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Tranquility in a Skein: A Look at Shawl in a Ball

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Tranquility in a Skein: A Look at Shawl in a Ball

It was pure serendipity and a welcome distraction when three skeins of Shawl in a Ball arrived in the mail.  Frequently faced with interruptions, demands, and pressurized decisions, I constantly long for peace and simplicity in my life.  Especially for the peace of knitting.

Knitting is how I escape from the daily barrage—it feels like a protective bubble around me.  As I swatched the colorways called Community Coral, Soothing Blue, and Mindful Mauve, I sensed the calming properties of this yarn.  The more I knitted, the more I discovered about Shawl in a Ball, the better I felt.  Why?  Let me count the ways….

First, it’s an honest yarn.  I love that Shawl in a Ball is exactly what it claims to be—just one skein does it all.  As warmer weather approaches, I’m not inclined to tackle big projects.  I don’t want to deal with weight or bulk.  I want something simple and light—something to occupy my hands when sitting outdoors, or chatting with a friend.  Shawl in a Ball is streamlined:  one skein equals one garment.  Everything fits in a small tote bag.  No measuring required, since the patterns designed for this yarn (in the Lion Brand database) are one size, so no worries about running out of yarn.  This is stress-free knitting at its best.

Second:  the calming colorways of Shawl in a Ball.  Have I mentioned that  I’m often overwhelmed by too many choices, by too many demands for my attention?  And that I crave simplicity?

Each of the eight magical colorways prompts the serene contemplation of one gorgeous shade melting into the next.  The yarn is the palette.  You are the hands.  The free patterns from Lion Brand are basic shapes—triangles, rectangles, semi-circles, circles.  Not complicated, just classic and universally flattering.  They facilitate yarn meditation of the highest order.  Just breathe, and go with the flow.

l50255a l50253a
Knit Perfectly Simple Rectangle Shawl Crochet Burnham Market Shawl


Third, the texture and drape created by Shawl in a Ball are fabulous.  The yarn consists of two different strands plied together—one cotton, one a fluffy thick-and-thin acrylic. Watching density and coloration change as stitches add up—it’s simply mesmerizing!  Although a worsted, when knitted on size eight or ten needles, the yarn becomes a fabric that’s fine and lacy.  Yet it drapes well—with body, and without curling edges.  Shawls won’t slip off your shoulders.  And if you want to turn your shawl into a heavier scarf, just fold the finished garment to make it thicker.

Perhaps you’ve already experienced the joy of crafting with a gradient yarn, and you know how the yarn’s shifting colors do much of the work.  The same is true for Shawl in a Ball, but just as important, this yarn creates art.  You could knit or crochet a skein into a large rectangle, frame it, and hang it on your living room wall—it’s that beautiful.  So, besides all the simplifying, de-stressing and mood elevating qualities contained in just one ball, you can consider the shawl you make a wearable work of art.

What’s not to love?

l50257a l50252a
Knit Drop Stitch Shawl Crochet Diagonal Eyelets Shawl



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  • You show #L50171 on skein of Shawl inaBall but searching your site says no matches?? How can I find this pattern?

  • I’m using the Lotus Blossom to make the Lady Eleanor Entrlic Stole. The colors are so pretty.

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