this knit-along and already got the yarn and started today. I cast on 180 stiches, knitted the 1st row and purled the 2nd. Then I was ready to start the twin tree part of the pattern. I did the written instructions. After I knit 4, did row 1 of the twin tree pattern 4 times I had 16 stiches left, not 4. When I looked at the chart there were 8 no stiches on the chart. Little confused? Anyone else?

    Zontee says: Hi Brooke, I think Ginger (comment #100) had a good explanation of what “no stitch” means. It’s always good to read the other comments on the page to see if anyone has already covered a topic–that’s what we’re here for–to help each other!

  • I am thrilled to see others doing this pattern. I bought it a few months ago and started it — the tree is BEAUTIFUL though I do have a few questions where the chart and the printed directions don’t seem to match, and I think I really need help on the flowers apparently, because mine came out so ugly that I wish I had the patience to pull out the whole section! Also I am wondering how much the ‘leaves’ will snag on things and will be very curious to hear what others see/think…

  • Lynn and JoAnn say, “We’re in! We watched our friend Mary knit one of these…it’s fabulous!”

  • I purchased this pattern to make for one of our daughters. This is much more difficult than anything I’ve done but am about half way thru. The first “tree” rows I worked using the written directions and now that I’m on the middle section, I’m working them by using the chart. I feel the chart is MUCH easier to follow than the written directions. I’m enjoying this project very much.

  • Re: Post #94

    Thanks bunches, Zontee. Still learning to navigate your site.

    They are indeed out of Fisherman. I too ordered the Seaspray. Hopefully, they are not out of that, too by now.

    The store locater didn’t work for me, but I called my local Michael’s who had the Fisherman in store at just under $9 per ball. Yikes!!!!!!!!! Does anyone know how long it usually takes to ship an online order from Lion Brand to Canada?

  • I am confused by the stitch explanation comparint 2/1 RLC and 2/1 PRC.

    With the left cross, it says to slip 2 stitches to the cable needle, and with the right cross, it says to only slip 1 stitch to the cable needle. They are both 2/1 crosses. Is this a typo??

    thank you.

  • I just discovered your knit along through your newsletter. I have this pattern and yarn to make it. It has been on my shelf for, I can’t remember how many years. This will be a great opportunity to work on it. Sarah in Houston

  • I’m going to try this on my Bond Knitting Machine! Wish me luck translating! 🙂

  • the PDF prints out larger than the page margins, even when i fiddle printer settings… I guess I will try reducing the page, but that will make the print smaller…

  • Looks complicated – is it too complicated for beginniers

    Zontee says: We don’t recommend this for beginners but not to worry, we will have easier knit-alongs at a future date

  • The owner of LYS started this Afghan a couple of weeks ago and I purchased the yarn to start mine but could not get motivated. Now with this KAL I will be knitting up the Tree Of Life. Thank you for the pattern (FREE ) YEA !!!!!!

  • I just wanted to say thanks for having this knit-along and for posting the pattern for free. I’d call myself an intermediate knitter…so this is going to be a challenge for me, though I do love a good challenge!! 🙂

    I look forward to hearing about your, and everyone’s, experience with knitting this afghan! I have the pattern and the needles…just need to get out and get the yarn!

  • How do I join this Knit-a-long? I have the pattern copied,but no information on how to join.

  • hi!thnx for the nice Idea that now I can do more anything I want!Now Im doing a langerie for my own with a colorful Idea!but i want to know really how to start knitting coz may be its difficult for me to do because I dont know when to start it I want to to know if there is a video just a basic start for me!
    thank you very much!

  • I would love to help with this but I have only been knitting for a month and I taught myself. I learned to knit because I was sick and had to keep myself busy, I know how to crochet, I have done this since I was young. Sorry too experienced for me.

  • This afghan is beautiful. I, like so many others, need another project like I need a hole in the head, but it’s so gorgeous, I just can’t resist. Heck, I probably already have all the supplies in my stash to get started anyway, so why not?!
    K. Mayberry from VA

  • Thanks. This looks like the perfect present for my great niece who is getting married in August.
    It should be great fun.

  • what a great idea. it is a beautiful pattern, i’m going to buy the yarn this weekend and start.

  • This is really going to show my skill level when I ask this question… Why does the swatch above show 17 stitches and not 18? One more stitch would be over 4″ by a tad. I never made a garment, but I have knitted dorm socks with 4ply yarn. They turned out great. This pattern would be a challenge which I may try if I can understand gauge.

    Zontee says: Hi Christina, Corinna’s swatch does show 18 stitches (the 18th loop on the needle is cut out of the picture slightly, but the stitches underneath are there and within her 4 inches). For more on gauge, you can check out our gauge guide on the website. You can also listen to the latest YarnCraft podcast episode for more on gauge (among other topics).

  • Thank you for your wonderfully free pattern. My question is could i use acrilic yarn? I have a statch that I need to use up.

    Zontee says: Hi Shelia, yes, you could use an acrylic yarn. Just make sure it’s worsted-weight and adjust your gauge to match the pattern so that your results come out the same size. You can check out the current YarnCraft podcast episode for more on gauge.

  • Just what I need, one more project…ARGHH! I hope to be able to get the yarn in a week or so, and get it started. I’m in the middle of an afghan for my boyfriend, but it’s got too big to bring to work, so I need a new one to start. this looks like it will stretch my abilities nicely, (I’ve never done cables). I like the idea of a knit along too, in case I get hung up. Good luck to me, and everyone else!!!!!

  • I think this is a wonderful idea. I can not join in this particular project, but hope you will have more in the future. I’m expecting my 6th Grandchild, and am up to my ears in knitting and crocheting. Three projects on the go !

  • Thank you so mach for beautiful afghan .

  • I would love to join in on the KAL!!

  • Hi,

    this is a beautiful pattern. I fear I’m not this good. . .but, I’ll try. One nice thing about circular nnedles for my projects now is thta the work will rest on the cable and not have a ridge from the needle if I do set it down and get better to go on in a few years. . .hahahaha. . .
    with this blog and Tree of life sharing. . . I hope I don’t set it down for too long as I switch betwwen items for gifts, family life events/projects, and My sewing projects and volunteering and donated smaller knit and crochet projects. . .For HCE Stitches of Love items. Thanks so much for a safe and secure site to blog on knitting. I trust LionBrand will not pass on my e-mail. . .Other blogs I fear might.

    A Lion Brand user for over 40 years . . .

  • I now read through all 117 other blogs. Sorry about my typos in the last entry.

    I will take the suggestion of making one tree pattern first using the chart. Thank You gifted bloggers. . . I did use the suggestion to enlarge the chart. (I just clicked on it, little squares appeared around the edges. then went to edit and clicked copy.
    I brought down an empty e-mail and pasted the chart in it.
    Then, I clicked on it again there, the little squares appeared.
    I stretched it as big as I could from one corner square.(after my e-mail was blown up full size.) When I then went to file and clicked copy it did print beautifully nice and dark. Plus full page size.
    I might color it in. . . using light colored pencils so I can see and count each change. A colored chart is easier on my eyes.

    I will add on about 9 stitches on each side of the tree chart. so 44 + 18 = 62 cast on. . . knit maybe stockingknit st. for 2 inches then the first 9 stitches in first chart row, in K 1 row /P one row, and on the sides of the tree chart.Knit the stockingknit sts for the extra 9 sts. and then knit another 2 inches stockingknit on the bottom of the tree chart. . . . . I’ll decide if I like the size or need to pick up and add another border to it. ..seed stitch ? or something from the pattern. . .I’ll stockingknit stitch a back the same size as I decide the front will be. (or maybe seed stitch). Then when blocked, I’ll knit the same border as for the afgan as the finish around the pillow… I’m like another blogger new to both the charts and the knit trim. . .But, I’m so in a hurry to do these new knit things. . .This pillow will give me more questions to get discovered, asked and blog answered, before months go by and I’m out of wack in pacing with the rest of the more experienced knitters. Thank You Lion Brand. . .This is going to be a joy to make. . . With all of the universe of knitters out there.

    I love trees, We live in a hardwood forest. My Favorite story to gift is the children’s book “The Giving Tree”. Might be a nice pillow project to give with the book, to the next person deserving my knitting skill as a gift, and gift of reading.

    We nicknamed our son ‘Tree’ for a while – He was growing so fast when he was an infant. . . . We prayed he’d look straight to God and His Heavenly goal. . . like a tree grows upward. . .and be strong in character as well. . .

    I consider myself a knitter. . .but even the cables will be a first too. . .

  • Hello All!

    I ordered this kit in 2000 and made it for my parents 50th wedding anniversary. Most of it was knitted while traveling to visit family in North Carolina and up to Wisconsin! I have fond memories of making this (the instructions fit nicely on the glove compartment cover!). My parents loved it, my children were impressed. Dad died last year after their 57th anniversary but mom in still keeping the afghan on their bed-an ideal showcase for others to view it. When she joins Dad again the afghan will come back to me as a wonderful reminder of my dear parents. SO YOU MAY BE CREATING A FAMILY HEIRLOOM! Good luck to all!

  • I just found this project and group this a.m. and have just ordered the yarn, so I won’t be able to begin until that comes. I love the look of the afghan…not sure I know how to do everything…I don’t do a lot of knitting. But I’m sure good assistance will be available from this group.

    Looks like fun.

  • I am on the second set of Trees and I LOVE this pattern. I was put on bedrest for two weeks, so I started learning to make the flowers and trees on a practice ball of yarn. Believe me, there was a lot of head scratching, consulting my knitting “bible” and frogging. I can now say I tackle cables without fear and make 7 stich bobbles like a pro. My only concern is I will burn through the yarn and need to order more. (and yes I did check my gauge!) I think I will be done with the blanket in time to decorate the nursury before baby’s debut.


    Zontee says: Salut Alvina, nous sommes très heureux que le patron vous plaît. Bienvenue à notre knit-along!

  • I’ve thought this pattern was beautiful since I first saw it. I have the Fisherman’s Wool that I got at a great price but didn’t have anything in mind to make with it. So I think I may try this project. Thanks for the free pattern and guidance through the process. This will be my first KAL.

  • I went and bought the yarn for this last night. I have several other projects going, but I am excited about doing this with others. It will keep me motivated. I usually crochet afghans and knit sweaters, scarves, etc. The beauty of this pattern though made me decide to knit this. Can’t wait to see everyone’s progess.

  • Thank you for this wonderful pattern! I will be knitting a swatch today and starting this gorgeous afgan tonight!!! Sorry if this has already been posted, but will there be a place for us to post or link our works in progress pics?

  • Would love to Knit-a-Long. Not sure how to participate. Downloaded and printed the pattern, but what is next.

    I don’t have a website. Just Yahoo Mail

    Thanks for the free pattern

  • I have had this on my wish to knit list so yes definately!!!

  • I love the pattern, and I am excited to try it out. I was wondering about the ‘tulip-end-border’ and how wide it is. I can’t tell from the picture and the directions. I am also a little confised about how the border can be sewn in place as it is knitted?? Thanks!

    Ilana says: Eileen, feel free to email customer service at support (at) for technical assistance on the pattern. Now that you’ve posted your comments, you may also receive ideas from others in the knit-along.

  • I have always wanted to try this pattern and now I can and if I get stuck I know where to go for help. This is an awesome idea and thanks

  • Hello.. This is wonderful.. I am new to the site and look forward to starting the “Tree of life” pattern. What a perfect Mother’s Day gift. Thank you!

  • Hi, just printed off the pattern and now to look for yarn out of my stah. I have loved this pattern since the first time I saw it. I’m afraid I might need help occasionaly. I’ve been knitting for years, but this look daunting to me.
    So, hello eveyone and glad to be knitting with you.

    Joanie R.

  • What a hoot! I am just finishing this afghan – unfortunately I ran out of yarn about 12″ from the end of the border so hopefully I will be able to get the same dye lot and finish this week. For those of you who think the pattern is too hard, my advice would be to just start! I was a little intimidated by it also but found it really easy once I got going. Also when you do the border, do as the directions recommend and sew it on as you are knitting – I did about a foot or so of knitting and sewed that on before doing more knitting. Good luck!

  • I would love to do a “knit along”, The Tree of Life is beautiful, but it’s level is “experienced”, I feel a little uncomfortable after reading the pattern. Are you planning on offering something a little less complicated in the future?

    Ilana says: Thanks for your question. We will plan intermediate and easy knit and crochet-alongs in the future.

  • Rats! I just BOUGHT this pattern a few weeks back, and now it’s free… just my luck. Anyway, I will enjoy knitting along on this with others…

  • Hi All,
    Wow! I am so psyched to start this Tree of Life afghan. Thanks to those that suggested it be offered free for the notebook project.
    My DH is going to be mad though, as I promised him that his socks would be next on my project list. Guess I’ll be carrying 2 projects in my bag for a bit.

  • I knit a similar pattern for a sweater in the 90’s. The sweater was beautiful. I am going to Michael’s Crafts today to pick up the yarn for this knit-along afghan. I plan to give it to a friend who recently lost her father in tragic accident.

  • I am going to give this a try, have been knitting for a number of years, but do not consider my self extremely experienced. This should stretch my skills.

  • How surprised I was to see this in my email today, since I am just about finished with my SECOND Tree of Life Afghan. I have enjoyed doing BOTH of them! I was intimidated by the pattern at first, but I figured, what the heck — it’s only yarn and there’s
    always someone out there that can help me. It was a pleasant surprise that it wasn’t as difficult as I had anticipated! For anyone who is debating, go for it! You will have a beautiful product and sense of accomplishment when you complete it.

  • Hi: During the past year have had many family and friends with terminal illnesses and then came many births. I am going to try to make the Tree of Life to help with the knowing of growth and love. It will be a lovely item to give as a gift. Thanks for doing this. Ann

  • I’ve printed out the pattern and want to join this KAL. The pattern is beautiful and I’ve been looking for an afghan pattern to knit for my new home.

  • I would like to join the kal. I have been wanting to make this afghan for a while. It will be fun to have others making it, too. I have been trying to post the button to my blog and just have not been having any luck. Any ideas on how I can do this?

  • I am so happy you are doing this. I have often admired this afghan, but felt a little intimidated by it. As a knit-along I feel that there will be moral support and enough structure to keep me going. I already had a dozen skeins of white confetti Wool-Ease (my mom gave me), so I cast on the first 180 stitches this afternoon.

    Corinna, how many rows will you be aiming to complete in a week? I think it is motivating to have a goal to work toward.

  • I am a beginner. In fact, I taught myself to cast, knit, and purl just today. I haven’t learned bind off yet.

    Is this project too big for me?

    Ilana says: We’ll have easier projects in the future, but we don’t recommend this for a beginner

  • How and where do we post pictures of our progress?

    Zontee says: Hi Cheri, if you post your pictures at Flickr and tag them “lion brand” and “knit-along”, others can search for them there. As people get going, we will also create a group on Flickr so that you can add your pictures to the group. You can then share links to your pictures here in the comments section. **Updated: here’s our Flickr group. Please add your photos!

  • I would love to do this knit-a-long. I really love the design but will probably have trouble buying yarn for it. I am in Australia and can’t buy any Lion brand yarns where I am. I will be looking for something that is reasonally close in gauge so I am hoping to be able to find something here and get started.
    How long are you thinking that this project will last? And how many rows a week are we talking about? I only ask as I have quite a few WIP so it will be one of many things I will be doing.

    Zontee says: Hi Annematilda, you can actually purchase Lion Brand products from the Knitting Loft in Australia. We also have a guide of yarn weights on our website that may help you; for instance, Wool-Ease is approximate to a 10-ply or aran weight yarn. Corinna will probably be posting for around 10 to 12 weeks, and you can really work at your own pace; this isn’t a row by row KAL. Hope that helps!

  • This pattern is beautiful and I aspire to work it one day. Since I am a newer and not-so-experienced knitter, could you at some time do a knit-along for folks at a lower level? I’d love to try something new and challenge myself, but this particular pattern is way beyond what I can attempt now. Thanks for great products and a terrific and helpful website!

  • Toni – I read your response and I also used colored highlighters to mark the chart. I was then able to glance above at the color symbol I was on and I felt it was much easier. This was suppose to be for one of our twin daughters shower present but she moved up the shower and I’m still working! The wedding is June 21st. Hopefully, I’ll be done by then but there’s always her birthday in September. I thought the intertwining trees represented two people joining in marriage. I found Bible verses to go along. Happy knitting!

  • I think I will make this with some Wool Ease I have in the forest colors. Perfect for my house!

  • I want to join!!! I’m not that good knitter, but I give it a try. //E

  • Loved this pattern and will certainly try it out!! My thirty-something daughter has just decided to learn to knit and so she’ll be visiting your website too. Maybe there’s something she’s not telling me just yet? ? ? ?

  • Thank you so much for the free pattern! I’m going to take the challenge of knitting this beautiful afghan. This is going to be so much fun knitting along with such a great community.
    Lion Brand You ROCK!

  • I would love to join the knit along. Knitting is a joy for me and I love to be able to create all the beautiful patterns.

  • Ok, I have the yarn and pattern, two rows done. Love this pattern. Knew the instant I saw it that I wanted to do it. But I have so many other projects I’m working on for my grandkids (fourth one due in July) that I’ll only be able to work on this a little at a time. Love the idea of knitting on this together.


  • Just saw this knit a long idea in an email. I think I even have the Fisherman in my stash. Look forward to working along with everyone. I guess I’ll go see if I have all the items needed.

  • I am knee deep into knitting the helmets for servicemen serving in cold climates. I wish you would have had this club going for that pattern. I have questions regarding the overall size when finished but no one is available to answer my questions. I am afraid after knitting about a dozen helmets they may not meet the tight standards and then what will happen to all this work?

    Zontee says: Hi Elaine, I recommend that you contact Operation Helmetliner, a group that organizes the donation of helmetliners and can perhaps provide some assistance in your questions.

  • Not a project to be taken on lightly.. I’m in as soon as I finish my prayer shawl. That won’t take much longer.. This definately will need concentration and I’ll be counting on the blog to keep me going. Does seem to be more of a winter project buy I’ll do my best.

    I’ll be “chiming in” every so often – especially when I’m in trouble. Haven’t done cables for quite some time. I’ve been into the easy “pick up” – “put down” don’t need to count kinds of projects.

  • I just bought the forest green heather since two of the local stores that I went to were out of the fisherman’s color. Will the pattern still show up ok since there are different shades of green in this yarn? I think it’s lovely and very woodsy looking, plus my husband likes this shade he thinks it’s masculine.

    Zontee says: Hi Carol, I’m sure it will look great. This pattern will look nice in almost all colors, including heathers.

  • Just like Eileen (post 141), I too need more direction about the tulip border. I’m already on row 12 of the Afghan, and now I’m wondering if I need to put it aside and knit the border first. Can you please post some explanation on this site? Thanks!

  • Can’t wait to start this afghan. I will suggest to the knitting club I belong to to see if they want to do as a group project at our get togethers

  • What a wonderful idea. Im in !!!! got the pattern and knitting

  • was thrilled to see the Free pattern for tree of life . have wanted to knit this afghan but did not want to purchase a kit in order to get the pattern. I have lots of Lion brand yarn and am eager to get started thanks you

  • I just down loaded the pattern ,and I can’t wait to start knitting this beautiful afghan for my home..this was a great IDEA!!!

  • Zontee – you’re doing a great job answering all the posts! Did you draw the short straw? 🙁 Just wanted to thank you for all the great work you guys are doing. You ROCK!

    Like many, I was afraid of the “experienced” level listed, but I read through the instructions and am sure I can do this – it’s just one row at a time.

    Thanks for doing this KAL – I’m psyched!

    Zontee says: Hi Michelle, you’re very sweet! Thanks for participating in the KAL! I’m sure you’ll do wonderfully 🙂

  • Hi! This is my first time in blogging..But the knitting is getting me involved. I love this pattern,…but my question is …I have never used the cable stitch…would this be to hard? …
    I just learned to use double pointed needles and having been making socks…that was easy!
    I really think I am going to get started on I may need help. I have already printed out the pattern. Also, would it be easier just to follow the in cross stitching?… Anyone that is in the same experience level on this I would love to chat with you!

    Zontee says: Hi Mary, it may be worth it for you to do a little bit of practicing before tackling such a large cabling project, but I think the results will be worth it. Our website has a good cabling guide, as well as a great learn to cable scarf pattern. Hope that helps!

  • Hi everyone. I live in the Caribbean where wool is just too hot.

    Do you think someone could give me a Lion Brand cotton substitute for the Fisherman’s wool or Wool Ease? (Maybe the organic cotton?? I just downloaded the pattern for free. Looks like a challenge but I am up for it. This is a great blog site to share ideas and get over the humps. Thanks for the help!
    Tahra Richardson St. Thomas USVI

    Zontee says: Hi Tahra, yes, you can substitute Lion Organic Cotton, Lion Cotton, or Cotton-ease. Please see comment #85 for more information.

  • I’m in–this looks like a challenge, but fun!

  • I just got this pattern a couple weeks ago thinking what a lovely wedding present for neice this fall. It’s an ambitious project for me but this knit-a-long is just what I need. I’ll go get the yarn today!!

  • Just a suggestion for those of you who have not started this yet. I have just completed my second (the first was a “trial”– second a gift). In order to make the edge on both the afghan and the border “perfect” and matching when you need to sew them together, I slipped as if to knit EVERY first stitch
    of EVERY row and purled EVERY last stitch of EVERY row — on the tulip border also. That leaves you with a nice chain at the beginning and end of EVERY row. When you sew the two pieces together, they match up nicely and the result is beautiful. I didn’t do that on the “trial version” and I was not as pleased with the way the sewn on part looked — and I had tried a number of things. This other way really works.

