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Tranquil Tank Top KAL: A Roundup

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Tranquil Tank Top KAL: A Roundup

Note: This is the seventh and final installment of our Spring 2013 Knit-Along. To view previous posts, click here.
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The Tranquil Tank Top KAL has wound down, and it’s time to show off some of the lovely finished products we’ve found posted on Ravelry! Some of you followed the pattern to the number, while others added small modifications to make the pattern your own. Click on each photo to see each knitter’s notes on their projects. How did your tank tops come out? Feel free to share photos of your projects with us in the comments, on Facebook, or via Twitter!

whooshing’s Tranquil Summer Top in Recycled Cotton (Marine)whooshing’s modification: Using the “Simple Eyelet Stitch” to add some lace to the back of the top, too!  anne1k’s Spring 2013 KAL Tranquil Tank in MSC Extra Soft Wool Blend (Green Eucalyptus)anne1k’s modifications: Using the “moss rib” for a different look to the ribbing, and continuing the diagonal eyelet pattern from the front on the back side.

knitterbecky’s Tranquil Tank Top in Vanna’s Choice (Dusty Green)knitterbecky’s modifications: Yarn-over instead of eyelet for the front panel lace, and adding three inches to the ribbing for a slightly longer top. Ladyboss900’s Blissful Blue Top in Vanna’s Choice (Denim Mist)
 scarlettdahling’s Monica’s Tank Top in Cotton Ease (Azalea) DJCstitches’ Donna’s Tranquil Tank Top in Vanna’s Choice
DiannWhitewolf’s KAL Tranquil Top in MSC Extra Soft Wool Blend (Blue Corn) KnittyKitten’s Tranquil Tank Top in Vanna’s Choice (Fern)
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  • Has anyone tried to make this in a 3X?

  • Wow, the different tops all look so great! Thanks to all of you for putting up your photos. Very cool to see the results of a KAL. Also really cool to see all the different yarn types chosen for the same pattern.

  • All the colors are so pretty, but I love the Azalea best. They all look great, though.

  • Beautiful and an awesome job–makes me wish i could knit better!!! Is there anyone out there that would make a blue or lt purple medium one–i would like to purchase? Juanell

  • great job everyone!!!

  • Beautiful pieces all of you.

  • I’m still working! Did a three week trip to Cambodia and Thailand before getting the top seamed. I hope to have pics up in the next week! Nice work everyone!! The pictures are great!

    • Can’t wait to see your photos!

  • How would one go about adding sleeves to this top ?

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