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Tree of Life Afghan Knit-Along #6 – Tulip-Bud Border

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Tree of Life Afghan Knit-Along #6 – Tulip-Bud Border

Corinna and Moxie with the afghanToday I knitted the final Tulip-Bud Border repeat and sewed it in place. What a sense of accomplishment. The project took 2 months and had some challenging parts that improved my knitting and pattern reading skills. I’m glad to move on to a new project finally, but I had a great time knitting it.

The Tulip-Bud Border itself is really a great finishing touch. The minute I sewed it on, the afghan just looked amazing. The pattern is an 18 row repeat done on 2 needles so it went very quickly, and after a dozen or so repeats I was able to work without following the pattern, which just made it go faster. There are 2 ways to handle the border. You can knit the full length and then sew it onto the afghan, or sew it into place as you go. I liked the idea of knitting a few repeats and then sewing it in place as I went, since I wasn’t sure how many repeats were needed (and it felt like I was getting more done), but in the end, I chose to knit the full length and sew it on later, simply because this made the project portable. It’s so small that it’s a perfect project to work on during my daily commute. (In case you decide to do the border this way, the total number of repeats I needed was 77.)

I was also inspired, while doing the border, to use this same pattern as a border for the hem of a skirt. The only thing to change would be to use smaller needles and a thinner, finer yarn. I can’t wait!

I truly hope you all enjoyed this project, and that you all enjoy the finished product whether it is a gift or for your own home. I decided that mine would make the perfect engagement gift for my dear friends who are moving to a new home. There’s nothing like a handmade gift and this afghan and the intertwining trees just seemed perfect for a couple of great people who decided to share their lives (and their space) with each other. Maybe I’ll even wear a dress with a tulip bud hem to the wedding.

All the best, and Happy Knitting!

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  • sewing the border as you knit is a tedious and time consuming process.
    it is better to knit the whole border.
    also what method did you use to sew the border?
    whip stitch?

    Zontee says: Hi Lata, personally I think that it makes most sense to use a seaming technique like mattress stitch for a more seamless look.

  • Do you have any advice/tips for how to handle sewing on the corners? I want to avoid a messy, puckered corner if at all possible.


  • Thank you for the tulip bud count. I have been working on the boarder for about 3 weeks. I had to put the afghan down when I realized, after binding off, that I had knit the last tree section on the wrong side! But now I can handle the rip-out.

  • I finished my afghan over a month ago. I did the sew it on as you go method but I started with the absolute bottom of the border to the absolute bottom left side of it. I should have started one repeat down from the bottom of the finished afghan so it would line up right on the garter stitch edge. Live and learn.

  • Anita, I’m not following what you’re saying. Since the only place in the body of the afghan that uses garter stitch is the dividing section, are you saying you should have started there?

    Last night I finally finished the last set of trees. I’m looking forward to not having a big heavy afghan on my lap in this heat! (At least not until I have to sew the border on.)

  • How many skeins does the tulip border take? I’ve used 3 skeins already for the 1st tree,dividing and tulip patterns. Any estimates would be welcome.

  • I am almost done with knitting the border and will have used one more WoolEase skein than it called for (11 rather than 10). I’m in gauge, so I don’t know why I went over. (Maybe the skeins are smaller than they used to be?)

    Any sewing advice very welcome! For instance, line up row to row on the sides and row to stitch on top and bottom? I have already blocked the entire afghan. I have three blocking boards made out of ceiling tiles (smiling…)

    Zontee says: Hi Karen, you may want to check out my response to Beth K’s comment for some tips. There are also some good tips on the previous knit-along posts.

  • i am wondering if anyone is reading the comments.
    i do not see an answer to questions.
    is it because corinna is finished with her afghan and is sitting pretty with her cat and does not care?
    there are others out there who have taken the time and effort to join the knit along.
    very disappointing

  • Iata, there are lots of comments and questions. Check out the other Tree of Life Knit-Along links.

  • Hi, The pattern says 18 st and 28 rows to 10cm but the band says 18 st and 24 rows to 10cm which means I am now short of wool. I can’t get any more Fisherman’s No.99 in Australia (where I live) and Royal Yarn only sells 10 skeins at a time. Lion Brand doesn’t send overseas. Is there anyone who has an extra ball they don’t want please? or does anyone know where I can purchase a couple of balls? I have only 2 balls for the border – how many does it take? who knows!!
    Also where are the other Tree of Life links please?

  • Hallo again, Lucky me I have obtained two more balls of Fisherman’s yarn. I also found the links (stupid me).

  • I finished it!!!!! It took me forever to sew on the border, but I got it done.

    The afghan looks great, mistakes and all. It’s certainly impressing everyone who sees it. 🙂

    Thanks so much for choosing such a wonderful project and challenging me.

  • ahhh, ladies, i have at last made a corner on the border of my afghan! after looking closely at the few pictures on flickr of the corners of the afghan, i have decided that the border was sewn on as if the corner was not a corner. in other words, it appeared as though they continued to work around, in each stitch and each row. the pattern is stretchy! but, i did do three rows of border in the same corner stitch to help the border around.
    i also skipped one stitch per pattern going across, and i probably should have skipped another stitch or two per pattern so that the top would look more like the sides. i would have done that if i were, say, joining a sleeve to a sweater.

  • I am finally to the border! (Too hot in summertime in Arizona to knit such a large project!) How, exactly, do you sew the border on? Do you sew it on right-sides-together? Seems like it would be bulky that way….

  • I just noticed you answered this question already – I’ll try the mattress stitch! Thanks

  • Hello;

    Though I didn’t get to complete either of the previous Kals due to health problems. I am asking to still remain in the group in hopes oyr next project would be the little beige dogs coat? I am so sorry, just might be a challenge still after my heart attack. But don’t want to give up. Please except my apologies,

  • Do you Know How to Alternate Cable Cast on? I kneed to know!!

    Zontee says: Hi Polly, check out this video grouping for the alternate cable cast on. Hope that helps!

  • is it possible to get a copy of the tree of life afgan?

    Zontee says: Hi Jasna, click here to see the details of the pattern and to purchase it.

  • Well, I see some are still here! Yeah! I am seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. I have only 18 rows left of the last twin tree section left to complete. I have knitted on the tulip bud border as I have gone along so will be close to finishing. I started this project last June and after the third try at the cast on. It is just beautiful! I stopped work on it to knit hats, scarves and mittens for Christmas ’08. If there are any out there, keep knitting. My last twin trees are the neatest that I have done. I am so excited to be finishing. Thank you LBY

  • Wonderful ghoulish post … actually fitting with the season and impressivly damn helpful. several for sharing!Have a good morning, Brown

  • Buds Firearms…

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  • Is there a mistake on row 36 of pattern.

  • What is the best way to block the adult tree of life afghan?

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