    Finally, I would suggest for the flower garden section: in order to keep the loops consistently sized, I used a hard piece of plastic the size that I wanted, inserted it into the loop when placing it onto the needle and that helped make sure that all the loops were the same size.

    Hope these suggestions help someone.

    By the way, I have already had a request for a third afghan! Keep on knitting and remember to HAVE FUN.

  • When I made this afghan, I made the border seperate and sewed it on like the instructions said. It really wasn’t hard and is a beautiful finish. It is about 2 or 2-1/2 inches wide as I recall. You are all going to love working on this!

  • I have been looking at this pattern in your catalogue and debating whether I needed yet ANOTHER prject to work on—well this convinced me! I downloaded and printed the pattern and I’m off to buy some wool!
    THANKS for offering this as your first knit along it’s a beautiful pattern and a great way to start!

  • If using Fisherman’s Wool instead of Wool-Ease should needle size be different?

    Zontee says: Hi Pam, adjust your needle size as needed to make the recommended gauge as I mentioned in comment #85. For more information on gauge, you can visit our website for an explanation.

  • I love the pattern! I haven’t “hand” knitted in quite some time since I use a knitting machine and was wondering if this pattern could be adapted for use on a knitting machine?

    In the meantime, I’ll look thru my stored tools to see if I can find the needles that I haven’t given away. Keep up the good work, I hope this can be adapted… it would make a georgous sweater as well! Thanks in advance for help. Good luck everyone and HAPPY KNITTING!!

    Zontee says: Hi Kellye, maybe you can connect with woodsnwind (comment #113), who is going to translate the pattern also.

  • For K(post 171) I don’t think it would be helpful to do the border first. It’s easy to work the border and sew it on as you go, and like the afghan it’s not nearly as difficult as it sounds.

  • The buttons at the bottom of the afghan pattern were not active, so I couldn’t download or print the .pdf of the pattern. I like to print the pdf instead of what’s on the screen as you get things from the website that you don’t need for the pattern. Maybe I’ll try it again tomorrow.

    Zontee says: Hi Lyn, I just checked the buttons and they appear to be working fine. You may just want to try again.

  • thanks so very much for offering the pattern free, I have copied it and will definately knitting it later…I go on holiday for two weeks as from tomorrow, but my daughter has annouced her wedding for this coming august….if I get going quickly enough, I’d just love to offer this afghan as a wedding present….must get going though, I fear I may not make it in time!
    Have fun everyone, happy knitting, I’m really looking forward to this project, thanks a million!!

  • I just finished the Tree of Life afghan. I used Wool Ease, but didn’t like the weight when I made my swatch. I decided to use two strands of yarn held together. It came out beautifully, and is going to be nice and warm for winter snuggling.

  • Thank you for this pattern. I have also admired this pattern for a while since I have some other patterns that are knitted, purled, etc. into a pattern or picture without changing colors.

  • I’m SO thrilled that you are doing a KAL on the Tree of Life afghan! I got this pattern several months ago (darn, I missed getting it for free) and have been itching to begin it. NOW I can knit it up with all of you!!! I guess that means I need to get off my duff and get swatching, huh?

  • Thank you for this wonderful pattern. I just saw this afghan done in off white, and it is beautiful. I have read the instructions, before starting and would need some help, so this is great.
    I am going to the store this week to get the yarn and get STARTED.
    Thanks again,
    Shirley T

  • I am so glad that you have a KAL for this afghan which I have always wanted to knit. I just finished my first sweater and it came out better than I ever imagined. Thanks to a great group of ladies at my local yarn shop. I also would like a crochet along since I crochet most of my stuff. Just took up Knitting about 2 years ago. This sounds like so much fun. Knit on!!!!

  • This is terrific! I can’t wait to get started. I love working on textural patterns.

  • Great news. Thanks so much Zontee. I just read #85 on substituting yarns and will be ordering my product tomorrow. Will also check the podcast on gauge adjustment.

    What a great idea this is!!

    Warm regards…Tahra Richardson

  • When I received the Lion Brand Catalogue I saw the Tree of Life Afghan and decided at that moment to purchase the kit. I was a little to early because now it is a knit along. I have never blogged before nor been in a knit along, and I am thrilled to be doing this knit along. I have already finished the tree portion and I am running into trouble doing the tulips. I will wait till we get to that portion for some help. To Chris at comments 151 and 181 when you say you (slippped as if to knit every first stitch of every row) is that on the afghan or the tulip border???? could not tell from your description. Thanks for the help.

  • I apologize if this has already been answered. I read through the messages, but didn’t see it.

    When I get to Row 16, the directions don’t add up to 180 stitches. Am I reading something wrong?

    I want to get started but I like to read & understand the directions first.


    Zontee says: Hi Sandra, please read Jackie’s response to comment #78, which explains it.

  • Okay, you’ve got me. I ressited downloading the pattern, because I am working on my dissertation and DO NOT have time to knit. My committee chair, however, reminded me that even doctoral students need an outlet and a release and knitting has always been that for me. So while I am not fully convinced I can make this “Tree of Life” pattern, I am imagining how wonderful it will look on my blue sofa and the satisfaction I will get from working on it while I research fluency and reading in middle school.

    Relaxation is only a click –of needles–away!

  • Sounds fun. This is a pattern I have looked at over and over, and wanted to knit. With three young children, I honestly don’t have time, but maybe if I knit it the color of the dirt at the park…

  • I’m in! Yarn should be here in a few days – THEN I’ll have questions. I’ve knit Aran style afghans and sweaters previously, but not recently, so I hope to renew my intermediate to experienced level of knitting. Think Lion Brand website is absolutely the BEST when it comes to yarns and information about the handcrafts.

  • I have printed the pattern and order the wool. Now i just set and wait to get started. peace and needles!

  • Here is the thing…I never used the cable or circular needles. I’m not fearing either but when you use circular needles you slip the first stitch because you don’t want to knit in the round, right? I remember this from a knitting show. Are you all doing this on circular needles?

    #181 says to also purl the last stitch for a nice stitch to put the border…I understand. How in the world am I going to attach the border? I’ll read slowly.

    If I get really nutsy, then I’ll just take a trip to my knit shop. A lady designs for Lion brand there who knows her craft. She designed a hat pattern in a spiral. I made 2 of these unique hats. Now to get the courage and try this afghan. :o)

    Zontee says: Hi Christina, when you use circular needles to knit straight, you do not have to slip a stitch. When you get to the end of a row, just turn the piece around, and knit the other direction. Treat it just like knitting on straight needles. For more on practicing cables, you may want to read my response to comment #177. The border will be sewn on at the end. For more on seaming pieces together, please read our FAQ entry.

  • I am so looking forward to this. Will get the yarn this weekend . Can;t wait to start…good luck to all.

  • can this pattern be done on a knitting board

    Zontee says: Hi Cherry, because of the size and complexity of this pattern, I wouldn’t recommend doing this pattern on a knitting board, but as with most knitting projects, perseverence and some trial and error may allow you to figure it out.

  • I have made two items with cables – a scarf and matching hat. I was afraid of trying it, but found that it was not difficult, it just required more attention. It moved more slowly, too, but it was so wonderful seeing the pattern appear as I worked. Here is a link to a picture of the hat and scarf – and also my KAL pictures on Flickr.

    Also, here is the KAL set of pictures:

    Lionbrand – let me know if it is a problem that I have the text and chart of the pattern included in my Flickr set.

  • I’m going to give this pattern a whirl. I haven’t attempted an experienced pattern level yet, but after reading the pattern, I’m like the little engine in the children’s story, “I think I can! I think I can!” I’ll keep you posted…..

  • The Tree of Life is one of the most beautiful pieces I’ve ever seen! I have 2 questions: First….I have an odd “style” of knitting in which I tuck my right needle under my right upper arm. This keeps my right hand free for more fluid movement. I’ve always done it this way since my mother taught me to knit as an 8 year old. Are there circular needles in existence in which the “straight” portion of the needle is LONG so that I can still tuck it under?

    Second question: I’ve misplace my most recent Lion Brand catalog and I really would love to see a clear picture of the afghan. Could you post a “zoom” of this piece.

    Thank you!

    Zontee says: Hi Ana, I’m not sure about a longer circular needle, but maybe another knit-along member will have some insight into that. You can see more pictures of the afghan and its different sections at our new Flickr group.

  • Cheri, I loved the pictures. The scarf and hat are beautiful, and I feel good seeing that someone else is at about the same place I am on the afghan. I had put markers every 44 st for the tree of life repeat, but I like the idea of putting them every ten stitches to simplify counting. Thanks!

  • In response to #207–Ana, I’m so glad I’m not the only “weird” knitter. I started knitting when I was 13 and knit left-handed, bracing the right needle against my thigh to anchor my work and having the left needle as the working needle. For that reason, I’m fast with straight needles and very slow with circular needles. I’ve never seen any circular needles with really long needle portions, but if anyone else has, I would also be interested in hearing where to find them. I’m just having to persevere with mainstream circular needles.

  • ok. I read the response to #78 about the pattern for the first 15 rows. Does the k4 at the beginning of the reapeat go for all of the rows in the tree of life? Or do you alter it as you m1 stiches in the repeats? I guess what I am asking is : is the number of stiches going to increase from 180? Probably a silly question but for some reason I am having ahard time with reading this pattern.

    Liz says: Yes – as you work the twin tree motif, you do work the K4 before each repeat and at the end of the row, and your stitch count will increase from 180 to 204 between rows 17 to 22, and then decrease to 180 again between rows 42 to 56.

    Due to the cabling, the fabric will contract (get narrower), and so you will increase the stitch count to compensate and make the piece look the same width the whole way through.

  • Hi Zontee, I am so excitied about this Knit Along project — how fun!!! This is a real challenge and I’m so looking forward to it. I just spent the last couple of hours reading through the pattern to be sure I could do it — I think I can. I have a question that I know I should be able to figure out but I can’t seem to do so. In the very beginning of the pattern, after casting on, the instructions say to Knit 1 row and then Purl one row — then it says to start Row 1 (WS). After I Purl a row, I’m on the right side. What am I missing? Thank you.

    Zontee says: Hi Carol, you’re actually starting on the “wrong side” by knitting the first row (WS), purling the second row (RS), and starting row 1 (WS). If you look at the photo of the item, you will see that the purl ridges face outward (towards the “right side”) on the twin trees motif. This pattern (like most cable patterns) uses reverse stockinette as the background for the motif.

  • Beautiful pattern!

  • I love Ana’s idea about zoom pictures. I know it wold help me a lot as I go along too.

    Zontee says: Hi Brooke, ditto on the Flickr group response I just posted on Ana’s comment. Hope that helps and that you’ll add photos as you are working too!

  • Thanks so much for listening to the comments and making this pattern available for free. I will be knitting the afghan for my nephew’s wedding in December. So, I have plenty of time, but having others to knit with will make it go quickly, I’m sure.

  • Hi everyone! I hope it’s not too late to jump in. I heard about this KAL on Ravelry through the YarnCraft group. I’m actually already working the first “flower garden” section and I love the way it’s turning out. This KAL will give me the motivation I need to finish by August… yay!

  • I am a knitter who prefers to work off a pattern graph instead of using text. So, when I came to row 26, I encountered an error in the graph. Actually, it is an error in the explanation of the symbols. The 2/1 PLC symbol description appears as follows “Slip next st onto cn and hold in front, p1, k2 from cn”. It should read “Slip 2 st onto cn and hold in front, p1, k2 from cn”. Actually, all the cable descriptions should be reviewed, because I see that those that require “k2 or p2 from cn” all say to slip the “next stitch onto cn”.

    Zontee says: Hi Janet, good catch–we have made the changes to the key.

  • How long should my circular needle be? I need to buy a set and the yarn too. I am going to use the Vanna yarn instead of wool.

    Zontee says: Hi Delia, it really depends on what feels comfortable to you. I think that 29 inches is a good length. You can see them on our store site.

  • I love this blanket – Last week my daughter found out she is pregnant, so I’ve got to the beg. of Jan to complete!!! I have never tried anything this experienced before. Can’t wait for Saturday to go and buy the yarn. I’m in England, it looks as though some of the wording is slightly different to what we use over here, but it just adds to the joy of achievement when finished.

  • […] so excited that over 25,000 of you have read about our first knit-along of the Tree of Life Afghan and that over 200 of you have commented. Since many people have […]

  • To Ana and Amanda (comments 207 and 209) – I haven’t seen circular needles with extra long needles before, but I’ve been knitting the blanket on regular needles and it’s working just fine, it’s just a bit squished of course 🙂 Hope that helps!

  • love the tree of life, don’t do many afghans but have a request from my husband, do you think this would look good in hunter green?
    I am very tired right now , so I need to know where to get the pattern and what type of yarn is beging used.
    Thank you for offering this kal.

    Ilana says: For the patterning and texture of this design to show, it should ideally be made in a light color.

  • Hi!! Have decided to go ahead with this wonderful project (I may even spin my own wool – if I have the time – to make it even more personalised). Just adore the pattern with its 3rd dimentionalised effect. My query is how long do the needles need to be to accommodate 180 stitches. I have noted what size needles to use but am not sure of length. Would appreciate some help with this. Thanks.

  • I am going to try this pattern – it is quite lovely, but the only hitch is that I am left handed, and JUST taught myself to knit right handed. It will take a lot longer, but I am so lazy that I don’t like to reverse patterns, and I am not a chart-knitter either.

    I figure by the time I finish this, I will have to be an experienced right-handed (continental) knitter!

  • I would like to make this but I am from New Zealand and dont know where to get the wool from, also not sure if we can get 10ply here, I think we only have 8 and 12ply

    Ilana Says: Hi Sharon. The key to making the pattern in matching the gauge. The yarn used is a Medium weight yarn and it doesn’t matter how many plys. As long as you match the gauge your yarn will work. For more details on this weight yarn, visit our web site and check out this link: Substituting Yarn

  • OK. I just can’t take it anymore. I must join this KAL. When it was first announced, I told myself I needed to finish my current project before I could start, but I just can’t stop thinking about this because I’ve wanted to do it for soooo long already.

    I’m going to the yarn store this morning to pick up a skein to check my guage and make a sample of the twin trees.

    Looking forward to sharing with you all. I’ve already learned so much and have been inspired by the ideas and experiences you’ve all shared so far. I hope I can be a contributer as well.

  • I’m quite glad you made this patter available for free – couldn’t have affored buying it.
    So this is going to be my first knitalong. I’m very curious about it – the required skill, the required patience and so on…
    Well, I’ll go and have a look at the materials I’m going to need, so I can visit my yarn dealer later on 😉
    Thanks, guys =)

  • I made the tree of life afghan 4 years ago when we lost our son to suicide. It gave me something to do with my hands and kept my mind busy. The afghan came out BEAUTIFUL!
    I’m looking forward to this knit-along!!!

  • When making the flowers in the “flower garden” section, row 9 I am to:

    *((k1, yo) 3 times, k1) all in same st making 7 sts from one

    HELP! How do I do this? How do I do make 7 stitches from one?

    Ilana says: Making 7 stitches from one is exactly what you’re doing! To do this, knit the stitch on your LH needle as usual, but do not drop the stitch from the LH needle. Wrap the yarn around your RH needle (just as when making a yarn over, over the top of your needle), then knit into the same stitch again, do not drop the stitch from the LH needle, continue in this way until you have 7 loops on your RH needle, NOW you can drop the stitch from your LH needle.

  • I was so excited when I saw they were going to have a knit along. Then I looked at the pattern. YIKES!!
    I think it is beyond my ability.

  • Hi,
    I am a beginning knitter and do love this pattern and the idea of the blog. Do you think I would be able to understand the pattern? I am proficient with the stiches that are listed.

    Ilana says: Suzanne, we would not recommend this for a beginner. We’ll have easier knit-alongs in the future.

  • This is wonderful! I have the pattern and the afghan is about 2/3 completed.
    Glad to join in with the group.

  • I have been working on the Tree of Life Afghan all winter and was delighted to see the “knit-along” using it! I got my pattern elsewhere and it had some errors; yours is way better! I have not learned to read charts, but hope to; knitting is my “use it or lose it” brain activity! This pattern was difficult, but I got through it and learned a lot along the way. I have thought socks were really hard, but maybe now I have the skills to tackle them! I am working on the “tulip” border, so hope to get this baby finished within 1 year! Good luck, everybody!
    p.s. I love the Lion Brand website and look forward to my e-newsletters!

  • Count me in! This afghan is beautiful!!! Thank you for offering it for free…it would have been much harder to jump in otherwise. Looking forward to this KAL 🙂

  • I had already started this project to give to my son! I love the different stitches, and I love bringing the border with me when I am going somwhere, you can work on it so easily.
    I have had a few issues with number of stitches, it is probably just me, not reading it thoroughly enough. But it has all worked out anyway, and looks great, I know my son is going to love it!
    I plan on making one motif of the tree pattern into a pillow for my brother-in- law who is getting married, I think the two trees entwined are perfect for a wedding gift!

  • this is a beautiful pattern, i always make something for someone else, this is for me!

  • I’m a beginning knitter – what is the difficulty of this pattern?

    Zontee says: Hi Sandy, the level of difficulty is “experienced” on this pattern. You can find the level of each of our patterns below their photos on their pattern pages, or on the right-hand side of the screen when you search for them.

  • I’m feeling a little annoyed by all the talk of this being to hard for beginners. I am pretty much a beginner but I’m going to try it, no I’m going to make it. It make take me longer than most people but my goal is to make this afghan. I’ve been crocheting for 30+
    years and no one was telling me when I started crocheting that this or that pattern was to hard I just plunged in and now I can crochet anything I want that is my goal for knitting. I pretty much learn by doing, I taught my self to knit online by varies sites so this knit-a-long sounds fun and hopeful for learning more. For the last few days I’ve been looking at the pattern and making notes about it and I’ve already learned a lot from these postings, simple things I hadn’t thought of, it’s a great way to see some one else’s views. Thanks for the knit-a-long I’ll be readind and hopeing for more good info.

  • I love the pattern. My favorite projects are afghans. I look forward to joining knit-along.

  • I started this project,and got to row 40 and realized that the count was off, the adding 4 was messing me up, so I started over and now am at row 40 again, it looks so awesome. I found that using the written pattern was much easier than the chart, and I just added the 4 extra stitches on my written instructions. I was wondering if anyone has ever sold one of these “Tree of Life” afghan’s and how much to sell them for? I have a consignment business, but never sold an afghan of this detail before!



  • I have never responded to a “blog” before, but this is fun. It’s nice to know how close you feel to others in the knitting community, even though they may not be nearby. I’m also comforted by the fact that I’m not the only knitting NUT that has 5 projects going.

    Living here in Phoenix by way of Rhode Island.

  • My daughter-in-law bought me the Tree of Life pattern and the yarn a few months back.
    I started it right away, but then became a bit discouraged by its complicity.

    This will be great, I already feel rejuvenated and ready to give it another go!

    Thank you Lion Brand (Zontee) and everyone who has posting.
    This is going to be GREAT!!!

  • I made two of these afghans this winter but shortened them leaving only two rows of trees and one row of flowers in the middle. I made them as lap robes or shawls for two grand daughters who are off to college this fall. I told them that each stitch is a hug and a prayer and if they use one a day (more when they are feeling blue) there will be enough for over a hundred years from a family that loves them very much. When I started this I thought it was too advanced for me but I persevered and they are truly beautiful. Martha

  • Hi I have downloaded the Tree of Life pattern, Have yarn, am interested in knitting along. Also Hope I can adapt pattern for my knitting machine. Do you have knitting machine patterns? altho If I like a pattern can usually adapt to machine. I plan on hand knitting the first one
    the first one. Looking forward to getting started

  • Thank you, Amanda, for joining me as a bona-fide “weird” knitter! My 16 year old daughter has also inherited my under-the-arm-knitting style…so our exclusive group grows! It would be interesting to know other’s knitting quirks….

    Zontee! Thank you for the Flickr pics….wonderful help.

    Kelly, thank you for the confidence you gave to knit this afghan on straight needles. I thinking about checking out Vanna’s yarn and thought 180 stitches just wouldn’t even “squish” on. I love cotton and even entertained the thought of knitting this in Cotton Ease and doubling it. Any thoughts on that from anyone? Can anyone recommend another cotton that would work? I am one Floridian who can’t do wool….it’s too hot!!

    One more comment on the “M1″….do you scoop the new stitch from the back or do you scoop from the front? I have always scooped my Make 1 from the back to the front with the LHN, therefore making it unnecessary to knit into the back of the stitch. Am I unclear? Am I doing this wrong? It LOOKS fine, but I want to make sure…

    Appreciate all of you!

    Zontee says: Hi Ana, you can certainly make this with Cotton-Ease. No need to double it, since Cotton-Ease is also a worsted weight yarn. To make sure you get the right size, adjust your needle size to achieve the right gauge. We have a good M1 explanation on our site, in addition to the explanations for most knitting terms.

  • Wow! What a BEAUTIFUL afghan! Fall is my favorite season and this reminds me of it nicely! I am currently trying to finish some preemie knitting projects. As soon as these are done, I will start this project. (I can’t wait)! I will keep checking these posts for motivation.
    I do have to say I was surprised at how many had posted already! Is this a normal response for a knit-along?
    Thank you for the FREE pattern! What a joy!

