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Today’s Yarncraft Horoscope Is…

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Today’s Yarncraft Horoscope Is…

This year we celebrate your creativity and the unique ways in which handcrafting with yarn helps you shine through. Not only is everything you create a reflection of you,we understand that you want ideas for gifts that are unique and personalized.

With the introduction of scarves designed to reflect the personalities of each of the signs of the Zodiac, we offer a way to customize birthday gifts for friends and family.

Search the word “zodiac” in our Patternfinder database and you’ll find knit and crochet scarves for each sign of the Zodiac. They speak to an individual’s personality and their astrological sign. Our zodiac scarves — using Vanna’s Choice yarn because of the wide variety of colors in the collection — are inspired by the colors often associated with each zodiac sign: Purple for an artistic Aquarius; Sea-green for a daydreaming Pisces; bright red for the independent Aries; Gold for the always confident Leo … to name a few.

These scarves are perfect for those who love to check out their daily horoscope or for those who want to show off their zodiac sign boldly and stylishly.  Add bobbles or a fringe trim to personalize it and make it your own!

Aquarius Pisces Aries
Jan 21 – Feb 19
Knit or Crochet
Feb 20 – Mar 20
Knit or Crochet
Mar 21 – Apr 20
Knit or Crochet

Taurus Gemini Cancer
Apr 21 – May 20
Knit or Crochet
May 21 – June 21
Knit or Crochet
June 22 – Jul 22
Knit or Crochet
Leo Virgo Libra
Jul 23 – Aug 23
Knit or Crochet
Aug 24 – Sept 23
Knit or Crochet
Sept 23 – Oct 23
Knit or Crochet
Scorpio Saggitarius Capricorn
Oct 24 – Nov 22
Knit or Crochet
Nov 23 – Dec 21
Knit or Crochet
Dec 22 – Jan 20
Knit or Crochet

What’s your sign?

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