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Tranquil Tank Top Knit-Along – A Photo-Finish

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Tranquil Tank Top Knit-Along – A Photo-Finish

KAL badgeWell, I have finished the Tranquil Tank Top and it is still Spring!  It has been great to see pictures of the finished tops that many of you have created during our Spring Knit Along.   If you have not finished, don’t worry – we will keep the posts of this KAL available long after this final post. (Click here to view previous posts.)

Finishing this top was a fairly quick job, with only 4 seams and sewing the bottom of the left front to the inside of the right front.  No sleeves to set in or stitches to pick up!

After I finished my front, I turned it over and used some detachable stitch markers to make sure those cast-on stitches for the left front would lay flat and even (I could also have used safety pins for this.)  Just as basting is necessary in machine-sewing a final seam, having your pieces in the correct spot with pins or markers assures that the finishing will progress evenly.

Tranquil Tank Top Knit-Along – A Photo Finish
(Click images to enlarge.) 

With those cast-on stitches in the correct place, I carefully sewed the bottom edge of the left front to the top of the ribbing inside the right front.  I made sure the stitches didn’t show on the front by sewing into only part of the stitches above the ribbing.

Tranquil Tank Top Knit-Along – A Photo Finish

Now all that was left was sewing the shoulder and side seams.   I sewed together the front and back shoulders from the right side.

 Tranquil Tank Top Knit-Along – A Photo Finish

Then, I tackled the side seams.  In my earlier posts, I had mentioned how I made sure to have 2 knit stitches on both sides of the right sides of both of the front and back ribbings.   I knew that this would allow me to work a “mattress stitch” seam that would look virtually seamless when done:

Tranquil Tank Top Knit-Along – A Photo Finish

Did you know the Lion Brand website has a tutorial that shows you these finishing techniques?  Both the mattress stitch used for the sides and the technique I used to sew the shoulder seams can be found here.

All that was left after sewing those side seams was weaving in the ends.   Then came the best part…admiring this very pretty top so many of you voted for as our Spring Knit-Along.   The end of this spring finds both of my daughters back home from college and the decision which one of us will wear this top first!

Tranquil Tank Top Knit-Along –  A Photo-Finish

Thank you for being a part of our Spring KAL and here’s wishing you all a great season of warmer weather knitting!

Please share your photos in the comments as you finish your project! We would love to see them. Simply click the “mountain photo” icon as you write your comment to upload your photo from your computer.

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  • I’m retired and have lots of time to knit these days. So while I followed the knit-along instructions each week, I triplicated the work. As a result, I have three beautiful tops to give as gifts. This was my first knit-along project, and I can’t wait for the next.

    • That is such a wonderful idea, Peggy! I’m sure they will be cherished. 🙂

  • I’d like to knit a Vneck pullover for my grandson who is 17 , and I need help

    • Hi Teresa, here’s a knit V-neck pullover pattern from (I typed “men sweater” as keywords into the search box on and then looked at the options):
      You’ll want to choose the size based on his chest measurement (adding probably 2-3 inches of “ease” so that he can wear it over a shirt). If you have more specific questions, please feel free to email and one of our pattern specialists will be there to help.

  • Did you block your sweater? Is this step done before or after stitching it together?

    • Hi Karen, yes, we recommend that you block your sweater pieces before seaming (it helps to smooth out the fabric so that it’s easier to sew). For more on blocking, here’s our FAQ:
      Hope that helps!

  • I used a different yarn than the pattern called for. I have a little gap in between all my ribbing. It won’t cause to much trouble in the end if both sides look that way. When I used a smaller needle that didn’t happen but I think I measured right when I did the gauge and needed the larger needle. Any advise I would hate to rib out what I have done. Also since I have a gap should I stretch my ribbing a little when measuring?

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