  • I paid for the download so I am surprised that the pattern is now free. Could you give us warning next time.

    Ilana says: Since you are part of the Knit-Along, you may call customer service at 800 661 7551 and let them know and they will credit you for your purchase.

  • Hi! I love this pattern. I do not know if my skills are up to it but I am going to take this challenge. I am finishing up a sweet baby blanket for my baby that is due in August and should have that finished next week. Once I am done with it I will join you and start on this project.

  • This is such a gorgeous afghan. I plan to make two “Tree of Life” afgans: one for a wedding present and one as a house-warming present. Wish me luck! I’m also relieved to know that customer service is available for help with technical questions.

  • I want to join in the knit along, how do I register? If it is on the letter, I am missing it.

    Zontee says: Hi Nancy, as we explain in the How to Knit Along with Us post there’s no need to register. Please read the post for more information.

  • I just finished making the Tree of Life afghan. I recommend to anyone starting it or who has bought the kit to switch to circular needles. This was a great pattern with a small exception being that you don’t state that there are four stitches between each of the tree patterns. This may have been obvious to everyone else, but forced me to rip out a row, which I hate to do. Took me three weeks to do the afghan and sew the border. I loved this afghan enough that I kept it for myself! Normally I give everything away.

  • What a beautiful pattern. I can knit baby hats well. Gulp! I just looked at the pattern. I am willing to try it, but, I have to finish a prayer shawl I am making. Thank you for sharing the pattern and information.

  • I am sorry you didn’t start this knit along earlier. I ordered the kit in February and finished the afghan just a few weeks ago. It is a wedding present and I will start a new one soon for another couple.

    It is beautiful and not as difficult as it looked. For less experienced knitters just keep track of where you are. Especially the trees require this because of the lack repeats.

  • just got this in my email, am printing the pattern, looks really neat. going to give it a go!

  • do i need to start another project? the answer is no but i could not resist this knit along.
    i am working with fishermans wool and size 9 needles. i am not a fan of circular needles but will give it a try.
    i also make prayer shawls so i have two crochet projects, i bought the smart pattern program and am working on a sweater in homespun.
    my husband is floored by all this activity and yarn.
    he calls everything i do weaving and once someone asked to see the loom i weave on 🙂

  • I am joining, kind of late but hopefully I can catch up. My sister is getting married in August so hopefully I can get it done by then. I tend to be a slow knitter. It looks a bit challaging for me but I have always love a challange, plus with other people doing it you can always pick someone brain.

    I’m so EXCITED!!!!

  • 243 Goldie vardy,
    Hi, I am mickey, I have a knitting machine also, ( a gift from my daughter for my birthday on May 8th,) can u give me pointers and if u adapt
    this pattern for the knitting machine, could u pass it along. I am making this for my daughter who is in the Navy and stationed in Guam. I would appreciate all the help I can get. Thank-you

  • Hi Zonti….When do we start this KAL?

    Zontee says: Hi Virginia, as I mentioned in response to earlier comments, we are starting now and Corinna will be updating every two weeks.

  • Hi, I just got this notice in my email…what a great idea…i’m going to play along…I’m always looking for interesting ideas for afghans…they are my passion. I have made one for everyone that is special to me. Our Coffee Break ladies make baby blankets, hats, mitts, scarves for a nearby single mom’s home, and lap afghans for the elderly in our area. I’m gonna love doing this one.

  • I would love the pattern so I can knit along with everyone. sounds like fun .

  • I’ve been looking at this pattern for awhile – just got the yarn today, so will give it a try before too long. However, I’ve been knitting prayer shawls like crazy (12 since Christmas)with yarn purchased for 6 more. I guess I’ll have to balance my time between the two projects – hard to leave the prayer shawls, though, since there has been such a need lately with friends and family going through rough times… I’ve done Irish knitting in the past – it will be good to get back to something a bit more challenging!

    Thanks for the up close pictures of Tree of Life on FlickR – The pics answered a couple of questions I had about the project – I’m looking forward to hearing how everyone else progresses! Happy Knitting!

  • Yay! my yarn just arrived today… I decided on the WoolEase Loden… very “tree-sy”:)…
    I don’t know how soon i will get to start on this, but i can hardly wait!
    My dad, by the way, thinks the pattern is astounding, and he loves what can all be done with just a few basic stitches and one strand of yarn! (my mom and I will get him knitting yet! heh) Thanks for the fun knit-a-long… and a pressure-free one at that! I usually have several projects going at once, move from one to the next… think this is definitely going on my needles very very soon!:)

  • I was making good progress (for me) when I realized that I had forgotten the increase in row 20. I was knitting on breaks at work and forgot that instruction between sessions. I will be unknitting 3 rows this evening. 🙁

  • This is a great idea. I bought the kit was was intimated when I read the instruction. When I read Judith #237 I say way to go I’m going to make this also for my only granddaughter maybe she will pass it on some day. Thanks Lion Brand for a great idea.

  • The moment I saw your Tree of Life Afghan, I was smitten! I immediately ordered my yarn from you and downloaded the pattern. I hope I can understand all the stitch instructions,and I’ll work with them until I do. I really want to display this particular patterned afghan on my living room couch for all to see.
    Thanks for the great idea and lovely pattern.

  • Row 16
    Do you just repeat the 42 sts until the end on the row.
    And on the chart pattern what is no stitch – the chart pattern show 48 stitches and the written pattern shows only 42 sts. Why is there a difference

    Thanks for you help

  • I just went out and bought 3 more skeins of yarn since I already had 7 on hand and the pattern calls for 10.

    Now I just realized that the Wool-Ease skeins called for in the pattern are only 3 oz. and the Lion Brand Fisherman’s Wool skeins I have are 8 oz. So am I correct in figuring I will only need 4 skeins of my Fisherman’s Wool for this project? I ask because two of the newer skeins I bought are from a different dye lot.

    Thanks everyone — I am loving every aspect of this KAL. I love the comraderie and think it is so cool that some of the participants are chiming in from so many different points on the globe.

  • I love the Tree of Life. Is there anyway it can be converted into a crochet pattern ??? That would be awesome.

    Kathy Webster

    Zontee says: Hi Kathy, unfortunately there’s not an easy way to create cables with crochet. However, we will have crochet-alongs in the near future, so we hope you’ll join in then.

  • This is a bit beyond my skills, but I am keeping the pattern for the future, and I look forward to crochet-alongs and more basic knit-alongs in the future!
    Fantastic Idea 🙂

  • I think I will join. Love the pattern. I will probably be kind of slow as I am not real good at reading the charts. I do ok with the printed directions but the charts seem to throw me. I’ve done a lot of cables and fisherman’s knits but the trees and the flowers are awesome.
    Thanks for sponsoring this Knit-a-Long.


  • Hi, while waiting for my wool to make its way north, I decided to just do a test-knit of the pattern.

    So far, I have decided to use the written pattern which is easier on the eyes. Then I decided to put dh’s highlighters to good use and in different colours highlighted the various rows, again to make them easier to pick out (same w/the stitch instructions which are new to me.

    Once I get started on the real thing, I will give the stitch marker idea from upthread a try. It makes a lot of sense for breaking up the pattern visually. This may also work for those having a hard time remembering to add those 4 stitches at the beginning, end and between the trees.

    Question about the edges: I learned to add 2 stitches to every project, then knit the first stitch of the row (on both sides) in the back, but not knit the last stitch of the row. This makes for a very neat edge.
    Would this complicate things with adding the border later on this pattern?

  • I am not an experienced knitter, but I love this pattern. Should I give it a whirl, or would that be asking for more frustration?

  • I have done 4 of these, wife and three grand daughters HOPE chest, so i will past on the knitt along put will join in the later.

    note to Lion Brand
    i have an excell spreed sheet for this pattern i could make available as long as your pattern is free. e-mail me or phone 404.432.3824

  • I too prefer the written instructions. The charts are too hard to follow. I like the idea from “dropped stitch” in regards to the highlighters. Makes sense! I’ve never tried anthing this complicated, but I’ll give it a whirl.

  • Hello knitting friends.

    Here is a good tip which will keep all the blog information organized.

    I just copied and pasted .. relevant instructional questions and tips from this blog into a Microsoft word document and I included the blog# for reference. This way you don’t have to read through 100’s of entries to find a answer. I made it to 254 and now will just add on the new stuff every day.

    I used different fonts and colors in my document to make it easier on the eye. AND this will help avoid repetition of the same questions for our blog instructional divas.

    NOTE* If you are buying the Lionbrand Tree of Life Kit online remember to add circular #8 needles to your order. They are not included in the package. Since I live in the Caribbean and have no store to run to, I had to go back and buy them on line separately which will delay the start of my project. So hopefully all of you will make the mistakes first instead of me. Don’t worry..I will catch up. LOL Good luck.

  • This pattern is beautiful! I bought my yarn last night and I can’t wait to start my swatch this evening. This one will be saved for a special gift. I’m usually too cautious to do patterns beyond beginner level – I don’t want to invest the time and money in a project I won’t finish – but with a knit-along to help with any problems I’m “getting my braveness up”, as my seven year old granddaughter says.

  • At first I thought I wouldn’t tackle this—I’m in the middle of making an afghan as a gift for a niece who graduates from high school next month. Then I decided that since I’ve made afghans for everyone and his brother, I’m doing this one for me. I’m going to my LYS today to use a Mother’s Day gift certificate to buy my yarn. Can’t wait to start—this may give me the incentive to get moving on this other afghan!

  • I decided to make this in baby colors for a future gift to my sister. It looks pretty & challenging so I can’t wait. I got started last night & am ready to start making trees next time I pick it up.

  • This is my first knit along. I loved the pattern. I wanted to knit something special for my son and his future wife. They are getting married in October which gives my time to make this wonderful afghan. If I really work at it I may have it done for one of their shower gifts. The shower is in July.

  • This is my first knit-along also. I absolutely love the pattern. I’m a college professor and have the summer off! What perfect timing for a new project. I’ve been knitting for several years and love the idea of a group knit-along. Can’t wait to see everyone’s progress!

  • Hi,

    I’m following the written instructions as opposed to the chart.

    I’m on Row 16 and am a bit confused. I understand about the knitting the four stitches between but row 16 starts with a purl. Do I purl the four in the beginning and end?

    Then I started looking in Ravelry and noticed that people have a bottom and side border. I don’t have that. Should I? I don’t mind ripping it out but would rather rip it out now at Row 16 than further down.


  • Following Tahra’s (post #271) suggestion, I searched for “Zontee”, our knitting angel, and copied her replies to questions in a word doc.

    For those of you jumping in a little later and weary of reading close to 300 posts in one shot, here is a list of where to find both questions and answers:

    Posts #2, 5, 20, 23, 24, 26, 32, 35, 43, 54, 58, 60, 61, 78, 85, 94, 99, 124, 125, 141, 157, 177, 178, 184, 204, 208, 210, 211, 228, 244, 267, 271,

    Zontee says: Hi DroppedStitch, you are very sweet! I think that searching is a fantastic idea. For those who don’t know how to do this, hit Ctrl+F (Open Apple+F on Macs) and enter the term you’re looking for.

  • Oh, I would love to accomplish this project. But, all I’ve ever made is scarves; most are simple (stockinet), some are basket weave and also lace. But that is the extent of my experience. Do you think I would be capable of this project? Years ago I attempted a Fair Isle sweater. I had no problem with the pattern, just with the shaping, so I never finished it.

  • I haven’t committed to this project yet, but I did try the pattern on some leftover woolease from another project- I definitely reccommend this before buying anything. So far, it isn’t difficult, and I agree, not too bad as long as you’re comfortable doing cable work.

    Is there any reccommendation as to whether I should use a circular needle, or straight needles? -Kate

  • I recommend making a “test” pattern. I am finishing up a sample of one set of twin trees and will sew it up into a pillow…so pretty! You will save yourself major ripping if you get all the kinks out on your sample. Things I’ve learned so far:
    1. my gauge works better on a size 7 needle.
    2. the knit “backs” and purl “backs” are important!
    3. talking to your children while working on branches does NOT equal success.

    Happy Knitting!

  • I started the Tree of Life afghan last Saturday, so I having been working on it for one week. I am now on Row 40 of the Tree pattern. I work on it during lunch and my co-workers are very interested in the progress, and a few have asked for knitting lessons. It’s a rewarding, relaxing past-time and I really enjoy introducing people to knitting. To those of you who feel it may be beyond your current ability, I fell in love with cables nearly 40 years ago and taught myself how to do complicated patterns. Today, I’m probably more skilled at experienced patterns than at easy patterns. Be willing to rip out a row or two and don’t get frustrated-it’s part of the learning process. Unfortunately, many knit shops aren’t as willing to give assistance since part of their income is derived from classes. That’s one of the reasons the knit-along is such a great idea. We can help each other!

  • I’ve got a question about the gauge: I did my sample of 18 sts for 28 rows. 18 sts. was exactly 4 inches. Couldn’t have been more on the money! However, 28 rows gave me a length of about 4 3/4 inches. 24 rows put me at 4 inches. Am I good to go with this size needle since the 18 sts was exactly 4 inches across, or should I change to a different size? I don’t want to mess up a good thing with the width! I bought an extra skein of yarn, just to be on the safe side, so a little longer might not be so terrible. Thanks for any advice!

    Zontee says: Hi Terry, the gauge stated is correct, but is an average of the gauge over the entire afghan. So if your 4×4 gauge swatch is 18 sts x 24 rows, keep in mind that your rows will tighten up as you start the cabling sections, and therefore your overall size should be about right. Hope that helps!

  • OK… since many have knitted this afghan, why am I having problems making row 36 line up with the previous row? I have unraveled rows 35 and 34 and carefuly redid them, making sure I followed the instructions exactly. On the 14th stitch on row 36, it says to “k1b” and I am looking at a pearl stitch on my needle. The next stitch is a “Knit”….so, where have I messed up? Also, the next instruction is p3, and, if I did a 1/1PRC, then I only have 2 to pearl. Hmmmmm

    Also, rows 1 – 35 assume that the knitter will either knit or pearl 4 stitches at the beginning before starting with the instructions. Then, on row 36, it is written as the knitter needs to do, without the 4 at the beginning that you match. that might be confusing to some knitters.

    Anyway… I tried to use the support site and it sent me off into setting up all sorts of data…which,it wasn’t happy with what I wrote…so, I’m using this site…

    So…those of you who have done this afghan, please let me know what is expected on row 36 with the k1b instruction…

    thanks,Jo Yates

  • First, I have to say I love the idea of a “Knit Along”. Having just finished the book “The Friday Night Knitting Club” for a book club I’m in where a group knit along of a sweater pattern is a major player in the story, I love seeing a real live one in action. But here’s the rub, I’m a crocheter, not a knitter. Nothing against knitting, my dear Grandmother did both like a pro, but when she put that crochet needle in my hand and I made my first chain, I was hooked (pun intended). In the past, I always felt like a second class citizen because I crochet and don’t knit. I’m so over that. I love my collection of hooks and the things I have made for loved ones. I love the look and feel of yarn. The colors and textures make my heart sing. I just wish that when you do a knit along, you could include a corresponding crochet pattern for those of us who prefer the hook to the needle. Me, I’m going to pick out a pattern and join the fun with our without an invitation. A blessed journey to all.

  • OK…I just needed to write about the confusion at the start of row 36, and then, I looked at the chart, and it all became clear. Duh…the first branch ends on this row, and you do continue doing the 4 lead stitches at the start to match, and then start with the P5. So, please disregard the previous email. thanks…Jo Yates

  • I, like #283, Terry V., have a gauge problem…
    and it sounds exactly the same!:) on 9’s i get the 18 (always do on 9’s with woolease), but get the usual 24 per 4 inches, rather than 28…
    so, am I going to have short stocky trees?
    do i go up from size 8 to size 9, to get the 18, or do i go down from size 8 to size 7, to get the 28 rows?

    any ideas, advice?

    Zontee says: Hi Amy, the gauge stated is correct, but is an average of the gauge over the entire afghan. So if your gauge is 18 x 24 on 9s, keep in mind that your rows will tighten up as you start the cabling sections, and therefore your overall size will be correct. You’re in good shape! Good luck!

  • me again…
    i am wondering if the 28 rows is a typo? in other wool-ease based patterns, i have always seen 18st and 24 rows = 4 inches, on size 8 needle, and I know from my personal knitting method, that I need to use a size 9 with wool-ease to get guage…
    but can’t see how to get the 28rows… did everyone else get 18 and 28? or did you concentrate on the 18, and got 24 or some other number close to that (or close to 28)?

  • I love the idea of a knit along. This project though is a little beyond my experience, but the shared community of a knit along is a GREAT IDEA. Please do another knit along with something a little less complicated.

    Oh Yes, thanks also for the free pattern too!

    Deborah Smith

  • I’ve taught knitting fot ten years to children in a Waldorf school. I’ve seen at least 12 different ways to hold the needles or thread and every one of them worked. For those of you afraid of circular needles consider doing the afghan in panels one tree pattern wide. Your flower beds will be divided, but this pattern is so lovely that it would make little difference to the lucky recipient, even if that’s you! To those many people afraid of the “experienced” rating, or those just a bit intimidated by cables, try the pattern out! Many people are giving this pattern a go as a pillow, you won’t have to commit so much time and money to learn if you can do it or if it is still a bit beyond you. Knitting is about hope, joy and a sense of accomplishment; with this KAL it is now about community also! Best wishes to you all.

  • Well on row 36, you should have 188 stitches on your needles. I did this the other day and can’t remember if it was a purl stitch that you knit into the back of. I do remember it should be right up next to a cabled stitch. I believe it is a purl stitch as when you knit into the back of it it’s right up against a knit stitch.

    When you get to the flower garder part of the pattern there is no p4 or k4 at the beginning of that one is just worked as the instructions state.

  • hmmm. guess i wouldn’t be getting short stocky trees.. quite the opposite: skinny, TAAAALLLL trees! what do you all think? should I concentrate on getting the right width or height?

    hmmm. (again)… a pillow! perhaps that’s what I should try, but then i won’t have enough yarn for the whole afghan:(…

    decisions, decisions! happy knitting, all!

  • […] zwei Wochen stellt Lionbrand das Muster für den Tree of Life Afghan von Nicky Epstein kostenlos zur […]

  • Oh Wow,

    I just found out about this Knit along this morning, I just came back from a trip. I can’t wait to go buy some Fisherman wool and start on this, it is such a gorgeous afghan. This afghan will be my first, it will be a nice change from knitting socks, hats and sweaters. Thanks!

  • Thanks, Amy (#288) for you comment concerning the proper gauge. Looking at the skein of wool ease, the guage for size 8 needles is indeed 18 sts by 24 rows for 4 inches, not the 18 sts by 28 rows as stated on the pattern. Perhaps there is a misprint on the pattern after all?? I’m waiting for someone from Lion to answer this one.

    I’m enjoying reading the posts from everyone. I’m just now getting caught up. I also am a college professor almost off for the summer, so this should be a fun project to begin.

    Thanks for all the tips from everyone – and if you thing this project is intimidating, don’t look at the whole picture – just take it one row, or one group of stitches, at a time. Eventually you WILL be successful!

    Zontee says: Hi Terry, the gauge stated is correct, but is an average of the gauge over the entire afghan. So if your gauge is 18 x 24 on 8s, keep in mind that your rows will tighten up as you start the cabling sections, and therefore your overall size will be correct. You’re in good shape! Good luck!

  • on row 32 of tree pattern, does k1b stand for knit through the back loop or knit into row below? Please help. I was doing so well, and now I’m stuck. thanks!

  • I’m only up to row 16 and after seeing the confusion on Row 36, I’m concerned. Is there or is there not a continuation of the border stitches? Jo (#284/#286) seems to have answered her own question, yet Anita (#291) says there are not border sts in the Flower Garden section. Since the border was not mentioned in the “Twin Trees” pattern instructions, but in the “Afghan” pattern instructions, this had to be pointed out. Now I from what I understand, in the “Flower Garden” section which also does not mention the border sts, we are to assume the border sts are NOT worked — simply from the words “Work Flower Garden pattern as established.” I think this should be made more clear to the knitter and in the instructions. LION BRAND – CLARIFY PLS.

    Zontee says: Hi Kathy, you work it as written without adding any border sts.

  • Janet (post #290) – I wonder if you could give me some pointers on teaching children to knit. I am a librarian and I will be teaching a group of teens to knit this summer. I have done this before, but casting on seems to be very difficult to teach and learn. It can be discouraging for the first-time knitters. We can take this discussion off into email if you don’t mind. ( Thanks!

    Zontee says: Hi Cheri, you may also want to check out our podcast episode about teaching kids to knit and crochet.

  • This afghan will be a great wedding present for a young couple we know. I like the symbolism of the intertwining trees for two lives joining together and the flower buds for life that is to come from this marriage.

  • to Delia #217, I’m using a 29in circular. it’s working out just fine

  • ok. I just saw Anita’s comment above #291. So I knit into the back loop?

  • Just found this–I love the idea and will try it (just about to purchase the yarn…)

  • Yes, Kirstin (#304), knit into the back loop.

  • I am also stuck on row 32!

    K1b means…..? It can mean a few different things, what is it supposed to be in this pattern??? please help!

  • I like the idea of knit alongs! I think crochet alongs would be neat too. I am only a beginner in knitting and advanced in crochet. I want to learn to knit but it is hard when you prefer crochet.

