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Top Down Crochet Jacket Crochet-Along: Swatching

CAL_08282014Welcome all to the 2014 Fall Crochet Along! I’m Grace and I will be guiding you through the Top Down Crochet Jacket. This is a great project that should give most a little challenge. (If you haven't acquired your materials yet, you still can: http://lby.co/1liJ1a1.) Throughout the next 5 weeks we will explore swatching, raglan shaping, working with multiple colors and much more. If you are a beginner don’t let the skill level discourage you. We are all here to support each other. Throughout the project post your questions and I’ll be here to help. I also invite other experienced crocheters to share their knowledge so we can all learn from each other.

There are so many things that excite me about this project. I love wooly yarns like Fisherman’s Wool®. While at first is may seem a little rough it softens up wonderfully with wear, the longer you wear it the cozier it gets, perfect to cuddle up with this coming winter! The self-striping colors of Amazing® are beautiful and add so much interest without the extra work. For those of you who don’t need such a warm wooly sweater there are plenty of yarns that you could substitute. For something wool-free and machine-washable I would suggest substituting Vanna’s Choice® for the Fisherman’s Wool® and Landscapes® for the Amazing®. For my project I will be using Fisherman’s Wool® in Nature’s Brown and Amazing® in Strawberry Fields .

The first step for any project I do is always swatching. Not only does this help us find the right size hook to use, it also allows us to practice some of the techniques that we will encounter in the pattern. Looking at the gauge information it says that we will need 12 double crochets in 4 inches. To start the swatch chain 14, the last 3 chains count as the first double crochet. As you work pay close attention to the stripe pattern. You will only turn your work every other row, this allows you to carry both colors up along the edge as you work.

Here are a couple tips: when switching strands of yarn avoid loosing stitches by securing the last loop with a stitch marker. To carry the contrasting color up the edge simply use both strands of yarn to chain 3 before changing to the next color. This keeps even tension on the edges. At the end of the project your edging will cover up these chains so you won’t see the other color peeking out.


After you complete 11 rows its time to measure. If your swatch is 4 inches across, you’re using the right hook for you. If your swatch is bigger use a smaller hook, if it’s smaller use a larger one. I’m a loose crocheter so I’m using an H instead of the J that is recommended in the pattern. Don’t worry too much about matching the row gauge. One of the wonderful things about a top down raglan is that you can try it on as you go so adjustments depending on row gauge are easy, but more on that next week! Until then go get your swatch on!

Post your comments and questions below - even pictures of your Top Down Crochet Jacket WIP! This CAL also has an active Ravelry group too.

About Grace: Grace DiLorenzo has been crocheting and knitting for the last 10 years. What started as a hobby quickly grew into a passion. Her favorite things to make are garments and lace. As a teacher at the Lion Brand Yarn Studio in New York City she has been able to share her love of yarn crafting teaching beginning through advanced knitting, crochet, and yarn dyeing classes. She has lead the first four in studio knit alongs and is excited to lead her first crochet along! grace_200px

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  • Linda

    I'm lost...is there a video on this particular striping technique?

  • Debbie

    What do you mean by using a stitch marker to avoid losing a stitch? What do you do with the other color after you chain 3 when changing colors?

  • Fillyfiber

    I have decided to make my sweater in Vanna's Choice in purple prints with an oatmeal fleck yarn in my stash. I like the dark and light value in the sweater pictured on the pattern.

  • Karen

    I am using 100% acrylic yarn. I will try to post a picture but if it does not work, I am using jewel tone colors for A and gray shades for B.

  • Karen

    I can't seem to get my picture to download. I will have get some help for next time.

  • Inge Schultz

    Can someone show me how you finish the last stitch. Do I do the last dc and then do change three at the stitch marker? I'm not sure how you are doing the change in color.

  • Inge Schultz

    I tried to post the picture so I'm trying again.

  • Michelle Wohlgemuth

    Good day all, I am unable to use the wool. I found a soft acrylic to use. In making my swatch used a 5.5 hook listed for the yarn, the 12 dc is four inches across however 12 rows are 7 inches (my first swatch). I really want to make this sweater. I do hope there is a video as am horrible with understanding the written pattern. Please let me know how to fix this I am also going to try a different yarn as well.

  • PMB

    Grace thanks for the pictures and directions. Both were so helpful.

  • Phyllis

    Grace, thanks for the pictures and instructions. Both are very helpful.

  • Gayle MacDonald

    Will this pattern and the week by week instructions be available in the future? I would like to make the sweater but have several big projects on the go for Christmas presents. Thank you

  • Andrea Forbes

    Just to clarify: does the ch 3 made when changing colors count as a stitch or not? Thank you.

  • Phyllis

    When counting dc in the row, do the dc in the chain 2 space count in the total? In rows 2 and 3 I had 1 more dc, in the front sections, than the instructions specified. I can work a decrease, but I see that in row 4 there is an increase in the front sections again that will make 1 more dc than specified in the instructions if counting the dc in the chain 2 space.
    I'd like to make corrections before I continue. Thanks.

  • MIC

    There is a video in YouTube that was very helpful for this technique. It is on Garnstudio DROPS Designs http://youtu.be/kB1ABURKyd8

  • Audrey

    The dc in ch-2 sp are included in total count. It's best to follow instructions exactly. I had to pull out a row and do it over because count was over the number of dc's required.

  • Audrey

    Has anyone completed the swatch and started the jacket yet? I'm in row 6 of jacket. Just trying to get idea where everyone is.

  • Michelle Wohlgemuth

    Well I must be the only one who can't get row 2 right I just do not understand the written pattern can you let me know if there will be a video. I work better by seeing other wise I will chicken out of trying as I just do not understand! Thank you in advance for your help

  • Paula

    I too, am having some difficulty with the swatch. I cast on 14 chains. After my first row, should I end up with 12, 13, or 14 "stitches" on the row? I also, am finding the directions on striping confusing. I think I have it figured out, but I am not sure. A new video on this would be very helpful

  • Karen

    I will try to post my picture of this first lesson. I was not sure how the colors of the two yarns would look together but I think, now that I have crocheted the yoke, that they look good together. I am using 100% acrylic yarn.

  • Debbie

    Is there a picture of what the swatch looks like after the second row? While I like the idea of crocheting the 2 colors together to carry the yarn, mine looks very messy.

  • Barbara Hankins

    I am using a single color (green) for this jacket. I have made the assumption that I can turn at the end of of each row. Since the pattern is symetrical, so far it seems to be working. If I should not be doing this or if I will encounter a problem up ahead, please let me know.

  • asma

    hello, thanks for this pattern which I loved so much and decided to make
    it to mom.my problem is that this is my first sweatr in crochet and I
    stopped on 5th row..i made 4th rows nicely but couldnt understand what
    do you want us to do exactly in row 5? it is not clear for me