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Treat Yourself with 1 Skein Luxury Projects

Now that the holidays are over, many of you are probably working on or thinking of projects for yourself.  Why don't you treat yourself to a knit/crochet project with a yarn from our exclusive LB Collection.  The LB Collection is a premium line of Lion Brand yarns featuring 100% natural fiber yarns and natural fiber blends. LB Collection can only be found on LionBrand.com, the Lion Brand Studio, Lion Brand Outlet and our catalog.

Cables and Lace Hat
Cables and Lace Hat

Our 100% roving Pure Wool is undyed and spun in the USA from the fibers of American raised sheep. This yarn is a great deal because for $5 you get 180 yd of pure wool which is also great for felting and hand dying.
Cottage Wrist Warmers
Cottage Wrist Warmers


One skein of this Baby Alpaca DK weight yarn can work into a soft luxurious set of wrist warmers.  Every stitch that you knit or crochet will feel like eating your favorite dessert; it's that good!  Baby Alpaca is available in 6 natural colors for your warm and sophisticated projects.

Angora Tam
Angora Tam


Angora Merino is a soft and fluffy yarn that makes me feel like I'm holding a piece of a cloud in my hand.  Comprised of 80% extra fine merino and 20% angora, this yarn will add a touch of delicacy and warmth to any garment or accessory.

Angora Lace Scarf
Angora Lace Scarf
The Angora Lace scarf is another project which only requires one skein of Angora Merino that I had to share with you.  Knit in the vibrant Sangria color, this makes a great transitional scarf; the color palette will surely make you think of Spring.  You'll love how it feels as it works up; you'll probably knit it fast so you can wear it sooner.
Hazey Blue Lace Scarf
Hazy Blue Lace Scarf


If you're into lace work, you'll love Silk Mohair; a fingering weight yarn that practically glides through your hands as you work.  A lace project in Silk Mohair is sure to add a bit of classic sophistication to your ensemble.  I could see this scarf pairing nicely with a business casual outfit.  You could also pair Silk Mohair with a thicker yarn for extra warmth.

For over 100 knit & crochet patterns featuring our LB collection yarns, click here.

Have you ever tried working with the LB Collection? If so, which yarns are your favorite? If not, which yarn seems to speak to you? Share your thoughts with us in the comments.

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  • Turtle7761

    What I find very disappointing here is that you show 5 patterns and only 1 is for crochet.  That says to me exactly where I as a crocheter stand with Lion Brand... and it's the back of the bus.  It seems that if you crochet we should feel lucky to get the time of day and an occasional good pattern in with the very many not so good patterns.  I probably won't be investing too much of my hard earned money here, I'll look for a company that might provide me with some decent crochet patterns, that's where I'll be spending my money.

  • Zeba (NC)

    I love the wide array of crochet patterns offered on your site!  I understand it's hard to please everyone, but I've always found that you have a great mix and a very large assortment of knit and crochet patterns.   I certainly appreciate all the companys hard work to make the site accessible and the greatest quality yarn in the USA.  Thanks again!

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=539592262 Janice DeCoster

    I've used a few of the LB Collection yarns and I love them.  Last year (Christmas 2010) I knit a scarf for my husband with the Cashmere.  I think I used 4 skeins because the yardage is less, plus the pattern I used had cables, which use more yarn.  I started the Romantic Cardigan using the Baby Alpaca, but have set it aside to work on other projects.  The yarn is super soft, but the halo makes it difficult to rip back mistakes. (It doesn't help that I'm using black).  Currently I've been working on the Lacy Luxe Cowl using Angora Merino.  I have 2 skeins, but the cowl may be long enough with just one, in which case I can make another as a gift!  I'm so glad the Lion Brand developed this collection!

  • Carolee

    I have never used any of the luxury yarns as I dont think my skills are good enough for such fancy yarn but I really like Vanas Choice. Vana crochets, and LB is my go to place for FREE patterns. thks   

  • Think on the bright side; you can always start with something simple like the Pure Wool and hand dye it to the color of your liking for a unique look.  I'm glad to hear you like Vanna's Choice.  If you'd like, you can see more of Vanna during our visit to her home on our here: http://lby.co/zqD6zW  (if you haven't already done so!)

  • Rhoran917

    I think your patterns are great - I'm a knitter but I like to see the crochet patterns as well.

  • I love using Lion Brand yarns and enjoy the variety of colors and types of yarn available. As both a knitter and crocheter, I can alternate between the two easily on your site.  Love the patterns that can be made by either knitting or crochet that are in abundance.  For the one skein luxury yarn patterns, logically you use more yarn to crochet than to knit so it makes sense to feature more knit patterns.  Look at this as a challenge, all fellow crocheters. Make items with one-skein luxury yarn and share with us.  Thanks Lion Brand!!

  • Knutsonj1

    I wish I new how to knit.  Sometimes it seems all the pretty patterns that I like are knit.  I have found many wonderdful crochet patterns from Lion Brand and yes you do have the most patterns I've ever seen!  Thanks!

  • Dollygram

    I am a beginner crocheter, I have  had a ball of Angora Merino for over a year now. I did not have any luck with the one and only hat pattern featured for this yarn.  I keep looking for new crochet patterns for this yarn but no success yet. I am disappointed because the yarn is expensive and It sits in a bag going nowhere. Please tell me there will be new patterns soon. Thanks!!