  • K1b = knit in the back of the stitch.

  • I’m with you all. Just completed row 18 in the tree pattern. I have a suggestion…it is easier to do each of the tree sections, using markers, so that it is clear where the original 40 tree stitches start and end.

    Here is a question I have about the tree section. Are the M1 increases all considered K stitches? I am treating them list K stitchs on the right side. Am I correct?


  • My question has been answered…I checked the graph and the squares answered my question. I tend not to use the graph because of my eyes.

  • thanks for the response everyone!

  • Oh Thank You for offering this pattern for free!!! I have always loved it, but I haven’t done much aran style knitting (It’s a desert here). I think I’ll start with the idea of doing a pillow or two first to practice the pattern.

    For all those crocheters out there: If you learn to knit Continental” style, you control the tension exactly the same as for crocheting. You will be knitting in minutes. You can also make a chain of the same number of stitches you need to cast on,using appropriate hook size, then just pick up a stitch on the needle for each chain. A real quick way to get knitting!

    For those who use written instructions, I put each row of the pattern on a separate index card, slide them into cheap pocket photo folder, and use a large paper clip to indicate what row I’m on. My eyes aren’t too fond of charts ;o( but this folder of cards for each row works well.

  • I live in a remote corner of the Himalaya’s in India.I’m afraid I cannot order the kit or the yarn but I have downloaded the pattern and am eager to knit-along. I think it is a great idea and feel motivated to get started soon. I may not be a skilled knitter but I love to knit and am confident that this project will be completed as help is assured in case I hit a snag.
    Thank You Lionbrand
    Kusum Budhwar

  • I just downloaded the Tree of Life pattern and plan to use my stash — probably at a much slower pace than the rest of the group. I first have to finish a baby blanket, before I dare allow myself to get distracted. 😉

    Although I’ve been knitting and crocheting for more than 40 years, I don’t think of myself as experienced — more lucky. I consider myself lucky when I buy an extravagent fiber and manage to create something that gets compliments, even luckier when I use scraps to make a quickie gift for a friend and it gets oohs and ahhs. My most recent scrap-miracle was a crocheted granny-square tool sheath for my hairdresser. She graciously appreciated it even though I had to finish it while my hair color was processing!

    By way of introduction, I thought I would share my first big knitting project. I was 15, with a resume of scarves and Barbie outfits knit and crocheted on the fly. My mother wanted a bedspread. She picked out the yarn — an ombre worsted that went from a deep forest green to a pale mint — and I picked out the needles: #1 (this is not a typo). It took me nearly a year to make this spread, even though I had plenty of time while I was stuck at home with both pneumonia and a broken ankle.

    My current knit project is a tallit, a shawl that Jews wear during morning prayers. My purpose is to salvage my dad’s tallit, which has fallen victim to stains that come from oxidation and age. If the project lives up to my expectations, I’ll be able to hand it down to a grandchild many years from now as he/she is bar/bat-mitzvahed. Well, we’ll see if I can live up to that dream. In the meantime, I’ll be happy to finish it and wear it myself.

  • I made this afghan way back when it was first shown in the Lion Brand catalog before they listed difficulty level. I had only knitted a scarf previously to trying this. I had purchased the whole kit of pattern plus yarn. I was making it as a gift too. With the help of some knitting books and websites I managed to figure out what to do. I’d say anyone intimidated by the skill level should consider that they’ll have this blog for help plus all other knitting websites to sort out where they get stuck. Don’t be afraid to try it, this afghan taught me so much, and it was a beautiful gift to give my friend’s Dad for his 60th birthday!!

  • This looks like great fun. I purchased yarn this weekend and will be working along. I hope to find help if I have any difficulties as I go, but at least the ‘body’ looks pretty straight forward. I have cabled before but have always been shy of trying knitted borders. Hopefully this will get me past that hurdle!

  • This pattern is so absolutely gorgeous………. I am in the UK and cannot therefore get Lion Brand yarns, but………. My husband will be in Louisiana in June so I am sending him with instructions to get me some of the yarn and then I will be joining in with you all – a bit late starting, and I hope the yarn won’t get jetlag ;))

    Zontee says: Hi Rebecca, in case you don’t want to wait, you can also contact to find out about where to buy Lion Brand yarns locally. We do work with a distributor in the UK!

  • I am actually almost done with the Tree of Life afghan. I have never knit a border for an afghan before and was wondering if you had any hints or more specific instructions for how to attach it.

  • I understood k1b to mean knit into the stitch below the next one?

    Zontee says: Hi Deb, you can always find the meanings of abbreviations on our website by visiting the Abbreviations page.

  • I just received the email about the Tree of Life afghan. Two years ago my mother passed away from cancer and my father just recently died in January from heart and kidney failure. When my mother died I stopped knitting and crocheting, but thanks to your email about the Tree of Life afghan, I’ll be knitting the afghan in memory of my beloved parents. Thank you ever so much.

    Her Majesty

  • My yarn arrived in the mail today. I have cast on and knitted a few rows. Love the feel of the yarn.
    peace and needles!

  • Would a cotton yarn work for this pattern, or does the tulip garden portion need a more flexible yarn?

    Zontee says: Hi Nissa, you definitely have options. As I mentioned in response to comments #20, #85, and #178, you can work with cotton or acrylic yarns such as Lion Organic Cotton, Cotton-Ease, Lion Cotton, and Vanna’s Choice.

  • I can’t resist joining this KAL – it is my first and I’m an intermediate knitter and hope this will give me the confidence to build up my skills. I’m not certain if I’m keeping this for myself or gifting it to my son and daughter-in law for their first Christmas. I ordered my Wool-ease in Seafoam green – I think I would tire of using the natural color and didn’t want a dark color. Now – just waiting for my yarn to arrive!

  • I am so excited. I have the pattern and the yarn, just need to find those silly circs of mine…lol.

    For those that are on Ravelry, a group has been started at We are a happy group and are excited about this afghan. I decided to do it a new color from Lily Sugar and Cream, called pistachio. It is a lovely shade of green. It will match the house beautifully, (greens, teals, browns and gold)as we are in the middle of house renovations.

    My first wedding anniversary is coming up on June 30 and I am hoping to have this done by hten to give to my husband.

    Zontee says: Hi Cora, thanks for starting a group on Ravelry! I’ll be sure to stop by!


  • Can anyone tell me specifically what does k1b mean? The Lion glossary gives 2 meanings.

    Zontee says: Hi Lois, as Kelly said (comment #309), it is knit in the back loop of the stitch.

  • Can anyone tell me if there is a comparable yarn in cotton? I am allergic to wool and my hands break out if I knit with it. I would very much like to knit this beautiful afghan.

    Zontee says: Hi Carol, you definitely have options, as I mentioned in response to comments #20, #85, and #178, you can work with cotton or acrylic yarns such as Lion Organic Cotton, Cotton-Ease, Lion Cotton, and Vanna’s Choice.

  • I am moving right along. Check it out at .

    The trees are taking shape.

  • I would so much like to join your knit-a-long but I am so new at knitting. I am afraid the “Tree of Life”, while beautiful, is just too complicated for me. Is there a easier pattern I can start with?

    Thank you,


    Zontee says: Hi Lorrie, we’ll have knit-alongs and crochet-alongs of various levels, so check back in the upcoming months. You may also want to check out our podcast, which often features recommendations for easy patterns.

  • I just printed up the pattern and I will be using some natural colored merino wool that I had in my stash. I can’t wait.

  • I just learned to knit and this looks like a great way to learn new stitches. I can’t wait to get started
    Jean R

  • I have been happily knitting away on this afghan since Thursday and loving it. I finished a block of trees, the dividing section and am almost done with the first block of flowers. I took a picture with my phone last night to post on flickr….when I realized that I did the flowers wrong!! If you need to see good photos, go to flickr and look at the photos Lion Brand has posted. You can see the detail of how the flowers are supposed to look really well, wish I had done this sooner. Tonight I’m ripping back and starting the flower section over. Wish this project wasn’t on a deadline, but alas I have a baby shower on June 7th. LOL!

  • I started the afghan last week and I am up to row 17. This is definitely challenging my moderate skills, but I am enjoying it.

    One question: I can’t tell by the picture what is the wrong side and what is the right side? On the right side, would the tree trunks be stockinette or would they be the bumps of the purl side?

    Zontee says: Hi Holley, like with most cable patterns, the trees will be stockinette and the background will be reverse stockinette (the purl bumps).

  • I just downloaded this pattern from Lion Brand. I’ve wanted to knit this for YEARS! I am glad to have all this company to help me when I need it.

  • I used stitch markers at the beginning of each tree pattern. This helped me to easily keep track of where I am in the pattern when interruptions happen. It also helped to be sure I hadn’t missed some stitches because when I reached the next stitch marker I knew I was supposed to be finished with the previous one.

    This pattern is fun and challenging. I’m getting pretty good at cables now.


  • I just started and have done K one row, P one row. Then I did the twin trees pattern stitch but I can’t get the number to come out correct. I did the k4, the followed row 1. Since it begins k12 and ends k12 you actually have 24k in a row, right? After doing that 4 times there are 16 stitches left over. What do I do with those? I’m guessing K12 then do those k4, but it doesn’t say that.

  • Just a quick note to say thanks to “Deborah in AZ” from message #313 — EXCELLENT suggestion regarding the use of index cards. I think I’ll try it for myself 🙂

  • To Halley (#332) — Keep up the good work!! At the rate you’re going, even with a few mistakes here or there, you’ll make it. And what a wonderful gift it will be 🙂

  • To Annette (#336) – I had a similar problem when I first started, you can see my question above in comment #78 and I also pasted Jackie’s (the technical editor) response below:

    Row 1 (WS): *K4, work Row 1 of Twin Trees pattern or follow Chart Row 1 for 40 sts; rep from * 3 more times, k4.

    in other words, (*k4 + 40 sts of chart) would be 44 sts; this 44 st repeat is worked 4 times total (4×44 = 176 sts) + the k4 at the end = 180 sts.

    I hope that helps you Annette

  • Our JoAnn’s Fabrics is having a sale on wool-ease. It is $2.00!!!!! Check your stores in your area. Never can hurt to make 2 afghans at one time? Anyone ever do this with the same pattern?

  • To Hallie (#332)

    I can hardly wait to see your picture of the flower garden since I am having trouble getting those flowers to look right. I have taken out row 7 in the flower garden four times because the next row 8 does not look right at least according to the pictures posted on flicker. I am getting another loop above the big loop stem (it looks like a lazy daisy stitch in crewel). Hope you can help with suggestions of what I am doing wrong or anybody else out there. HELP!!!!

  • To Annette (#336)

    After you do the set up rows of Knit 1 row, then Purl 1 row you should do the following:

    According to Row 1 (wrong side) *Knit four, then go over to Tree Pattern Row 1 and K12, p4, K8, p4, K12 – all of this equals 44 stitches (K4 to begin and then 40 stitches of the tree pattern. Your have to repeat this step 3 more times which means K4 then do again Row 1 of Tree Pattern (K4 plus 40 stitches + another 44 stitches so on and so on.
    After you do this 2 more times you end with a Knit 4 which should equal 180 stitches total. I hope this helps. You always have to do from * to * what is between those two *’s before you continue what the pattern wants you to do.

  • When this pattern first came out in a LionBrand catalog, I just had to try it. It took me two months (knitting in the evenings) to complete it. I’m a new knitter, so it was a learning experience, to say the least! It turned out beautifully, and I plan on making one for each of my children and their families (five in all!). I consider it to be an heirloom piece. Have fun making this. It is a challenge, but well worth the time and effort! Joanie

  • I cannot use wool and did not receive a reply about a good alternative yarn fiber and weight. I would like to start right away. Please e-mail me directly. Thanks

    Zontee says: Hi Ricky Dee, you definitely have options. As I mentioned in response to comments #20, #85, #178, #323 and others, you can work with cotton or acrylic yarns such as Lion Organic Cotton, Cotton-Ease, Lion Cotton, and Vanna’s Choice.

  • I am thinking about doing the body of this afghan in one color and the border in another. Any idea on the yardage for the border? Thanks-

  • Just tried to join the ravelry group, but there is a long line of applicants (over 1,600). By the time they get around to me, the afghan will probably be finished.

    Zontee says: Hi DroppedStitch! Actually, Ravelry is letting in about 1,000 people a day, so you should be on the site in no time. Once on Ravelry, there is a Tree of Life KAL group started by KAL participant Cora, or you can also join the Lion Brand Cafe group, started by a Lion Brand fan, or the YarnCraft group. You can also add me as a friend on Ravelry; my username is “YarnCraft.”

  • I love the idea of this knit along.I want to try this afghan so bad.I’ve knitted for a long time but usually do simple patterns I can do while i watch tv.I like bigger needles usually. what would happen if you used like a 10 needle? I know the afghan would be bigger as would the tree pattern and you’d need more yarn but would it look o.k.?

  • Frequently asked questions should really be gathered into a list at the beginning or put in an Orientation Introductory statement. For example, “If wool is not your thing, please see >>>website page<<< for alternative yarns.”

    I searched through three days and could not find any reference to my post. Vanna’s is good, but I am looking for a true Sage, don’t seem to find one…rdc

    Zontee says: Hi Ricky Dee, thanks for the suggestion. We’ll keep it mind for the future. You may want to check out the “Cactus” color in Cotton-Ease, which is very similar in shade to the “Sage” in Wool-Ease. Hope that helps.

  • HELP…HELP…HELP…Reply to #346

    Zontee you replied to #346….I received my invitation to Revelry via email today, signed in as instructed, set up an account as instructed…user name, password, profile and project and viewed all forums, groups, etc. and now cannot get back in… sign in again….any help will be appreciated. I know you are on the site….how do I get back there…I go to and ???????? where do I sign in…they show Beta test….name and password….I tried to sign in their and that does not work….I also emailed to them…and so far no reply….can anyone help me…I am at my wit’s end at this point…

    This Knit along is wonderful…I read all the posts and many of my questions have been answered with regard to the beautiful Tree of Life Afghan which I have just started…these posts are so very helpful….

    Thank you again Lion Brand….

    Zontee says: Hi Frieda, when you go to, there should be a box on the right-hand side that says something like “Beta testers sign in here” and “Username” and “Password.” You should just enter the username and password you set up your account with. If you can’t get that to work, click the link in that same box that says “Did you forget your user name or password?” and follow the directions.

  • Hi Again –
    I just finished row 28 – not easy to do when two very affectionate kitties want to be curled in your lap!

    I have a question which I know has been asked, but I can’t seem to find the answer with so many posts. Sorry for the repetition….

    When the twin tree pattern is started, there is a 4 stitch border at each end of row. Is this border maintained throughout the rest of the afghan? In other words, do I start the dividing pattern and the flower garden pattern keeping the knit 4 pattern as established for the twin trees?

    Thanks for answering – glad so many people are enjoying the project!

    Also, FYI – the wool ease for $2.00 is also on sale at the website. I was on the site this past Sunday, and an offer popped up for free shipping on orders over a certain amount (I think $25.00). So, I shopped on-line, getting yarn for several upcoming projects, and saving myself a 50 mi. round trip to my local Joannes. I got the notice yesterday my order had been shipped. It should arrive in another few days.

    Zontee says: Hi Terry, no, you knit the dividing pattern and flower garden pattern as written. Hope that helps.

  • I read a lot of the comments. I really want to join your knit-along. I am very busy in the summer, but I will buy the yarn and try to at least get started. It sounds like fun!

  • To Terry Valentine (#350)

    I had the same question when I got to the dividing pattern – the answer is no you do not keep the 4 stitch border pattern going for the dividing pattern – you do as the instructions say Row 1 Knit (all 180 stitches) – therefore there is no knit 4 border on either side in the dividing pattern. Hope this helps.

  • Any lefties out there having problems with the cables? I’m on the tree section and I’m reversing the cables (if it says put it in front, I put it in back). I don’t think it looks right. I’m following the written instructions, not the chart.

    Should I be doing it exactly as the directions state or reversing like I’m doing?

    Thanks for any light you can shed. 🙂

    Zontee says: Hi Ariel, even if you’re left-handed, you don’t need to reverse the cables, because then your branches won’t work out correctly.

  • I just love this pattern. I am starting right away. Do we send pictures when we have completed the project?

    Zontee says: Hi Teresa, you can always submit photos of finished projects to our Customer Gallery. You can also share a link to your photos if you already have a photo account online, such as Kodak, Flickr, Snapfish, etc. by including it in your comment.

  • I found something interesting when it comes to cables and NOT using cable needles. has an online video called twisted stitches. You slip the stitches back and forth without using a cable needle. Cool!

  • Anyone on the flower section? I’m on row 7 and I’m stuck on the loops. Where exactly are we pulling from? I can’t get a “long loose loop.” Can someone help me?

  • Reply to #349

    Zontee….thank you so very much for all of your help….I have done as you instructed and got back on the site.

    I had to change the original password I chose in order to get back on the site… but I am okay now…thanks a million!!!!

    Now to continue on this beautiful afghan…

    You and your staff are doing a wonderful job….

  • A wonderful idea! I am unable to do the afghan at this time but hopefully you will be having future projects.

    Thank you for providing this service for so very many knitters. Just great

  • I’m so glad that this is a knit along.
    Like Brooke (210) and Kelly (78) I was led astray by those extra knit 4s. What I don’t understand is why they are not included clearly in the directions. Especially when you get to row 16! “Continue in established pattern” ???? And the Chart doesn’t help.

    I understand now but I’m glad I didn’t try this pattern on my own.

  • I have loved this pattern for a long time. Now that I have a “safety net” of fellow knitters, I can feel confident about doing this project. I have crocheted for 45 years, and have only picked up knitting the last 2 years. I am well into the trees on this project, and it helps to have a good book about knitting stitches to refer to. I do have one question, however. When casting on, is there a rule of thumb to follow of how much yarn to leave as a tail? Is there some mathmatical equation such as type of yarn + size of needle + number of stitches to cast on equals= length of yarn to pull for tail. I usually just guess and if I guessed wrong, I have to redo it. Too much and I need to cut off the long tail. Bons

  • I downloaded this wonderful pattern in anticipation of my sister Judy moving to her dream home near the ocean in southern CA. First she had to find a job and this week she had 3 interviews. I’m pretty sure she’ll get 2 or 3 offers – she’s an awesome high-school math teacher. So I suspect she and Bruce will be moving and I’ll need to get busy. My sister is truly the family-tree-type person – keeps in touch with all, loves to do family things, so I feel this afghan is perfect for her new home. I hope to have it done for Christmas 2008.

    I’m enjoying all the stories and helpful Q&A so I know what to expect before I get started.

  • When knitting a complex pattern that has many stitch changes in each row, I use a piece of lined paper and write the numbers of the rows along the side. After enlarging the printed pattern I use a Post it note and keep that in place while following the row. After the row is finished I put a check mark on it or cross out the number so It will not be repeated by accident. If there are varying patterns across a row, with varying numbers of repeats, I write columns of numbers for pattern 1, pattern 2 etc. and a post it for each pattern that is being knit. Then I can follow the patterns without getting lost in all of the varying stitches and repeats.

  • Thank you so much for this free pattern. I remember seeing it with envy on the Martha Stewart show in an embroidery pattern. I taught myself to knit and started with cable! So, don’t be afraid to try it, it’s quite fun and exciting to create the patterns.
    A tip I found for not loosing my place as I pick up and put down quite frequently between trips (School Bus Driver)is I slip the patten page into a see thru notebook (vinyl)page sleeve and then use a yellow tape to line mark what row I’m on over the top! Keeps the page clean and you can even wrinkle and not worry of tearing your directions! Thank you again, hope this helped someone. Remember, “Inch by inch, anything is a cinch!” God Bless, Maria

  • I have been reading about the Tree of Life afghan for a couple of weeks and now I can’t just sit and read, I am going to join in! This weekend (Memorial Day) I plan to start mine! Wish me luck — I haven’t knitted a lot using cable stitches — but I’m game!

  • Been looking at this pattern for years. Was so excited to find I could print it. My computer will not download pdfs. Have started the afghan and am almost done with the trees.
    So interesting that so many other people are interested in the same pattern.

  • When figuring out how much tail to estimate for the long tail cast on, there are 2 different ways I have heard. One, is you look, measure how long the finished project is to be, and make your tail 3x this length. The other way is to allow 1/2-1″ for each stitch you need to cast on. Hope this is helpful.

  • Hello to everyone, and good luck on all your projects.
    I wasn’t going to do this KAL because I have so many other irons in the fire right now. But you all sounded like you were having so much fun you talked me into it. So I downloaded the pattern and my Mom and I went to the yarn store on Wed and off I go.
    It’s so nice to be able to share a project and know there’s help out there when I need it.

  • I have started my afghan,and I like it!! after adding the 4 st. every pattern repeat.Answering 256 I think you would have to knit 2 panels on the knitting machine [bulky]and remove for every increase or decrease. The baubles would be knitted with a separate yarn. I haven’t read through the flower pattern, but expect it could be managed. I use a letter size metal sheet with magnet strips to
    mark rows. Very interesting comments and answers

  • It’s just beautiful! I was so happy to be able to dowload the pattern and have worked on it for the past week. Just starting the dividing section today after finishing the first section of trees. Thank you!

  • I love this pattern and am almost finished with my first set of trees. it’s easier then it looks but it does require attention. my only complaint (so far) it i think it will be too small when complete. i think i will knit it again but add two more repeats and a seed border. btw Jo i also had trouble with row 36 fortunately i figured it out before i ripped the previous row.

