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Transitional Pieces For Summer Into Fall: Patterns

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Transitional Pieces For Summer Into Fall: Patterns

Before you know it, it’ll be time for that elusive season in fashion. Still a little summery, not quite fall, when it’s almost impossible to decide what to wear. This is the time when transitional pieces come into play. Chances are, you’ve read about transitional pieces in fashion magazines, but it can be hard to translate that advice into your real, living wardrobe. For some pieces to make yourself, plus styling tips, keep reading!

Transitional Pieces to Craft Yourself

Finding that perfect piece to take you through this tricky season can seem daunting, so start by choosing pieces that layer well, have a breezy element, and feature a cozier fiber. For example, if you choose a wool or wool-blend yarn, that layer will be cozy enough to take you all the way into fall days. When putting this list together, we’ve chosen almost exclusively wool-blends, so they’re ideal for this in-between season.

First, Cardigans for Warm-to-Cool

Since they’re open at the front, cardigans are breezy while adding a necessary layer for a cooler night. One of the most useful aspects of these styles is their shorter sleeves, so they can be layered over short or longer sleeves, which makes them very versatile. Our Textured Cardigan (Crochet) is cute, and textured, so it will really complete an outfit. While it uses a discontinued color of Lion’s Pride Woolspun yarn, you could definitely substitute with another hue. When making our Openwork Ruana (Crochet), you’ll have the chance to try our Wool-Ease Thick & Quick Bonus Bundles. Our One Fine Day Cardigan (Knit) can be layered over a cute denim blouse, as pictured above, for an adorable day-time look.

Then, Shawls for Any Season

First on our list is the Easy Shaped Shawl (Knit), which features some of fall’s jewel tones while staying bright. For something even brighter, check out our Rosy Dawn Shawl (Crochet), which uses our fun Wrap Star wool-blend yarn. If you’re a Shawl in a Ball fan, then this is the perfect easy project to travel with this summer. Another crochet option is our 2 Ball Diagonal Shawl (Crochet), which calls for a fiber that’s a favorite among our crafters: Scarfie.

Or, 3 Transitional Tops

Another great way to take your look from summer to fall is to consider popover tops. Like our Simple Stitch Top (Knit), for instance. Or our Popover Top (Crochet), which has an open weave that will make sense at any temperature. For cute details, check out our Simple Stitch Top (Crochet), which is sure to become a favorite in your rotation.

Transitional Fashion Made Easy

Whether you are anticipating the upcoming transitional weather, or you live in a warmer climate, we hope these pieces will give you some ideas. Let us help you conquer this tricky fashion time with some sensible pattern suggestions, and you’ll know exactly what to wear all the way into fall.

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