  • Joan19532010

    I only learned to crochet 1 year ago,at age 58 after a debilitating chronic disease put me on disability for life. I was deeply depressed with no hobbies but reading. Thankfully I found LB through a dear friend who got me started with 2 hooks and 3 skeins of Vanna and a 30 minute "lesson.Then I was on my own..Now all my learning about crochet, tho slow has been through LB and ALL my patterns and some yarns come from this site. The beginner " and "easy helped me so much. Though I am still on "easy" I find everything I need right here. I have reached the point of "yarn hoarder". and have hooks in every size. I even made a crocheted cover-up for our family reunion auction by adapting a "shawl pattern. It sold for over $100.00 toward our fund.Thank you LB for helping bring me out of a very depressing time !.

  • Tabauer

    The fact is, that many more people are knitting these days.  Lots of young people!  Haven't heard anything about people taking up crochet.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1027802843 JahZee's Ya Ya Estee

    There has been a renewed interest in all the yarn crafts, many people are also taking up crochet. That being said Lion Brand really does offer up a LOT of crochet patterns as well as knitting patterns. It is the first place I look. Also, if you are a crocheter you might want to try Tunisian crochet, many knitting patterns can be adapted to Tunisian as the stitches are very similar. For instance to create the stockinette stitch instead of Knit 1 row Purl 1 row; just just do the Tunisian knit stitch. That angora lace scarf pattern looks very adaptable.

  • Mrzrhode

    I would much rather knit, and I have used Lion Brand website for patterns for everything. From dishcothes to afgahns. The selection of either is pretty much unlimited. So, check out all the crochet patterns they have for free before you give up on Liion Brand website for anything.

  • Kstefx

    When I only knew how to crochet, it seemed like all the patterns were for knit and now that I do both, it seems like there are so many more crochet.  I think it's the "grass is greener on the other side"  syndrome :)   Anyway, I do love Lion Brand for all my knit and crochet needs and will definitely have to indulge in one of these luxury projects for myself.  

  • Edies46

    I am allergic to animal fibers. I'd like to see more synthetics.

  • Mollie

    I'm primarily a knitter, but I love some of the crocheted items on your website.  I learned to knit from a person and don't have much experience reading patterns.  However, I've crocheted a few beginner- and easy-level items.  Right now I'm working on the crochet capelet.  Crochet is slow-going for me, so if I do a row or two a day I'm happy.  I'm doing my share of frogging, but it's a learning experience.  Hope my teal capelet turns out nicely.  Your learning diagrams and videos are very helpful.  When I can't understand what my Dummy's book is doing, I look to your website.  Thanks!

  • Lisa P

    After crocheting for more than 40 years, I solved my dilemna with trying to find cute crochet patterns.  Learn to KNIT!  Now I know how to do both and I can pick from whatever pattern I want to use.  And I ALWAYS go to Lion Brand for patterns or ideas for a stitch pattern.  Thank you Lion Brand.

  • Shilpa

    I love your website and haven't seen any other which has more free patterns for crochet. Have learnt a lot from your website. Just wish your luxury yarns were available at the local yarn stores :-(. But I like your other yarns. They are very affordable and I love the fact that your website is organized to make it easy for me to find crochet patterns for any yarn I like.

  • andi andrzejewski

    I am just learning to knit and this maybe a stupid question, but can't patterns be "switched" from knit to crochet and vice versa?
      Personally I love the lion brand site - I don't think I would have tried knitting, if it were not for this site. There are so many lovely things for both skills that I wanted to try everything...next skill I want to re- learn is tatting and spinning.

  • patirish

    Try looking closer at the website.  Lion Brand gives us wonderful patterns!  @ Tomblm - I crochet and look at the knitting patterns and wish they were crochet!  LOL  @ Lisa P - I may have to learn to knit also.  But as for now, working full time, I don't have the time to start with it.  Great idea though!  @ andi - I got a book on how to change knit patterns to crochet and vice versa, but as I told Lisa P, no time to try it yet.  One of these days!  I too have medical issues that tire me out quickly, but someday I will retire.  I have lots of patterns to try, and so many are from Lion Brand.  Thanks for all the great patterns and yarn!!!!

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Bleu-Bird/100003197865451 Bleu Bird

    I love the silk mohair stuff.. however it is too pricey IMO. I wonder if there are substitutes.. which I can find cheaper.

  • crush0212

    Were you having a bad day when you wrote that post, Turtle7761? That's the only reason I can think of for your lack of knowledge of Lion Brand and all it has to offer. You should spend some time searching their website, and you might want to type "free crochet patterns" into the search box and see what pops up. If they ignored us crocheters the way you think they do, Vanna White (an avid crocheter) probably wouldn't promote LB products and create designs for them.

  • Helen

    I don't notice the percentage of crochet patterns vs knit patterns. I learned to crochet very early on and as a teen decided I also needed to learn to knit. I do both, so I just go ahead and make whatever my heart desires. Many of my projects have come from Lion Brand Yarns patterns and many of them feature Homespun yarn (my favorite).

  • Wilshar

    I must agree with those who say that this is best site to find free patterns, LB has been my first go to site for free crochet patterns since I first got my first computer back in the 90,s. it is one of the best site for instruction on crocheting.

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  • Bethers

    I think Lion Brand has a very navigatable site and has a wonderful search option on their pattern offerings. I have taught myself to knit and crochet and am a novice at both, but always strive for learning more about either craft.

    I wish that Lion Brand had crochet patterns with diagrams - that would be awesome. I love their yarns. Find them on sale all the time and am impressed by their constant updating of patterns for the times. Always pushing the boundries.

    I can tell that Lion Brand is joyful about their business, and we reap the benefits!
    I have rheumatoid arthritis and I can always find a pattern that I can do for how much I can move my hands that day. I really appreciate their effort. Way to go Lion Brand!

    The hats are pretty. Im gonna try the crochet beanie/cloche. And remember, knowing knitting and crocheting you can mix both (i.e. crochet a border on an knit hat or scarf). Have fun people!