  • I am starting the flower garden section. I reviewed the instructions line by line, and have a few questions. The first row, it looks like will end up with 181 stitches, and that number will remain through 8. I then calculate a total number of stitches for row 9 & 10 at 265, row 11 drops down to 209. For row 12, I get 181 stitches, but then row 13-18 180, but don’t see where the 1 stitch decrease is. Does anyone have stitch counts for each row when it is completed? I am always double checking, to make sure I haven’t dropped a stitch, or missed a stitch. This pattern is hard to follow. Help.

  • I’m anticipating way in advance that I might knit the border on instead of sewing it by combining the last stitch in each row of the border by knitting it together with the edge of the afghan. I really don’t like to hand sew anything! 🙂 Any thoughts on this?

  • I made a sweater with a very similar pattern many years ago. I’m working on too many other projects right now to justify starting yet another one, but I did want to offer a suggestion: I put the post-it note *above* the row I am working on the chart (rather than below, as suggested in the original website). That way I can see where I’ve been in comparison. Good luck all you happy knitters! I WILL make this some day….

  • Hi everyone. Have been reading comments and answers and would encourage anyone that wishes to try it to do so. Several suggustions “start with a pillow” for the tree are an excellant choice for anyone not quite sure they can do the afghan. Try any comparable yarn to make the pillow and see how it goes for you. Then you will know if you are ready to try the afghan, and can purchae the required yarn and needle. I prefer crochet, but am not afraid to try any knitting project if I like the way it looks. Took a lern how to knit book, the pattern for a pillow I wanted, the yarn and needles called for and learned to knit following the pattern and looking up each stitch to see how it was done (knew nothing about knitting – not how to make a knit or purl Stitch)and taught myself to knit while in the hospital recovering from surgery.. That pillow was on my couch for many years. It was full of cables, twists, long stitches that were crossed over several rows. Try it. You can do anything you want to do.

  • Please excuse the mispelled words – could not see what had been typed in the little box – eyesight is not what it used to be…

  • Hi Again –

    Thanks to Zontee and Leslie (#352) for answering my border question.

    To Bonnie (#360) – I have always cast on stitches by using a long tail and often ran out of yarn just a few stitches short of the required number. There are several ways to cast on – The other day I was browsing through parts of the Lionbrand website and found the section thats directions for casting on, etc. There is a method illustrated there with great directions that knits the stitches onto the needle, without measuring out a long tail first. I tried it for this project, and it was much easier to count to the 180 and I didn’t have to worry about running out of tail yarn. I’ll probably use this methond from now on.

    Last night I found a mistake next to one of my branches. I tried to fix it with a crochet hook, but no go. I think I’ll be ripping out a few rows – the hardest part will be keeping track of where I am in the pattern to start up again. I showed what I had done to my husband and asked him to find the mistake. He couldn’t – when I showed it to him, he thought I was nuts to even think about ripping back, but I know I won’t be happy unless I do. After all, it is only yarn that can be re-knit.

    Happy knitting to all!

    Zontee says: Hi Terry, thanks for pointing out the directions for the knitting cast-on. Hopefully others will check it out too.

  • I just got my yarn today for this beautiful afgan. I am excited to get started. I got Bernat Softee Chunky in a beautiful Grey Heather. The trees in the pattern reminded me of winter trees (because no leaves) so I think this color will look awesome (and with my red couch also!)
    My question for all of you is:
    What is the best cast on for this (or any) knit blanket?
    I have no idea how much of a tale to make if I did a long tale cast on.
    Please help.


    Zontee says: Hi Gina, comments #366 and #376 have good suggestions for either estimating how long your tail should be for the long-tail cast-on or alternate cast-ons.

  • I am just learning to knit. ( I crochet.)
    I love a challenge and this afghan is beautiful.
    I think I will try it. I love working with yarn and threads. I think I may be able to convert it to crochet. I changed a vest from knit to crochet and it turned out wonderful. Thank you for your web-site.

  • This is wonderful….love the pattern! I can’t wait to get my supplies and start the afghan. You are just wonderful to do this for all your sister knitters. Hugs from Georgia.

  • Some thoughts that I’ve learned so far, while working on this afghan…

    I’m using a worsted yarn, and it took 7 oz. to knit the first section plus the first section of the dividing rows. I think it is resulting in a smaller afghan (I didn’t do the gauge first), but, I like the denser knitting, rather than going to larger needles and producing a looser result.

    I have knitted quite a bit of the border and have attached it from the lower right corner, around and across the starting row and up the left side to as far as I am with the first flower section. When not working on the border, those few stitches can be held on a stich holder so you aren’t battling the extra set of needles while you work on the main afghan. For me, it worked well to put the skinniest part (where one leaf ends and the next leaf is started) of the border on the corner, as it is most flexible in shaping. I basically sewed two border rows to every afghan row on the corner to make it go around without distorting the border (making it curl under). I used a whip stitch as it hides in the knitting rows pretty well. It works out that another narrow point almost lines up at the second corner so it sews on fairly well there as well.

    Initially, I was concerned that attaching the border this early in the project might be adding extra weight to the afghan knitting, but it is not appreciable. It helps the afghan lay out flatter while knitting, and I really like seeing the completed look as I go along (only on the left side).

    The whole project is going to need blocked when it is done, as the leaves on the border do have a tendency to roll or curl a bit. That will also help smooth out some of the tree branches and around the flowers.

    On the flowers… I found it quite challenging to knit through 3 stitches together through the back. (I knit pretty tightly, so it’s a bit of a struggle to get the yarn through without splitting it). So, it takes some extra attention to accomplish that well.

    So far, I’m thinking this is a lovely project, and the results are going to be worth the effort.

  • I’m started! I’m on the first row of the Twin Trees pattern that requires a cable. I bought a dusky rose for mine because it is going to be for my granddaughter Campbell Morgan (who is due in July).


  • I love the design and will start by knitting a single panel as a pillow cover.

  • I have downloaded the free pattern,and after reading it through I have a question….On the chart for The Tree of Life Row #1 says thatshaded stitch is no stitch does this mean that you slip one stitch to the other needle with out knitting or purling????What happens as you wwork father up the pattern???Can any one explain this to me???

    Zontee says: Hi Loretta, Ginger explained this really well in comment #100. That means that the stitch that used to be there was used up in the previous row and will no longer exist, so you ignore the shaded box and go onto the next stitch. Hope that helps!

  • I love this pattern! I have been looking for a wedding gift for September. I should be done by then. Thank you for making it free. I will order the yarn next. I’ll send progress photos. (I have to finish the other projects first. :))

  • I have started Knitting the tree of life but I have a problem with it. When I am on the R/S and am knitting the knit 4 for the tree trunk when I start the purl stitch it is really loose. I try to pull my yarn tight but it is still loose. What am I doing wrong.

  • I have made this pattern four different times. It is always a challenege and a pleasure to do. I plan to make a few more in the future. It is a lovely and extremely precious gift. It usually takes me a year to complete.

  • Jo- it sounds like you really know what you’re doing…any thoughts on the leaves of the flowers? Where exactly are you pulling the “long loose loop?” Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. I’m stuck b/c I can’t get the loops long enough and it’s bunching. Please help! 🙁

  • Happy Memorial Day!

    Please be sure to take some time today to remember our brave men and women who have sacrificed so much so we have the freedom to blog and spend the day with friends and loved ones. Often when I knit, I find this is a time for mediatation. I do this especially when I am working on prayer shawls – the quiet offers much needed time for reflection and a time to offer prayers and good wishes for others.

    In response to Marien (#362) – I also write down row numbers that I cross out as I go along but I do it in a steno book that I have had since my children were babies (the oldest is about to turn 33! Yikes – where did the time go!). In the book, I have a record of all the things I have knit for them – basic sweaters, cable sweaters, animal pattern sweaters, fair isles knits, just to name a few. Because of a shoulder problem which was corrected with surgery last May, I wasn’t able to knit for several years because of discomfort which is gone now. I only started knitting again this past December, but with a project that didn’t require keeping track of rows. Anyway, I got my steno book out to keep track of this project, and what a hoot it was to go back and look at all the projects I have done over the last 30 years or so. If anyone is just starting their knitting career, or if you’re well on your way, I suggest doing a book such as mine. It really brought back alot of fond memories to look through it, to see what colors I used, who the item was for, and in some cases, how many times I made the same item with variations of some sort. Also, I came across several projects which I had totally forgot about. This book is something I really have come to treasure.

    Hope all is well –

  • I am an avid crocheter and am learning to knit. Have done a few projects and decided I am going to try this one. Just found it yesterday so started the afghan. I am just on r 2 but am excited. ?: I am not a fan of charts so I can just use the directions, right? It is so much easier for me to keep track of written directions. This whole project sounds and looks like fun.

    Zontee says: Hi Candi, yes you can just follow the directions. If you use the afghan directions as written, inserting the directions for the individual patterns, you should do fine.

  • Hi There I just have a question, on the Twin Trees chart where the symbol is fully shaded and means no stitch do you just yarn over?

    Zontee says: Hi Celeste, it literally means that you don’t do anything and go to the next stitch. See Ginger’s comment #100, which is a good explanation.

  • to shoshana silver-4 times! Could you share which yarns you have used and what seems to work the best?
    Thank you

  • I have a problem. I am on vacation and thought it would be a good project to work on in the evenings while we are in TN but unbeknownst to me only half the directions printed before running out of ink and now i have yard, but am stuck with a computer but no printer. We will not be home until the 17th of June and you are only offering the free pattern for two weeks. HELP!

  • To Kristin (#387) – you are supposed to draw the loose yarn your knitting with (not one of your stitches) through your work from the back to the front with a crochet hook, then you have the ability to make it as loose or as tight as you like. Chris (#181) has a good suggestion for making the loops even, so you might want to read her suggestion as well. Hope this helps!

  • I went to the store to buy the yarn and of course all out of Wool-ease. Is everyone making this pattern!) I picked up the Fishermen wool. The gauge checker on your website says size 9 needles for same # of stitches, but a comment above said it works up the same. Which do you recommend? Thanks again.

  • Dear Shirley, Comment #392
    You can save a copy of the pattern to your hard drive while you are on vacation. THen you can read it as you go along. It may be more difficult, but it is better than nothing.

    I always save a copy because I carry my projects with me, and the directions get messy. I sometimes have to reprint directions 2-3 times.

    This project is easier if you mark where you left off, so the printed copy will get even messier.

    I hope this helps. I just got back from vacation and had to look up a tatting pattern.

  • Well, looks like my computer picked the wrong time to go down. Knew I would miss something “vital”. I think I may have this pattern for a someday project. Sure hope so cause it looks like a lot of fun plus a lot of help out there. Please let me hang around here.

  • After a very stressful winter, I am looking forward to a relaxing summer of reading and knitting. Saw the TofL yesterday and knew I had found the perfect project…challenging yet meditative. Thanks to the tips on this board, I went to JoAnne’s where wool-ease was $1 a skein less than Michael’s and I purchased 10 skeins of “seaspray”, a lovely sage green. Today, I am almost to where the tree brances start to divide. I like Annette’s suggestion of attaching the border as you go!

  • Just got my kit from LB and can’t wait to start this afghan. I have been drooling over the picture of it in the catalog for a while now but figured I would do it sometime in the future. With this KAL started, I decided to just go for it now, amongst all my other projects. LOL

  • Leslie 341 did you ever figure out how to tighten up the loops? i am also stuck at that section am in the process of ripping out again! i would welcome any suggestions from anyone who has completed that section Kristin 356: the pattern is not clear so i had to find a picture and blow it up to see that you need to pick up the extra yarn at the bottom of the twisted knit stitch. go to the flick site and print out the picture there. it helps but doesn’t tell you how to advoid the lose thread that i was talking about above. i have a complaint: in post 61 zontee said “Also, you can always get technical help by e-mailing or calling our customer service line at 1-800-705-8636 Monday to Friday 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. EST. Hope that helps!” unfortunately ladies (as stated in an earlier post), they are not much help. i wrote to them about my problem understanding row 7 of the flower garden pattern and they answered saying “Feel free to post on the blog; you may find it helpful to read the comments of other knitters as they work on the project. You can read comments at You aren’t inserting your needle into any stitch at all but rather into the fabric to the right of the stitch mentioned. You pull up a loop from the working yarn. We’re sorry but we do not have a diagram of this. We hope this helps.” actually it didn’t because they neglected to say that you have to insert and pull up the stitch at the side of the BOTTOM of the twisted knit stem. as i mentioned, i was able to figure it out by finding a picture and blowing it up so i could see it. i have carefully reread all the posts on this blog and there is nothing helpful about that row and i am willing to bet that i am not the only one having trouble with it.

  • What a great idea! I don’t consider myself an expert by any means. Experienced? While waiting for UPS to bring my Woolease from LBY I had 5 balls of Grey Heather so started the project last night. Cast on and did the k and p row. Read the comments and learned that it should be circular. OK will just transfer over. Experience? When I ordered the needles on the LBY site will they be straight of circular? When my Fisherman Woolease arrives I’ll just start another out of that or could make two (5 skeins each) Road Scarves. All will work out. Am learning so much and though this is a little beyond my skills I believe I can do it with the help from LB and all the postings.

  • Zontee, are you out there?

    My wool arrived, and I did a swatch. 18 sts and *24*, not 28 rows do the trick for 4″.

    Since I need to lengthen this afghan, I need to know if the 28 rows is a typo in the pattern. The band around the ball of WoolEase also states 24 rows for 4″.

    Zontee says: Hello hello, DroppedStitch! I feel a little bit like a fairy godmother, appearing when called! This is something that a couple people have mentioned previously. The issue is that although the gauge stated is correct, it is the gauge over the entire afghan, not just the stockinette sections. So if your 4×4 gauge swatch is 18 sts x 24 rows, keep in mind that your rows will tighten up as you start the cabling sections, and therefore your overall size should be about right. Go ahead and start on those needles! Hope that helps!

  • (((Zontee))), my fairie godmother, thanks!!! :-*

  • #387

    Maybe I’m not doing it right, but it looks OK…or, even “good” to my eyes…but, on rows 7 and 19, I’m not going for the “long loose loop” six rows back…It really lumps up the afghan by pulling on a loop six rows back in your knitting…I have been going into the immediate row just below where I’m knitting, and picking up the horizontal yarn/bar and am using it to be the loop that is passed over the stitch. It makes a small decorative hole show up in the afghan that does not distort the knitting and I think it looks great. It doesn’t affect your total stitch count so nothing needs to be changed in the following directions because of handling the decorative “hole” this way.

    I haven’t done any blow-ups or enlargements of the finished afghan, so I can’t tell what the original is suppose to look like. I like a smooth lying afghan, so am satisfied with what I’m doing. I just couldn’t get the yarn from six rows back to stretch far enough to accomplish what the instructions say, without a very lumpy bumpy ugly looking result… so, if someone else has suggestions as to what is really meant by those instructions (maybe I’m not interpreting them correctly)…I’d appreciate hearing from someone who has already done this afghan.


  • #387 (cont.)

    I should say that my flowers do not have leaves with the way I’m doing this…so, I think if you knit loosely (which I don’t) the pulled loops would make leaves which could lie somewhat loosely on top of your knitted rows. I just knit too tightly to make this happen. I think, in hind sight, that a person could have done some “Yarn overs” on those early rows to make some excess yarn available for the loops later on. …not an option for me at this point.

  • I would love to knit a long with this project! Please include me.

    Zontee says: Hi Stitchin Girl, no need to sign up, just participate! For more basics, you may want to check out my FAQ post.

    **Also, a tip for all of you new to the knit-along: If you’re at and you only want to read the posts related to the knit-along, click “Knit-Along” under “Categories” on the right-hand bar, and the blog will show only the knit-along posts!

  • Hey Folks,

    This is a marvelous project and I am happy to be participating!!! I have done a couple of projects reading a chart but find that following the instructions is easier for this pattern. I laughed out loud when I read the quote in comment #363!!! This is going to be a gift for my friends whose baby is due in November. My standard baby gift has been the alphabet blanket by Debbie Bliss; this Tree Of Life pattern is a welcomed change.

  • Zontee I’m totally confused!!
    Per your reply to #326 k1b is to knit in the back of loop of stitch.

    According to my pattern I bought on-line (this past winter)the reference stated that k1b is knit 1 in the row below. Since I’m a little half way through with my afghan I’ll continue to do it this way.

    When I printed out the pattern off this KAL the reference is showing k1b is knit through the back loop?

    When I looked up Abbreviations on line it stated k1b = knit 1 in the row below & that knit through back loop is usually written kbl.

    Will the difference make that much difference in the look of the afghan?

    Thank you!

    Zontee says: Hi Donna, k1b=knit through the back loop. In our patterns, we write out “knit 1 in the row below,” so we do not use it as an abbreviation. Knitting through the back loop creates a tighter stitch. If you’re happy with the way the afghan looks so far, keep doing what you’re doing, but if you want to switch to knitting through the back loop, go ahead. It’s really your judgment call.

  • #393…They need to put stars around your email…when I read your comment that you are to pick up the yarn you are working with to make the flower loops/leaves, the light went on in my head. Duh…that would make it so much easier and there is no issue about how tight you knit, etc. It wouldn’t hurt to re-send your note in ALL CAPS as it will be something everyone should pay attention to…if they were confused as I was. Thanks for the simple and accurate interpretation of the instructions.

  • Bad news. The Fisherman Wool Ease from LBY is back ordered. Glad I had the Grey Heather Wool Ease in my stash and will just continue on that. Gosh everyone is surging ahead. I really enjoy the comments and notes about the upcoming rows. It is a real help. Took out Row 1. Can’t answer and talk on the phone when I need to concentrate. Want to encourage all those who,like, me got a late start. It may work out better as those who are ahead are finding solutions to problems that we haven’t gotten to as yet. Tried the knit cast on and it is great. Thanks

  • HELP!!!!

    I am extremely frustrated by this pattern. I finished the first tree section, dividing pattern, and now am starting on the flower garden section. In the tree section, we were maintaining a border of 4 stitches on the outside of the patterns. There is no mention of this border in the flower garden section. Do I maintain those 4 stitches on the outside of the flower garden section? I started the first row and the stitch numbers do not add up. I have about 8 stitches left to go on the first row and have realized that my numbers don’t add up to the pattern. Could someone please clarify this???? HELP!!!

    Zontee says: Hi Vicky, a few people had questions about this earlier. You work the dividing pattern and flower garden as established. No border stitches. If you look at photos via Flickr of the project, you can see that while there is “space” (a reverse stockinette area) in between each tree repeat, there is no space in the dividing pattern or flower garden pattern — the pattern is continuous.

  • Thanks for the reply to my post (#410).

    I have another question about the start of the flower garden section. What should the number of stitches be on the needles prior to starting this section. I did a “pre-count” of what is on my needles, and double checked it 3 times….and I am short 1 stitch for R1 of the Flower Garden section as it is written. In otherwords, I do not have a stitch at the end for the P1. I wss thinking of ripping back a few stitches in the last row of the dividing section to add 1 stitch so that I will be back on track, but didn’t want to do this until I was certain of what my stitch count should be. Even though I am sure I have a mistake or two in the tree section…I don’t want to start over. I’m the only one who will notice, and I’m making this project for myself…so it does not have to be perfect! 🙂 [Here’s a suggestion for future patterns of this complexity – give a stitch count for each row.]

    Zontee says: Hi Vicky, you should have ended the Twin Trees motif with 180 sts, worked the 180 sts throughout the Dividing Pattern, and should now be starting the Flower Garden motif with the same 180 sts. If you’re short one st, you may just want to yo or m1 at the beginning of your first Flower Garden row, since it will be on the edge and be very hard to notice (especially since you will be sewing a border at the end). No need to rip back.

  • I am on the 3rd tree motif row 48. Almost done with the afghan portion.
    I read ahead for the tulip scallop edging. I don’t relish the idea of sewing the edging to the afghan. Any suggestions as to picking up an afghan stitch and connecting the edging to the afghan as I go along?
    DS still doesn’t know this is for him 🙂

  • Thank goodness for the pictures via Flickr! I was about to tip-toe through Row 7 of the flower garden. My first toe in brought up 2 loops making up the leaves (rather unsightly and definitely not what I want on a baby’s afghan). Searched the posts and am now ready to stop and smell the flowers. Thanks to Zontee and whomever’s beautiful work you are showing.

  • Hi:

    Could anyone help me please. I am not sure I understand on the “Flower Garden” Row 1, the K1b (twisted knit st). Is it just plain knit through the back loop or do I have to do what to it??


  • To Joy (#414) – Yes, it’s just a knit through the back loop. It seems silly and way too easy, but it really makes the flower stem stand out!

  • S.O.S. S.O.S. HELP!!!!!
    Joy at #414 I can answer your question about K1B, it is knitted through the back loop, plain and simple.

    To Kristen #356 I hope to get an answer from the many people who have been blogging on the web site about their finished projects. Once again I have taken out Row 7 of the Flower Garden and have redone it. Now I am on Row 8. Could #386 Shoshana Silver, Jo Yates, or Mry-m give a shout out about what I am doing wrong. I have done K12, *plb, k11; rep from* my problem is that when I come to the stitch where you have the long loose loop passed over the previous knitted stitch and I knit it I am getting a small loop (like a lazy daisy stitch) in creweling above my stem therefore it is one long stem then on top a short loop. I have tried everything and still can’t get it to look right I have even looked at the picture provided on Flicker and they don’t seem to have the small loop. HELP!!!

