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Training with David Babcock, the Knitting Runner: Now Running With Crochet!

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Training with David Babcock, the Knitting Runner: Now Running With Crochet!

David BabcockWe’re happy to announce that Lion Brand will sponsor David Babcock, aka the Running Knitter, in not one but TWO marathons this fall!

David is the Guinness World Record holder for knitting the longest scarf (over 12 feet!) while running a marathon, which he accomplished in 2013. Last year David ran the New York City Marathon in under four hours, setting a personal record while finger-knitting a scarf with the words, “I’ll remember for you.” Together, David and Lion Brand raised just under $10,000 for the Alzheimer’s Association, New York City Chapter and we’re going to do it again this year!

A longtime fan of Hometown USA® for its bulky weight and quick workup, this year David will be crocheting during his marathons in Kansas City and New York City.

Read on to learn more about David’s plans for raising awareness for Alzheimer’s this fall.

The Knitting Runner’s Training Diary Part #1

Fall is nearly here and I am excited for the races that I have in the coming months. My first race will be another Guinness World Records attempt. This time I will be the Crochet Runner (does the news media know the difference?). I’ll be trying to make the largest crochet doily while running a marathon. I’m calling it the “Doily Dash”. I am hoping that the craziness of seeing a guy running a marathon while hard at work making a lacy doily will help us remember our grandmas and the continued need for supporting Alzheimer’s Disease research and caregivers. The Doily Dash will be in Kansas City on October 17th.

I’ll also be running the NYC Marathon on November 1st where I’ll be doing a “Flower Run”. There is a tradition in “Walk To End Alzheimer’s” events where all of the participants hold up a flower in remembrance of people lost to Alzheimer’s. For NYC, I’ll be finger-crocheting flowers while I run and giving the completed ones to race spectators as I finish them.

In these coming weeks I hope that you will join me as I train and prepare. Follow me as DoNotStaple on your favorite social media. Get the specifics on my website,, and get everyone you know to donate to Athletes to End Alzheimer’s. Yarn-arts make a difference!

:: Support Alzheimer’s research — make a donation today! ::

Smaller Version with Scarf

David Babcock ran the 2014 NYC Marathon in 3:56 (a PR)
and raised just under $10k for Alzheimer’s research.

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