    I have become addicted to looking at this web site about twice a day to see how everybody is doing. This is my first time blogging and I am enjoying everybodies thoughts about this knit-a-long.

  • In answer to post 414 Just knit into the back loop of the stitch. You do the same thing in a lot of ribbing to make it tighter.


  • I’m late, but I’m in. I was afraid this might be over my head, but after reading most of this blog, I think I can at least give it a try. I really love this pattern. I am a tree lover as many others seem to be. I have done cables, but have never followed a chart. I consider myself an intermediate knitter.
    Will get my yarn this next week and start a swatch. Thanks so much for doing this. It will be great to have you all to turn to when I have questions.

  • Hi Zontee;
    Caribbean Tahra here. You are a breath of fresh air. Thanks again for your insight and help.

    Please answer the 2 questions below.

    This is my first blog note since #200 something. I am using the Organic Cotton Ease and it is coming out beautiful. I finished the first twin trees and am on the dividing pattern. Although the tree directions had looked quite impossible when I first started this project, the cabling was really quite easy. I am on the dividing pattern right now and was stunned to see that the flower garden directions looming ahead were so vague that I am completely baffled. Maybe when I get there it won’t look so bad.

    Could someone smart at Lion Brand or on the blog do a video on “picking up those stitches” and upload it to “you tube”?? Then post the link here on our blog? Just a thought.

    Otherwise, when all the other knitters still working on the trees catch up, it may be a mess.

    On the positive side. Here is a fun request.
    Can you research and find ANOTHER art knitting pattern similiar to the “Tree of Life”.
    I am having such a good time with this and I want to continue with these great designer patterns after this project is done. Where could we find a pattern as beautiful as Nicki’s again??
    I wonder how everyone else feels.
    Watching all the trees emerge with their branches was magical!!!!!!!!!!!!! As well as the online friendships we are developing.

    Warm regards to all knitting comrades

    Zontee says: Hi Tahra, you’re very sweet! I’m so glad you’re enjoying the yarn and the pattern! A video is definitely a good idea that we’ll keep in mind. I agree with you that it would be great for other people in the knit-along to do videos too. Hopefully, the other comments on the knit-along will help you get through the Flower Garden section.

    As for your second point, Nicky has some great books out that have some wonderful patterns, including a “best of” afghan book, called Cover Up. Or, if you’d like to download another pattern that uses the Twin Trees motif, we have one on our website, called the Nature in Natural Afghan.

  • To Kelly #393,
    Thank you! I finally got it.

  • Emily C #412 – Sewing is my least favorite part of knitting also. If you find a way to pick up the stitches and add the border at the sme time, let us know. That would be great! 🙂

  • Leslie #416 – Now that I have figured out the loop/leaves (thanks to all of you), I also am getting a little loop above. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated, but I’m leaving as is. No more pulling back. If I figure it out, I’ll let you know. I’m on the second row of flowers now.

  • I’m late but I’m starting today. Just finished casting on the 180 stitches and will begin knitting today. It’s a beautiful day in Marysville, MI and I’ll be sitting outside on the porch with the dog.

  • I don’t mean to insult anyone’s knitting skills or ability, but I’m under the impression there are many knitters involved in this that are new to such a large project.

    One hint that might be useful….when you are almost done with a skein of yarn, stop at the end of a row to add in the new yarn. This pattern is smooth enough that tying on new yarn is too visible out in the “face” of the afghan. The leftover yarn you cut off that is too short to complete another row is quite handy for attaching the trim around the outside.

    Just a thought….

  • Bloggers:

    Help is once again sought after. Jo Yates at #424 or Zontee I have once again looked at the pictures of the completed flower garden on flickr and I do not see the extra loop above the stem (the long loose loop). Can anyone out there please help I am forever stuck on Row 8 of the Flower Garden. I would greatly appreciate anyone’s advice on how to do Row 8. After looking at my stitching I realize that there is a huge space that was made between the two stitches – the long loose slipped over the knit stitch and then the next stitch which is the purl. As you go to knit these two stitches it is a very huge space that occurs between these two stitches that much I can tell. Please help!!!!

  • Finally got started on mine this weekend.

    Thank you to whoever suggested stitch markers and to the one who came up with the cards idea for the tree rows. What a big help both are!!!

  • Leslie (#425): Are you referring to the hole/loop that opens just above the “long loose loop” in rows 7 and 8? It is somewhat visible in the flickr photos if you download and then blow them up.

    I have done several flower pattern swatches in various yarns/gauges, and found that the hole/loop seems to show up to various degrees depending on type of yarn and tightness of stitch. The hole seems to be less visible in “fluffy” yarns (such as woolease). I did try slipping the long loose loop over a purled rather than knitted stitch, which seems to help a little bit. You might try a swatch to see if you like that look-

  • #425…I’m sorry but I can’t be of any help to you on the flower leaves. (refer to #403 and 404) I was not interpreting the instructions correctly and was trying to make a loop in my knitting stretch long enough to make the leaves. When that didn’t work, I changed over to a decorative hole as described in #403.

    I’m not real fond of single strands of yarn lying on top of the knitting for decoration in an afghan as they are prone to entanglement, or looking more worn than the rest of the afghan.

    So, my flowers look like “long stemmed” rose buds, or something, and just have decorative little holes in the spot where he instructions say to go down six rows and pull up yarn. I hope someone who has followed the directions correctly can help you with your situation.

  • I had the same problem with the space/large loop in working the flowers. I found I was able to pull on one of the strands of the working yarn on the back of the afghan,readjusting the strands of yarn that make up the leaves and eliminate the large space/loop on the front. Hope this helps.

  • #426 Dropped stitch. I am glad to hear that I am not the only late one in the group. My Wool Ease Fisherman came via UPS today. Yeah. Now I can get down to serious work. I love the pattern. Don’t look forward to the Flower Garden but maybe the bugs, no pun intended, will be worked out by the time we get there. Take care.

  • To posts #428 & #429: For the tulip leaves, I also adjusted the leaves as Patsy did, working the back strands to make the front look better. That row doing the leaves takes 3x as long!
    I have a question to LionBrand regarding the TOL Flickr group: How does one post one’s own TOL photo to that pool? Thx.

    Zontee says: Hi Kathy, check out my how to knit along post, which has a link to the Flickr explanation. Hope that helps!

  • I’d like to respond to the Bonnie (post 360). The best way to deal with the long tail issue that I’ve found is to use a different cast on. I use the cable cast on which allows you to cast on from the working yarn, not the tail. The best reference I found for doing this is in The Sweater Workshop book, but I know that help can also be found at I think the cable cast on is one of the best things I learned about knitting (and how to unknit!).

  • #430 Kay, I could be half finished this afghan by now (NOT!) if it weren’t for that flower garden. Sitting here ripping my hair out, because it’s one ugly mess. I’d rather knit 2 trees to one row of flowers. Ack!!!!!!!!!!
    What IS the trick to doing these???????????

  • The Flower Garden does need some serious weeding!
    I have some holes too, which I hope will diminish after the first washing and blocking.

    Zontee says: Good point, MsMcDLT! Washing and blocking should definitely help! For those of you who want to know more about blocking, listen to the YarnCraft podcast episode in which Liz (my YarnCraft co-host) and I talk about blocking.

  • #433/434, thanks. Although, I have never blocked anything in my life, I have to wonder if it really is a big enough miracle technique that it can rectify such a holier-than-thou mess?

    Zontee says: Hi DroppedStitch, blocking can be a big help for many projects, since it allows you to shape and resize projects to their correct dimensions and flatness, but the holes (good pun by the way) will also depend on the yarn you’re using. As Nissa said (comment #427), fluffier yarns will show the holes less.

  • Regarding #419 info. Very good info Zontee. Thank you
    Everyone…take a look at the two links Zontee listed on #419 blog
    The patterns are beautiful for future projects.

    One is a variation of this design but with larger needles and thicker yarn. If you go to and enter 1276AD in the search bar it will come up. Or just click on the link.
    The other is a book of beautiful patterns by the same designer as this “Tree of Life” pattern.

    I need some help on one stitch fellow knitters and I will have the whole pattern down to a science. Please see the next blog for my question.

    I just went to that

    Zontee says: Hi Tahra, I just thought of one more pattern that uses the Twin Trees motif, which is the Tree of Life Sweater, just in case you–or anyone in the knit-along–wants to have trees in every knitting project now. It’s the sweater that inspired this afghan!

  • Hi everyone:

    If anyone needs help with the flower garden, tree of life, or dividing pattern I can assist… up until Row 9 of the garden. Those petals are a piece of cake once you understand the directions.
    My e-mail is

    I am a blond so bear with me on this next question. I hit one hurdle.
    For the flower bud. I am inserting my needle, knitting a stitch but not slipping it off the needle, yarning over, going back into the stitch again, knitting it but not slipping it off the the needle, yarning over…..etc and repeating that sequence one more time.
    Then I do one more knit stitch which I transfer to the right needle to finish. And true to the instructions..I now have 7 stitches from that one stitch which forms the flower bud. They are all clumped together on my needle.

    So what do I do with all these extra stitches on the needle ?

    And gut is telling me that somehow I am supposed to do this process in a way that will
    leave just one stitch on the loop and the others secure but off the needle.
    Can anyone help me get through this??

    Warm regards from the Caribbean where we have no craft shops or knitters except me. BOO HOO are right the weather is great. LOL

  • Answer to blog question #437

    I answered my own dumb question. Hopefully no one else will embarrass themselves on this head slapper.


    When you get to the next row (Row 10) you purl all seven of those stitches individually which are clumped up on your needle. So I was doing it correctly and did not know because I did not read ahead in the pattern.

    This is my last blog until I get to the border.
    Except to say HI.

    All the Best from the Caribbean

  • Hi there. Although I received my yarn a few weeks ago, I am just now getting started on my afghan. I had several other projects I was determined to finish before I give all of my attention to this one. I have been knitting for 3 years, and have worked a few challenging (for me) projects, so I thought I would give this a try. My friend’s daughter just got engaged so it will be a wedding gift (hopefully not an anniversary gift, LOL. Since my friend and I met through a Mothers of Twins group, I thought it would be even more special because of the twin trees. Anyway, I’m just getting started and hope that catching up on some of the previous posts will help me before I get stuck. I’m sure I’ll be back with questions. One thing that may be helpful with reading a small chart–I saved the pdf file and then enlarged it, then printed it. It seems to be easier to read.

  • Hi All, don’t forget to check out the latest post from Corinna and leave your comments there.

    To see all posts related to the knit-along, you can always click “Knit-Along” under “Categories” on the right-hand bar of the Lion Brand Notebook.

  • Is the pattern no longer free. I ordered my yarn, it just came in, I can’t seem to get to the pattern without ordering for $3.95

    Zontee says: Hi Pam, we were offering the pattern for free as a courtesy during the first few weeks of the knit-along as noted at the beginning of Corinna’s post.

  • I am ready to start knitting and have a question already…..
    As a follow up to post #94 regarding extending the length of the afghan
    Zontee replied suggesting to add an extra dividing pattern at start and finish of afghan.
    My question – dividing pattern starts with RS for 14 rows which would end with a WS row.
    I would then go to Twin Tree pattern which says to start with WS, but following the end of my dividing pattern would put me on RS row.
    Suggestion? or am I making too much out of this?

    Zontee says: Hi Pam, why don’t you add another purl row following the dividing pattern (as a RS row) and then jump into the Twin Trees? That should do it.

  • I’m on row 16 or 17 and I need to M1. Do I knit that stitch even if I’m on a purl row? This question may have already been answered, sorry if it’s a repeat.


  • One thing I found very helpful is I picked up a bag of 1/2″ stitch dividers. After I did the initial knit row and purl row, I knit the first four stitches on row 3 (row 1 of the tree pattern) and placed a ring. I completed one tree pattern, placed another ring, knit the 4 stitches to start the next pattern, and put another ring. So it looks like this: 4 st, ring, 40 st, ring, 4 st, ring, 40 st, ring, 4 st, ring. Repeat until you get to the last 44 stitches of the pattern. You do the last 40 of the tree pattern, ring, and do the last 4 stitches. As you are adding on stitches while getting up in the tree branches, it gives you the placement of where you are in the pattern. It gives me a great place to stop the project if I need to. I just do one or two stitches at the knit/purl 4 stitches. If I find I made a mistake, it sure is easier to go back over one pattern to fix it than tear out the whole row. Also, I put my pattern into a page protector. That way, I can cross off what I need to with a grease pencil or marker and wipe it off when I am done. When you are done, you can put it into a binder for the future if you want to make it again. Hope you find this helpful!

  • Hello. I am just gettings started in a heather green. I am excited about the pattern and the knit-a-long. I am worried that my gauge is WAY off. I wasn’t anywhere near 4 inches with 18 stitches on size 8 needles, and am only at 3.5 inches using a size 10. I think I am going with the 10s, and I don’t want it to be too loose by going to 11s. But I don’t think I knit extra tightly, so I’m wondering why my gauge is so different from everyone else’s. Thanks for this project.

  • Sandra #443, yes knit the M1 stitch, even on a purl row, but knit through the back loop.

    Pam #442, I really shouldn’t admit this and show how truly harebrained I can be at times, but thanks to your post I realised that I only read “extend at beginning and end of afghan” from Zontee’s advice, totally blanking out on the “dividing pattern” part. Of course, dividing pattern!!! K1row, P1row didn’t look that great, yet I plucked on, ack!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Cinderella, you got company starting late.
    What yarn are you using exactly to make such a big difference in gauge?

  • Oh, sorry, woolease. That’s why I’m worried as it is the yarn called for and my gauge is so off. Sorry if this has been posted before.

  • Cinderella, I don’t know what to tell ya then. I am using the Wool-Ease (worsted weight), too w/5.5 mm needles (not sure what that corresponds to in US sizes, probably a 9) which works for me, since I am a bit of a tight knitter. Your differences are quite marked, though. Maybe Zontee will fly through with some ideas. Hang in there!

    Several of us were puzzled at the gauge (on the pattern instructions), since we would get the 4″ at 18 sts and *24* rows. But then Zontee cleared that up explaining that the pattern gauge was calculated over the entirety of the pattern, and we were relieved again.

  • When I click on the Tree of Life, it says $3.98? I read here that it is free. Where do I click to find that?

  • I was able to get the free pattern weeks ago and finally started knitting. I keep getting stuck on row 16 and don’t know what I’m doing wrong. I have 180 stitches and I know the M1 increases a stitch, so I should have 188 when I’m finished with row 16, correct? I ripped out and started row 16 over at least 4 times. I finally ripped down to row 14 and counted to make sure I was good and all seemed correct. How do I figure out what I’m doing wrong on row 16? Joyce

    Zontee says: Hi Joyce, you may want to see my response to Terri’s comment. I hope it helps!

  • Joyce at #450 it has been awhile since I have completed the first Twin Trees since I am now on the first Flower Garden but I went back and calculated the number of stitches for Row 16 and I got 188 you are correct. It should look like this when reading it on your needles:
    P4,then row 16 which is 42 stitches, P4 then row 16 for 42 stitches, P4 then row 16 for 42 stitches, P 4 then row 16 for 42 stiches, then P4 which is equal to 188 stitches.

    You always have to remember to put in those P4 between each section or row that you are working on (P4 then do instructions for Row 18, P4 then do instructions for row 18 so on so on) just make sure that you have those exact number of stitches (44 for example before moving on to the rest of the stitches. I do not worry so much about my total number of stitches at the end as I think it is more important in this section to make sure you have the 42, 44, 46, 48 stitches.

    I hope this helps, it is so hard to explain something without showing.

  • #450 Joyce, I don’t know how many stitches you are ending up with, but with a 2 sts increase for each of the pattern repeats, you indeed should end up with 188 on row 16.

    #449 Diane, please see post #441.

  • I am finished the dividing row between the Flower Garden and the next section of the trees. When I finish the dividing row it ends on a wrong side row so my next row should be the rightside. To start the Tree pattern again, Row 1 is a Wrong side row. Do I purl 1 row to get back to the wrongside again?

  • Wouldn’t you know it, my question (#451) and the answer (#442) posted at the same time!
    Anyway…that’s what I did…A purl row after the dividing pattern

  • I am so glad that there are a large number doing this knitalong.

    Could I suggest that the posting order be changed to newest first, rather than oldest? In other words, the posts should go from newest to oldest.

    Back to my second section of trees!

    Happy knitting….

  • I think one of the flaws of this pattern is the confusion of what is the “RS” and what is the “WS.” As you knit the tree pattern of this afghan, one tends to consider the “WS” with the pattern facing you as actually the “RS.” In the tree section, even # rows are the pattern-facing rows. Then the Flower Garden Section begins with Row 1 as the “RS” and the flower pattern AND tree pattern facing you are now the “RS.” In the flower section, the Odd # rows are the pattern-facing rows.

  • Re post 318 – Rebecca, you can get Lionbrand yarn in the UK at banyantreeyarn’s website. I needed something cheaper though so I’m using Sirdar Hayfield Aran which is working out a treat & was dirt cheap (about 12 quid total!)

  • On the tree of life section, the M1 is a knit stitch; the Purl row, you Purl the new (M1) stitch; you may have to adjust how you insert your needle. Basically, you always K the knit stitches and purl the purl stitches as they appear. I am now working on my second tree of life. If you study the written instructions, it becomes clear as you can see on row 24, where you knit 4, M1, knit 1.

    I hope I don’t confuse you all.

    PS I loved doing the flower section. Once I mastered the loop, the rest was “fat city.”

  • Hi, I just finished the body of the afghan now for the border.

    I think the most confusing part was setting up the first row. Why the extra 4 stitches were not just included in the pattern I will never know. I worked for Patens and other yarn company’s correcting pattern’s and this is one correction I would have made.


  • Hey Fellow Knitters,

    I was on a mission to get through the Flower Garden and second dividing pattern so I can say I’m half way done. Well maybe it’s not “half” but the accomplishment feels great! My start date for this project was May 21. I’m here in Madison, WI and the weather has been perfect for staying indoors to knit….rainy! So I popped an unabridged recorded book into the CD Player (“reading” a book and knitting don’t go togther) and thoroughly enjoy my top two hobbies.

  • Lois #458, if you loved doing the flower garden so much do you have any suggestions for those of us who are having difficult getting a nice look with those stems. Are you getting a smaller loop on top of the long loose loop (stem) I am curious to know, because I am still getting those smaller loops on top of the stems?

    Thanks for any advice!!


  • Having the bag full of yarn for this afghan sitting in front of me gave me the incentive I needed to finish the afghan I was working on for a graduation gift. While I did kind of cheat and cast on the stitches for the Tree of Life as soon as the knitting was completed on the gift afghan, I didn’t start knitting on this one until the last piece of fringe was tied on the gift one! The Tree of Life afghan will be my gift to ME!!!

  • Hi ladies,
    It’s Donna from #407. Thank you for your reply Zontee. I’m on my 2nd section of trees & I didn’t see any difference in doing the k1b according to your way; so I was happy about that!!
    But I discovered another problem while reveiwing the flicker screen on the Flower Garden pattern!! My leaf was done incorrectly….BUT it still looks ok so I’m gonna leave it alone. The correct way shows up on the wrong side of the afghan!!!! Don’t ask me how I can’t remember!! I’m just glad it looks ok!!
    I also wanted to add I’m looking forward to blocking my afghan & sewing on the border. Should you block the afghan before sewing on the border or after you add the border? My sides are so curly I would think it’d be easier once it was blocked??? I’ve never blocked anything before so I up for the challenge!!
    This has been a wonderful knit along….it’s definitely easier with all the help from all our fellow knitters!!
    Thanks everyone for their input!!

    Zontee says: Hi Donna, it’s up to you when you block. If you think it will be easier to block before sewing the border on, go for it. Otherwise, you can block the whole thing afterwards.

  • I am on row 23 of the tree patterns and am loving the challenge of this pattern. For anyone who is new to kniting, if you can make a swatch of cables.. give this pattern a try. I am kinda new to kniting anything that wasn’t straight garter stich but decided that once I learned cables, I would give it a try. Everyone is really helpful on here thanks for your advise. I ordered the entire kit online, and it arrived about a week ago. I got the Wool-Ese in Loden and love the texture of the yarn. I will post some pictures once I get the tree motif done. Do your self a favor.. give it a try, If I can do it so can you!

  • Well…. I completed the first tree strip; the dividing section(after having to rip out four and a half rows because I did not see the “P 1 row” at the end of the directions for Afghan Row 2!). Now I am on the flower garden. I read every post about the flower garden first and have completed one row of flowers (Rows 1 through 12). I think I ended up like Donna #463 but I’m not sure?? Are leaves supposed to be in the front and in the back? If not, what am I doing wrong.
    Could we have some “official” response to all the flower garden questions? I have some holes, I have some loops, I used a plastic piece.
    Please help.

    Zontee says: Hi Patricia, check out Corinna’s upcoming post this Wednesday; she’ll have step-by-step photos of her Flower Garden process.

  • Regarding Comment #181.
    Exactly what was the piece of plastic that you used for keeping your loop’s uniform in size ?

    There are so many comments at this point that it may be useful to have them sorted by topic.
    i.e. – tree section, dividing section, flower garden

  • There will be leaves on the front and back because you are pulling the working yarn from 6 rows down and then back up again. I agree that my leaves look better on the wrong side. I have just finished my first flower garden section. They did get easier after the first 3.5 rows of the flower garden pattern. It finally seemed to click. I think if I ever make another of these I may embroidery the leaves because if one gets caught on something and the yarn breaks …well you know what could happen. If I embroidery them on there will be less chance of unraveling. I am not sure how difficult or time consuming that would be, so I may do a small piece to test it first.

  • I just finished the first row of the flower garden stem, and just like Leslie (#461), I also have a smaller loop on top of the longer loop. Does anyone have a suggestion as to why this is and what to do about it? I did some frog stitch today to get back to the stem row, and I’m going to let this project sit a bit while I mull it over! Perhaps I’m not pulling some stitch tight enough, or, when it says to knit one and pass the loop over, I’m doing something wrong there? Don’t know – don’t have a clue.

    Thanks for your help!

    Zontee says: Hi Terry, just FYI, Corinna will have step-by-step pictures of the Flower Garden on Wednesday, so look out for that post.

  • Well TOL friends,

    I’ve gone and done it….I’m not knitting this lovely afghan conventionally. I’m making tree SQUARES! I stressed so much over working with circulars and love my long bamboos so much that I worked out a way to make squares. I also figured this is more mobile for me. I am expecting a baby and foresee hours of waiting room time ahead.

    I’m almost finished with my first square and will try to upload a picture of it on the Tree of Life Flickr. I put a seed border around it and after I’ve collected enough tree and flower squares to my liking, I’ll connect them and put the border on. I love it. I’m happy…and that’s the way it should be, right?

    Anybody else digressing?


  • Ya-a-ay,
    So happy to hear about the video. Looking forward to Tuesday. Patsy thank you for your response on the leaves. I plan to stop the flower garden and work on the border until next Tuesday.

  • I’m starting the Flower Garden and I’m confused as to what “end” means in the first row, just before the last p1. Does it mean that you keep repeating the *…* until the end, and end with a purl?


  • All. Enjoy all the comments and am going to confess that I have started this project three times now due to my stupid mistakes. I am on row 18 now with a little help from my local yarn shop. I purchased Nicky Epstein’s Cover Up with the Twin Trees pattern. It has very good photos of the flower garden and great instructions. Wish you all could see it! has an afghan in sea spray (Kit) that leaves out the flower garden and is so beautiful. The kit has excellent instructions. Probably shouldn’t plug it here but it is good and shows variation in the pattern. I am gaining confidence and have learned to use the stitch markers and the 3X5 cards for notes for each row on this project. For those who joined late just keep at it. Get help if you need it and look at other ideas for this pattern.

  • Adriana #471, yes do the repeats to the end of the row. You’ll end up with one stitch, purl that.

    With Corinna’s lesson on the horizon, I think I, too shall put down the afghan and start on the border. Those leaves are just not working out too nicely for me. Hopefully, she’ll share her secret.

  • Thank you, thank you, thank you for the comment about the number of stitches on your needles during the twin trees increase during rows 16-22. I have ripped this section twice thinking that I had too many stitches on the needles but when I read the post about total stitches increasing to over 200 until Row 22 (and it can increase because the cables will contract the whole piece), I thought, “AHA!(Lightbulb on!) I’m ready to tackle this again. My skills are improving with this challenge!!

  • This is my first post. I have been working on this project since the start (I am a nurse and am too busy in the unit to knit most nights). I have just started the first flower garden portion and am having a wonderful time. It is wonderful having these posts and the flickr pictures for reference. I had to rip out my dividing pattern the first time because I had started, inadvertently, on the wrong side, it became clear when I saw the flickr pics.

    Thank you so much for sponsoring this knit-a-long. This is such a lovely pattern and is pushing my skills to the limit as I have only knitted hats and scarves in the past (1.5 years knitting; self taught). I am learning so much.

    Also thanks so much to the experienced knitters who are answering the questions (moderators and others). Your help has been invaluable.

  • FINALLY getting started – I’m really late joining this KAL. Just got my yarn from Lion yesterday, and am 6 rows into the trees pattern. I have been knitting for my whole life – well, since age 7, which is plenty of years, believe me! But I must admit that after having read thru most of the posts here I am rather intimidated in advance by the flower section. Hopefully it will go well once I get there!
    Thank you so much for doing this KAL – working on a project simultaneously with other people is a first for me, and really sounds like fun!

  • Did anyone k.i.p. yesterday? It was international knit in public day! I attended a graduationa and brought my Tree of Life border to work on. It is small, portable, and has short rows so does not require a long attention span.

  • 1. Donna, #463 my flower garden leaves only show on the RIGHT side of the afgan. How can they possibly show on both sides, when you are creating a loop? I don’t think we did it wrong. My flowers look like little tulips and the leaves look somewhat messy as I’m doing them but look ok on the project as a whole.

    2. Will Corrine’s update be posted here? I too will wait for her step-by-step.

    3. I hope Zontee addresses Donna’s question regarding attaching the border. I was wondering exactly the same thing-block first or not? Also, I’m a little worried about attaching it across the bottom of the afgan while it is still in progress (on the needles) what is the stitch ratio?

    4. Overall, I am thrilled with this project and will probably make another one when this one is completed.


    Zontee says: Hi Sue, all of Corinna’s posts can always be found at the main blog page ( or by clicking the “Knit-Along” option under “Categories” on the right-hand bar of this page. Yes, I did answer Donna’s question–block now if you think it will be helpful to you; otherwise block the whole thing at the end. Up to you. Hope that helps.

  • Hey Sue M – I just started the pattern a few days ago so you are not the only one that is late getting started. I have ahd some callenges but I think I remedied then. I look forward to the flower garden.

  • Thanks, Mary E – that makes me feel better; at least I’m not alone in starting so late!

  • Hi All, in case you haven’t checked it out yet, Corinna’s post on the Flower Garden is now up, so please check it out. Hope it helps those of you working on that section!

  • Zontee great pictures from Corinna on the Flower Garden, now could you get Corinna to take a picture of her work once she is past Row 7 when you do Row 8 and 9 so we can she if she is getting the small loop on top of the leaf so the rest of us can have some kind of resolution to this section. I think all of us would appreciate seeing Corinna’s work after Row 7.


    Leslie Buff

  • I just started this pattern a week or so ago. Even though the chart says it is for an experienced knitter, I have found it to be remarkably easy – I am not an experienced knitter. I even widened the pattern to 5 tree repetitions, and I am already almost done the 2nd set of trees. For those of you who may be intimidated by this, follow the branches when you are doing the cabling. Once I got a sense of which direction the branches were going, it made the cabling much easier.

  • I am using one of those satin yarns to knit with. I am allergic to wool and really wanted a satiny feel to this blanket. While the afghan is turning out beautiful, I really should have selected a fatter, worsted weight yarn instead.

  • Is it too late to join this knit along with the free pattern?

  • Regarding the leaves as to whether they should be flat or twisted (posts #7 & 10 on Corinna’s Flower Garden blog):

    Corinna’s pictures/instructions) are not consistent with the photos LionBrand posted on: Consistency from LionBrand would be greatly appreciated as it would help lessen the confusion.

    Perhaps Corinna could explain why she did them differently. I am now finished all but the final Tree section. I did my Flower Garden based on the original Lion Flickr post..flat leaves. To make the leaves flat, you need to adjust the loop so it lays flat before you slip the loop over the K stitch.

    My flat leaves look fine although if you look closely there is that darn little loop above the big loop. However, if you read Zontee’s post above, she says the fluffier the yarn, the less noticeable the little loop is.

    The question of the leaves (flat or twisted) just shows how each of us can personalize a knitted piece to make it our own.


  • UNCLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I give up!!!! Waiting for Corinna’s visuals for the flower garden was unnecessary. It’s exactly what I have been doing all along. So no improvement there.

    Can’t afford to lose more time trying to make that part look decent, because this gift has to be done in time for the wedding.

    Can anyone help me out with a less frustrating floral or leave pattern that I could replace it with? I am desperate here.

  • Well, I finished the trees and I’m working on the relaxing dividing rows now. However, in reading ahead I see that when I start the flower section the directions say to Increase 1 in the first stitch, then pearl 10–so I have to questions.
    1-The stitch I am increasing into-is it knit or purl? I would imagine purl but I wanted to check.
    2-What is the best way to create this increase?

    Thanks for any help or advice you can offer–also if there are any other pitfalls to the Flower garden that haven’t been mentioned please tell me about them!

  • Hi DroppedStitch #486 (and everyone else!)

    I’m sorry to hear you’re so frustrated with the project. I am posting here the same comment I posted on the flower garden visual page, because I think it’s worthy of repeating.

    I put my project aside last week until the pictures of the tree were posted (and I had a baby blanket to finish anyway).

    The discussion about the 2nd loop vs. no loop (I have a 2nd loop also) reminds me of a baby sweater I once knit. When I was almost finished with it, I discovered I had done the cable pattern incorrectly according to the directions and the pictures. But, I was consistant throughout the project, so who, besides me, knew? It looked terrific! The same goes for the loop on the stem. As long as you’re consistent, it will look just fine in the finished project, and who would know that maybe it didn’t quite follow the original pattern. Besides, knitting is an art form. If we say this is the way it should be, we’re right, because we’re the artist, and we said so.

    In other words, enjoy the project, and don’t get hung up on the second little loop, just like I did. It could be just another leaf!

    Hope all is well! Happy knitting!

  • Dropped Stitch,

    I too was not helped by Corinna’s visuals. They did not show 1.the back of the work 2.the next few rows
    (how to avoid holes and loops) or 3. the actual knitting process after you draw up the loop.

    So, I decided to pull out the rows to row seven and eliminate the pulled loop leaves. I was also concerned that these loops would get caught or worn and cause future unraveling. Instead I plan to finish with no leaves and then embroider leaves
    as someone earlier suggested. I have yet to do this but I think that I will be happier with this alternative.

    Pray that all goes well.

  • Dropped Stitch

    Take a look at and the Twin Trees Afghan as well as Lion Brand”s Wool-Ease Chunky Nature in Natural Afghan (1276A) for more suggestions/alternatives for this pattern. These two sites sure gave me some ideas.

    Happy Knitting,

  • Thank you all for your comforting words and encouragement, but I made an executive decision this morning. As much as I love this pattern, it is important to me that it be perfect or not at all. I just can’t afford to waste any more time trying to get the hang of it. So I am switching to another pattern called Lovers Knot. *That* I *know* I can handle.

    What makes this so frustrating is that I was intimidated by the trees, yet got tripped up by the floral garden which never crossed my mind when I first started. Ah well, live and learn.

    Good luck with your Trees of Life, everyone. See you again at another KAL perhaps.

    Happy Knitting!

  • Post 489, Terry Valentine: Thank you for putting into words what I have been thinking. We are all truly artists, giving a personal flare/touch to pattern. And the love that is put into a knitted project is what makes a gift so important.

  • This is my first KAL and I love reading all the comments. I am on row 22 of the first trees. I have read all the entries here and they have helped confirm I am doing it right so far. I am anxious to get to the flower garden to undersand the pulling up a loop part. Sounds challenging but fun. Will these posts stay here for some time for us that are making slow progress with it being a busy summer?(I can usually get in only 4 or 5 rows a night)Thanks everyone for sharing.

    Zontee says: Hi Cheryl, yes, the posts will stay up. You can bookmark them individually or use the search bar at the top-right of the blog pages.

  • I started late and am grateful for it. The questions and answers above have helped me over every hurdle I encountered, from understanding adding four to the tree sections to the flower 7-stitch bauble. Thank you all!! This is by far the most intricit and exciting thing I have knitted.

  • I’m almost finished with my first set of trees and am really enjoying this knit-along. It’s fun to see where everyone is in their projects. I have a long way to go on this, but am already looking forward to the NEXT knit-along. Will you do another one?? Please!!!!

  • I have just finished the dividing pattern after the first row of flower garden and ended on a WS row. I am now to go back to the twin tree section, and it starts with a WS row. Help. It does not say to put an additional row before the twin trees section, but I am not “getting it”. I know the WS on the twin trees section is the reverse stockinette side, that shows the trees in relief. How do I get back to doing a WS row for the twin trees? Does it say anywhere to put an addtional knit or purl row before the twin trees section???

  • I agree with Sandy G.; this is really fun! I’m starting my 2nd set of trees after a late start, and it’s a lot more fun to do a project with others! Please do more knit-alongs!!!

  • Deb (497)

    Some of us noticed that problem with the dividing row ending on the same side. We just purled another row to get us going again

  • Reply to Deb, post 497: I found this problem, too, & decided to omit the last row of the dividing pattern. When the dividing pattern is finished as written, it looks like it has one too many rows on the top half anyway. Leaving out a row let me start on the right side & balanced out the pattern fine.

  • Thank you all for your help with the issue of the dividing pattern ending on the wrong row. I thought I was missing something. Now, I will just continue on, as you all suggested. Thank you again.

  • I was doing fine with the flower garden section until I got to rows 13-14. In row 13 the pattern ends with a k11, purl 6. In row 14, it states K6, p1b, k11-this will not only through my stems off as I will be one over from the previous row, it will also add an extra stem which was NOT mentioned in row 13-Zontee or someone, is there an explanation for this???!

  • I’m so excited! Only 10 rows to go before I can start my boarder.

  • Lynn,
    I think I can help you out on Flower row 13 & 14.
    Row 13 completes the first set of flowers.
    Row 14 begins the second set which are positioned differently–i.e., they start 6 stitches ahead of the the first set of flowers.

    The pattern of flowers alternates between these 2 sections.

    Check out the enlarged Flower Garden section:

    If you have any other questions, please let me know.


  • Sue M(#480) and Mary E.(#479)
    I started late as well and am on row 38 of the first set of trees. I look forward to working on this every night. I love to see how everyone is doing and have noticed less posts as the time goes on. I wonder if some are getting discouraged. I hope not. I love the challenge of this project and hope I can understand all 0f the flower garden. Is anyone from Michigan?

    Happy knitting to everyone!

  • Thanks for the explanation Lois, I realized that I was starting a new section of flowers but it seems to me that the new section is starting on row 13 not 14, since I started the twisted k1b stitch, on row 13, it seems like Row 12 is the ending of the first section of flowers, please let me know if this is correct.

  • Woe is me! I have longed to knit this afghan, and now I’ve missed my chance to get the pattern free and join the knit-along! We were visiting my in-laws in Syria from March 28 through June 23. Since Internet access there is unbelievably slow, I only opened messages from my sisters and children. I just saw the Tree-of-Life knit-along announcement NOW! A full month after it was removed from “free” status! I have the perfect yarn in my stash. I don’t have any other knitted afghan in progress. I just need the pattern! Maybe someone could bend the rules just a tad and send it to me? I am: qanknit AT yahoo DOT com. Thank you very much!

  • I am originally from Michigan. I am on the second set of trees. I am hoping the next set of the flower garden goes as well as the first set finally did. It took time to figure out how to work the leaves, but it got easier. Glad to see some are still working on this project and have not given up. I have started working on the border. I took this project to the world wide day of knitting in public and got lots of comments on the design.

  • Oh My Goodness!!! Last night around 11:00 pm I cast off the final row of the afghan, laid out my work for a little self patting on the back only to realize I knit the last tree pattern section on the wrong side! It won’t be the first time (nor the last)that I have to rip out. But for today, I’m going to start the boarder. Merrily we knit along.

  • I’m about to start my last tree section & will be able to bind off! Yeah!! I know I wasn’t sure if I was doing the leaves correctly, but decided to leave well enough alone. And I’m glad I did. My neighbor came over yesterday & noticed the afghan & went crazy over it!! So I’m very happy with my project & look forward to giving it to my son & future daughter in law for a wedding gift next June. Am looking forward to doing the trim piece. I’ll probably block my afghan first since it’s all curly at the ends. I’m hoping for lots of pictures for connecting the trim to the afghan as I’ve never done this before!!
    The KAL has been the neateast experience & very motivational for me!! Thank you everyone for your comments & help!!
    How about a sock knit along next time?? (hint, hint)! I’ve always wanted to knit socks but I’m too chicken to try!!!
    Great time Lion Brand!!!

  • I am almost finished with my first flower garden section, just one row to go. I stayed up late last night knitting this, watching the Detroit Tiger game. (They were playing in Seattle, so the game didn’t come on until 10 o’clock.) I’m really enjoying this project, and the knit-along aspect is keeping me on task. I like the fact that this is done is sections, too. It’s easier to set goals that way. I’m looking forward to my dividing row section, then getting back to the trees again.
    Would you consider an Olympic challenge knit-along? I tried to do this during the last Olympic games, and will do so again during the summer Olympics. Our LYS had a challenge where you could actually start the project during the opening ceremonies, and the goal was to finish by the end of the closing ceremony. I seem to work better with deadlines! Thanks!

  • I’m late in getting with the program, but I’d love to still join. Is the pattern still free? I haven’t been able to get anything but an order form with a fee. I’ll gladly pay for it!

    Zontee says: Hi Lori Ann, unfortunately the pattern was only available free until June 1st. However, you can purchase it as a download and get it right away, so that you can get started. There are still people working on the project, so join the conversation and knit-along!

  • HELLOOOO Zontee; Tahra here in St. Thomas

    I hope your holiday was good and you did not eat too many hot dogs.
    I have a couple of border questions if you could please respond. (Not the Mexican border…the Tree of Life border. Hee hee
    UPDATE for my fellow knitters
    I am whipping through my last flower garden and twin trees design.
    Thanks to Lionbrand, I will now have to go shopping for a new couch to match my tree of life afghan LOL. I used the Organic Cotton Ease and it is the greatest.(Same needle size and the guage is just perfect.)I hope to make a couple of matching “tree of life” pillows in the near future.

    Jo Yates and a couple other bloggers, addressed the finish border and I have read all the blog notes to date.

    For attaching the border is the best stitch the “whip stitch” Zontee….. or do you have another suggestion??

    And is everyone sewing the 2/1 stitch ratio from border to afghan?? I know the guage is coming out larger on the regular straight #8 needles which I am using for the border. The circular needles definitely knit a tighter weave.

    Also.. when we finish our first tulip bud border flower and are binding off back down to 8 stitches……we purl the first two stitches together in row 18. For the following five stitches that we need to bind off….. do we stay purling… or do we switch to a knit stitch to bind off those 5?? I think it is purl but wanted to check with everyone.

    One final note.. I was knitting the other night, and got very sleepy. I woke up and had wrapped my “tree of life” afghan around me. It is now big enough to cover my whole upper body.
    It felt so comforting and peaceful. And that is what this wonderful craft is all really about.

    Warm regards to everyone

    Zontee says: Hi Tahra! Glad to hear about all your progress! Personally, I like using a mattress stitch to join the pieces, because it’s “invisible”, but I think that as long as you’re happy with it, use whatever stitch works for you. If you want to see diagrams of the mattress stitch, click here. Hope that helps! P.S. I hope you’ll add photos to our Customer Gallery when you’re finished so that we can see!

  • #513 Yes…stay with the purl stitch with the binding off. It makes a nice edge for the leaf. I didn’t find that there was a particular ratio of the border to the afghan…but, I’m sewing the border on at the same time I’m knitting the afghan. Just make sure you don’t stretch either the border or the afghan while sewing the two together. Just let them lay naturally against each other and connect them together. I’m assuming you have not blocked either piece. If you do block either, make sure both are treated the same. I liked the whip stitch or a kind of off-setting stitch. Try to avoid big spaces in either piece and keep the sewing yarn the same tension as the surrounding knitting. If puckers start to occur in either piece, you’ll need to unravel and adjust so both lie smoothly. The corners are tricky…and 2 to 1 might be a good guide for the border to the afghan. Good luck. Jo

  • Many thanks to the two knitters who took the time to e-mail me the fact that the pattern is indeed free … on the Mary Maxim website, not any more on Lion Brand’s. OK. You do have to register with them, and that probably means some incoming e-mails until you get around to unsubscribing. But you get the pattern immediately in a pdf.
    Since I only learned too late about the knit-along, I’m glad to begin late and not have to shell out for the pattern.
    Happy Knitting to you all!

    Jessica-Jean – rooting through my stash to begin!

  • I hope this link works because it has a great video of how to do the k1b stitch for those of us who have never done it.

  • Hello fellow knitters,
    Glad to hear that everyone is still moving along. I started this project Memorial Day weekend and I was making great progress. But the last two weeks I have been involved with a major work project and was too tired to knit. There were days I kept thinking, “I’d rather be knitting right now”. 🙂 Finally back to knitting and I am almost done with the second set of trees. I started the border while traveling on local trips because the afghan is getting too big to lug around. I love the pattern of the border. Has anyone else done the border in a different color? Are you pleased with the result?

    Keep up the good work. I am glad you posted the flower garden photo. I hadn’t done anything like that before and I am very close to the photo. I really don’t have any questions, just glad to find out I am not alone in my knitting.



    Zontee; I saved the mattress stitch photo and will
    give it a go. I will download photos to the site too. I was wondering how to do that. Now I know.
    Muchas Kudos.

    Jo…Great and clear info which I really needed. Thanks so much. Would love to stay in touch with you after this project. I just bought a bunch of Nicky Epstein’s books,….. who as you know, is the designer for “tree of life”. One is called “Cover Up” and is all of her personal design afghans. (Breathtaking). Another is Crocheted and Knit Flowers. The third is on the way to me and is an interiors and decor book. (This one looks really kool.) It was a little hard to find so I got it on E-Bay. I will keep an eye out for your blogs. Very happy knitting nights to you. I truely appreciate your help.

  • Lynn, you said that row 13 ended with a k11, purl 6? That’s not right. Row 13 is a right-side row so it should end with a p11, k1b, p6. This lines up perfectly with row 14’s k6, p1b, k11. Then in row 15 you will start the new stems, offset from the previous row of flowers.

  • Sorry, I just started the flowers myself (2nd time ’round) and realized I had a bit of a brain cramp yesterday. The new set of flowers with the 6-st offset begins on row 13. But the rest of what I wrote should be correct.

    I noticed that twice I made the same mistake on the very first row of the flower garden. I increased in the first stitch, but then instead of purling 10 I only purled 9. Somehow I had it in my head that the repeat is always 11 sts, then a twisted st and I forgot to take into account that the first and last repeat have an extra st at the beginning/end. So maybe that is your problem? You could have easily “faked” it until you ran into the offset…

  • i am enjoying this kal.iam having trouble in the flower garden. i keep redoing. the knitting 7 one all my flowers look diferent! also row 11 doing the k2tog and k3tog that decreases. how many st are there supose to be?

  • FLOWERS: Hi, I too had the ‘holes’ and tried everything and was thinking of doing another pattern in their place. I tried making leaves of the k1b like the stem and making them of cables, everything. What worked for me best was pulling up the loop per instructions and placing it on right hand needle (don’t do anything else with it at this point). On the return row (row 8) when I came to the loop st I knit it tog. with the next st. which became this: p1b, for the stem st. k3, k2 tog, k3, k2 tog, k3, p1b, for the next stem st. I just finished my 1st complete flower section and it worked for me.

  • Hello,

    I am working on the KAL and am about to start my second section of trees and am pleased with how it is turning out. I would like to make a suggestion for future KALs. I would like the host of the KAL to post more progress shots with commentary. I really think it is the process, not the finished product that is most interesting and motivational! This is an enjoyable project, thanks for the .

  • Hello,

    I am working on the KAL and am about to start my second section of trees and am pleased with how it is turning out. I would like to make a suggestion for future KALs. I would like the host of the KAL to post more progress shots with commentary. I really think it is the process, not the finished product that is most interesting and motivational! This is an enjoyable project, thanks for the inspiration.

  • Thanks for the KAL. It has made me stretch and try new techniques. I am more confident in knitting. I am slow but steady at row 28 of the Tree Section. I used the suggestion of making a small section using the LB #9 needles and Fisherman yarn. This is my “practice piece” and at the end I will have a pillow or something. I am enjoying the Twin Trees pattern and want to encourage all to continue. I hope the progress commentary will include the Border Section as well as something on Blocking the piece. I did buy the book, Cover UP by Nicky Epstein. Great!

  • Knitty kitty, here are the row counts for the flower garden:

    Rows 1-8: 181 sts
    Rows 9-10: 14*6+181=265 (14 flowers, 6 “new” sts per flower when you make 7 sts in 1)
    Row 11: 14*2+181=209 (after you k2tog, k3tog, k2tog the 7 sts have now gone down to 3 sts in each flower, or 2 more than you had before you started the increases)
    Row 12: The k3tog brings it back to 181.

    Rows 13-24 are similar but now there are 15 flowers across. So rows 21-22 have 271 sts and row 23 has 211 sts.

    Rather than count all the sts in a row, it is easier to just keep track of each flower. The design is a 12-st repeat, with 11 sts of reverse stockinette between each flower stem. Then when you reach the 9th row, 1 st becomes 7. In row 11 the k2tog, k3tog, k2tog takes those 7 sts and makes them 3. Row 12 brings those three back to where you started — 1 st.

  • Beth K , thanks for the help! I will try again. I think i understand better.I am grateful to all who have shared their expertise with those of us who are not experts but really want to learn with this beautiful project.

  • Featherstitcher (#516) regarding the video knitting glossary site–Thanks so much. I started the tulip border only to discover I didn’t know ssk. Used the LBY site for a hard copy and your site to see it in motion. Did just fine with it and it is fun. Now, where do I start to attach it to the afghan? At the bottom or the cast on row? I am now on row 32 of the Twin Trees. Slow but sure. I love this KAL.

  • #528…No particular reason, but I started attaching my border partway down the right side of the first tree section, worked it around the first corner,…across the cast on row, around the next corner and then up the side as I knit the other sections. It just seemed easier to work the border around the corner with a complete piece of border rather than eventually having to join there at the end. Obviously, I’m hoping that the border pattern can be at the end of an indiviudal tulip so the joining will be more subtle. I would think there could be some easing of the border, to work in some extra fullness if needed, to accomplish that. I would not recommend stretching the border to make it fit.

  • Jo Yates, thanks for the info. Did you use the mattress stitch? I copied the info from the LBY knit site and thought I would try it though I have crocheted seams together in the past.

  • #530 Yes…I would say it’s mostly the mattress stitch…and some whip… some spots lend them selves best to one or the other… you’ll see as you go along. Really, the attaching yarn just blends in so well (if your trim and afghan are the same color) that you can hardly see where the two abutt.

  • Yeah!!! I just finished my second tree section, thanks to MLB and a 15 inning all star game. I took this project with me to knitting on Friday and everyone was really impressed with it. It’s turning out very nicely. Good night, all! (Or should I say “good morning?”)
    (I think when I finish this afghan and use it, no matter what time of year, I’ll think of baseball. I’ve been working on this while watching the Detroit Tigers, and then the game tonight! No hotdogs and beer, though!)

  • About ready to work the last tree design section and am a bit concerned that I won’t have enough yarn. I only have 2-1/2 skeins left and have yet to do the border. Has anyone else run out of yarn? I did order 10 skeins as pattern indicated. My piece is now 42″ long – before the last tree section.

  • Now I am ready to start this project, but I guess I missed the opportunity to download the pattern for free? Is there any way I can still do it?

  • Can anyone help me get this pattern for free, or am I too late?
    thanks, Diane

  • I really have enjoyed this pattern even though it has challenged & frustrated me at times. I would like to know if I am reading the pattern wrong. When you finish the dividing pattern you end on the wrong side & then when you start the 2nd tree pattern you start on the WS, how can that be. Is it wrong or is it Me? Thanks, Sally W

  • Sally, it’s not you. I solved the problem by doing oone more row of the dividing pattern. You could do one less row instead. Or you could add/subtract a row of tree trunks. There are several ways to skin this cat, but you are right that you have to make a small modification to the pattern — each time you move from the dividing pattern back to the twin trees.

  • I have had so much fun with this KAL. However, I have decided I really don’t much care for the flower garden (at least not the way mine is looking so far)–just too many holes. I was wondering if anyone has any ideas for ANOTHER pattern I could put in there instead. I know that “DroppedStitch” said she is going to use Lover’s Knot. I have not been able to find this stitch anywhere. Anyone have any ideas on finding Lover’s Knot or any other stitch that would work in place of Flower Garden? I am loving doing this project, but the FG is just too frustrating and I am doing this to kinda relax. I have planned to give this to my daughter and SIL, but they have 3 small children (the BEST

  • (Oops! that previous post flew away before I could finish!) Anyway, they are still the BEST grandchildren in the world. BUT little fingers and toes could get caught in those big holes in the FG.
    I appreciate any help anywone can offer. Thanks to all – especially Lion Brand for doing this KAL. OK, now I “submit”! LOL

  • Thank you for the tulip bud count. I have been working on the boarder for about 2 weeks. I had to put the afghan down when I realized, after binding off, that I had knit the last tree section on the wrong side! But now I can handle the rip-out.

  • Beth, Thank you, that is what I thought about doing but didn’t want to start doing it & then find out that I read it wrong. You are very helpful. Thanks again, Sally

  • Diane (#535) Your answer to the free pattern is in #515. Hope this helps.

  • I have missed a whole week of knitting being 4-H leader at county fair which was great fun but now am wondering if anyone is only as far as I am. I am ready to make the bud of the flowers in the first flower garden. Should I go ahead and see if I can do the border before I get left behind and no one to help? And what about blocking this large project. I have never blocked this large of an item before. I am real happy the way mine looks so far and have had no problems yet. 🙂

  • I want to thank Lois (#522) for her suggestion to help eliminate the holes in the Flower Garden section of the afghan. Her idea made such a difference in my knitting that I have decided to FROG back to the beginning of the Flower Garden and use her method on rows 7 and 8.
    Thank you Lois!

  • Has anyone used a different color for the border? I used the Fisherman yarn and was thinking of using the Sage Green for the border. What do you think?

    Zontee says: Hi Diane, you can see a great example on Flickr of an afghan done just like that. Hope that helps in your decision-making process!

  • So how many of us are still slow but sure working on our Tree of Life Aghans. I frogged one row just before the second tree section. Is that what everyone else has done? I am just curious if 30 oz. of yarn for the afghan, how many yards is that? I love Lion Brand Yarn but have to confess I am using a 4 ply med. weight yarn I got on sale and is working out fine. The only thing is I got 2 one pound sceins(32 oz.) and now made another trip to the store for another scein. I am starting the second set of trees and have used almost the first 16 oz. scein. It sure is a beautiful pattern.
    Thank You Lion Brand for choosing this great project.

  • 546 – Like you, I also used a worsted weight yarn and figure I’m going to have about 40 ounces in my afghan. I am on the last section of trees with about four rows to go, which will probably use about 35 ounces. I have about half of the afghan to go in knitting the trim, which should use up 3 or 4 more ounces. Obviously, the thickness of the yarn, how tightly you knit, etc. will affect the amount of yarn used.

    It’s nice to be this close to being done. I’ve enjoyed it immensely.

  • Jo Yates How did your border end? Were you able to end it so it looked like it was an endless border of flowers or was it obvious that it was an end/beginning spot? I Love the way this afghan looks, so beautiful. I am making mine in cream and I might make another one this winter, when I have more time inside, in a sage like I see a lot of people did. Could someone post a picture of a close-up of sewing on the border?? Thanks

  • #548 – Sorry, I can’t answer your question yet on the joining of the tulip trim, as I’m not quite done knitting it (too much time watching the Olympics). Anyway, I’m hoping to end with a complete tulip so that it is a natural shape joining to the first tulip. I’m thinking that it may be necessary to ease or slightly stretch the trim to make it fit (leaning to easing rather than stretching the trim). You can refer to #545 if you want to see what the trim looks like if it is attached by crocheting. It makes a definite joining line. I’m using the mattress stitch and modifications thereof (refer to #513 for picture) to attach the trim. As my afghan is all one color, the finished attachment of the trim is very flat and the “seam” is almost invisible. I prefer that look. By the way, binding off the afghan in a knit, purl, knit, purl method makes for an uneven edge rather than the straight row of V’s that binding off only with knitting or purling produces. I find that blends in with the trim edge very nicely. I’ll probably use the same bind off technique with the trim so that it is a more subtle edge as well.

  • Jo Yates
    Thanks for all the good info. I also like an invisible seam and hope I can accomplish that. The bind off in a ribbing stitch is a great idea too, I will have to try that.

    I started the border and have 12 repeats on it so far. Now I have gone back to the second set of trees and ready to start the branches.I wish I would have made it one tree set wider. Next time! I wonder how much more yarn I would need to do that, is there a rule of thumb to go by?

    How is everyone else doing?

  • Cheryl,

    Am on the Flower Garden and the second set of Flowers . Have 7 repeats on the border. Still plugging along but will get there. Stopped to start a pair of mittens from the new Vogue Knitting Mag. Just can not help myself. They are the Pagliaci mittens and so neat. Now back to the Flower Garden.

    How is everyone else doing?

  • I finished my afghan last week. I wish I’d thought of binding off in k1p1 to transition into the border more subtly. That is a great idea. But I’m still happy with the way mine looks.

    I used the mattress stitch to sew the border on. I like how it is virtually invisible — almost like grafting the border onto the afghan. I’d be afraid that a crocheted seam wouldn’t take the corners as well.

    I made sure that the border always hits each corner at the same spot, in the middle of a repeat. I just liked the way the border looked when I did that. I gently gathered the border as needed to make everything line up — NO STRETCHING! As a result, a full 78 repeats (as opposed to Corinna’s 77) went around perfectly. Then I grafted the end to the beginning. I’m not good at grafting, so the seam is slightly visible, but you have to look for it.

    I had blocked the afghan before attaching the border, so afterwards I just lightly steamed the border, especially the corners, and called it done. Now I can go back to finishing a sweater I’ve been working on for months. 🙂

  • I had to set my afghan aside for the Olympics. The church is having an Olympic Afghan Challenge. We are knitting/crocheting squares from the Warm Up America Pattern during the Olympics. This Saturday, we are all getting together to piece them together.

    I have to finish afghan soon though. It is a wedding gift for Sept. 27. I have one more set of trees and about half of the border to go. YEA!!!!

  • Hello my name is Loretha and I used to knit along time ago (> 20 years). I recently tried to start again with making socks, no luck there with the DP needles. I am going to try this afghan on this forum to see how it goes. It will be nice to pick up my needles again and complete a project. This looks difficult, but I am going to give it a try.

  • Loretha, it is like riding a bike. Just a little practice and it all comes back. I cast on with regular needles and then knit onto a circular needle. Don’t forget the 4 stitches between trees, the purl row between the divided area and you will be fine. Good Luck. I am currently working on the second pattern of flower garden and have the border up to 18 repeats. If you read all the posts it really helps. Others have great ideas on how to make this beautiful afghan turn out for the best. Good Luck

  • I am on row 16 of the trees section and stumped. I have 20 stitches left at the end of this row. What do I do with them? Please help. Thank you!

    Zontee says: Hi Jill, you missed the k4 repeated between each repeat of the tree motif. Please see Jackie’s note in comment #78 for a full explanation. Also, please note that since the Tree of Life Afghan KAL is not active, you may want to e-mail directly for help with the pattern.

  • I think the rest of us that are still working on our tree of life afghan should show ourselves so we can help others. I am sure there are others out there that have set it aside and work on it occasionally or like myself have also joined in on the CAL and are working on both.

    How about it? Are there others out there still enjoying their days working on the Tree of LIfe Afghan? Some might need a little encouraging to finish it, or maybe a little slower. Lets pull together and finish this beautiful Afghan!!

    Cheryl J

  • Hi,
    Yes I am still working on it. I generally work on several projects at a time including charitable projects. I am just about to begin the last set of trees and still need to do most of the border. I hope all this info stays on this site especially when I get to attaching the border.


  • Yes, I am still working on it, too. I am on my second set of trees and it is going faster and smoother. I so want to finish it for X-mas but have so many other projects going and to finish for Xmas also. I try to do at least 2 rounds a day and then work on other things, mostly mittens and fingerless gloves. This knit a long was my first and I have learned so much and am more confident in my skills. Thank you Lion Brand Yarn.

    Kay in Virginia

  • I agree with Cheryl J. please keep commenting. i have loved this project so much and learned so much.i am starting on the 2nd tree section. i have taken back areas multiple times but learned as i go.this has really streatched my knitting skills but i am so glad i tried it.i don’t know how long it will take but i really want to finish.

  • I am still knitting on the Tree of Life also. I have the border almost all knit but havn’t started putting it onto the afghan. I still have 1/2 flower garden to go and then the last set of trees. But I am hanging in there!! I have had so many compliments on it makes me really happy to be able to do something like this.

    Happy knitting to all!!

  • I just finished the flat part of this afghan this afternoon, and have started the border. Last year I took my knitting with me to the Sweet Adelines International Competition in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. This year I was financially unable to attend the convention in Honolulu, Hawaii, so I’m watching it online. I found it much easier to knit when I’m home (with the light on!). So far I’ve finished 5 tulips on the border (they’re not as easy as one might think–gotta read the pattern every row!). But it goes quickly when you’re watching the competition!

    My daughter can hardly wait until I finish this afghan. She has spoken for it! I may be slower than most, but I’m having a ball!

    Thanks for the incentive to do something much more difficult than I would ordinarily attempt, and the opportunity to improve my skills and confidence.

  • I am glad to see that there are people out there still finishing their afghan. I have set mine aside to crochet afghan for my mother’s bed at the AFC and now working on premie hats for crafty angles, a charity for babies in poor countries. I need to get back to my Tree of Life so I am not the last one to finish.

  • I would like to join your knit along, however I do crochet and was wondering if a pattern would be available.

    Thank you

    Zontee says: Hi Sherry, this pattern is not available in crochet, but please keep an eye out for our next crochet-along, which will happen in early 2009. There are also people who are still working on the first crochet-along, the Crochet Sampler Afghan. Click “crochet-along” under “Categories” on the right-hand bar on the blog.

  • Well, I’m going a lot slower than some people, but I’m finally finished with the basic afghan, and am now working on the border tulips. People I show it to are really impressed with this “work of art,” and are all jealous that I’m not giving it to THEM! Even the folks down at my LYS are really excited about my project, and many of them say things like, “Gee, I don’t think I could have the patience for this one!”

    I have 18 of the tulip buds on the border done, and I try to do at least one a day, so that it will get finished soon, but sometimes it’s hard to find a time to really concentrate on it. I haven’t been able to really memorize it, although the patter is much easier to follow now than it was in the beginning.

    Can’t wait to announce that I’ve finished it.

    Maggie McLoughlin, San Jose, CA

  • For all of you out there who have not yet finished the Tree of Life afghan, I join you. Although I am disappointed I have not yet finished this piece, I have been very busy with my son who is a senior in high school, oh so much to do, looking at colleges, finish paper work on applications, it sure has taken away from my knitting. To say the least I also got hung up on the flower garden and disappointed on how it looked, so I am trying to find the courage to get involved again. I looked to see if anyone else was still working on the afghan and to see that there are, gives me hope, so now I will go and try the flower garden again. Thanks everybody for your comments.

  • I too am not finished. Unfortunately, I have set this project aside since August, and have not as of yet returned to husband had two surgeries and I had my hands full for the last few months; and now the holidays are approaching again and I do not seem to find the time to sit and knit. I will finish this eventually but I most likely will not be finished with this beautiful afghan until after the holidays when I can get back to it. I just do not seem to find the time anymore as I did went I zealously tackled this project and perservered into the wee hours of the morning. I have to admit I did loose my enthusiasm after I finished one full pattern and was into the second repeat of the design and well…the rest is history. Perhaps someone can share a tip of two as to how I can get back in the grove again.

  • I too am trying to finish by Christmas. It is a gift for my daughter and son-in-love. I am half way through the last row of trees and have a fair start on the border. We will be traveling (air and car) the next month so I’m planning to finish the border while gone and then attach when we return.
    Have been also working on a sweater for my oldest grandson (13) and one for the youngest grandson
    (BORN TODAY !!!! 9lbs 4 oz.) no name yet. Now the happy Bacha (Grandma) of twelve.

  • I am so glad to read there are people out there still working on this beautiful afghan. I also have put it aside to work on charity things and some gifts for Christmas. I will get back to it Jan. I love the way it is turning out and Thank Lion Brand for the free pattern.

    It has stretched my knitting skills and now feel like I can make anything and read all the difficult patterns out there. I have the last 1/2 of flower bed to do and the last set of trees. I found the second repeat a lot easier. I have about 15 more leaves to finish on the border too. I read it takes 77 to make it all the way around so I am going for that but will wait and cut yarn after I have it all sewed on just in case come out different.

    Keep in touch girls and Ferdie don’t give up. I have posted a picture of mine in progress at Lion Brand CAL sampler afghan. I did that CAL too, 🙂

  • I know I’m late for the knitalong but I would like to know if there is anybody I can ask question about the pattern now?

    Zontee says: Hi Donna, if you can’t find the answer by clicking the “knit-along” category on the right-hand column of the blog and reading through the blog posts relating to the Tree of Life Afghan, you can always e-mail us for pattern support at and someone will get back to you ASAP!

  • Just want to proclaim that I am totally finished!! I gave it to my daughter and son-in-love for Christmas (unfinished). They are coming to visit again this next week and will take it home with them.
    I also finished my 14 year-old grandson’s sweater and the baby grandson’s in the interim.
    The Afghan was a challenge for me but I’m very happy with it.
    If you haven’t completed yours, don’t give up! 🙂

  • I have tried and tried over and over again to do the Tree of Life Afghan . . . even had to purchase my pattern . . . I have not reached row 36 and I am completely stumped as it throws the pattern off completely. I even rewrote the pattern with explicit instructions for each of the shortened descriptions . . . anyone out there that can help me . . . before I return the balance of my wool to the store? Thank you

    Zontee says: Hi Peggy, as the Tree of Life Afghan Knit-Along is not currently active, you may want to e-mail and our team of experts will be able to help you out.

  • my address was incorrect so I am re-typing this request . . . I have tried and tried over and over again to do the Tree of Life Afghan . . . even had to purchase my pattern . . . I have not reached row 36 and I am completely stumped as it throws the pattern off completely. I even rewrote the pattern with explicit instructions for each of the shortened descriptions . . . anyone out there that can help me . . . before I return the balance of my wool to the store? Thank you

  • typo in previous e-mail . . . it states “I have not reached row 36” but should have read “I have now reached row 36” . . . sorry

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  • Poor thing!I hope not! Don’t worry about the falling though.I have fallen twice this week… Flat feet and crooked legs are no fun!

  • Help!! I’m stuck on row 9 of the flower garden pattern….no matter what I do…I end up with 3 extra stitches at the end of row 9! All the previous rows I have done perfectly. Any one else having or has had this problem? Thanks, Heather

  • So beautiful and dreamy, Love the detailed tutorial.

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