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Today is I Love Yarn Day -- Here's Why We Love Yarn!

Today is I Love Yarn Day -- Here's How We're Celebrating!
Here at Lion Brand®, we love yarn every day. For I Love Yarn Day, however, we'd thought we'd share a glimpse at one of our most recent events. This summer in New York City, we teamed up with yarnbomber London Kaye (who you might remember from an episode of Tea with Shira) to get our community outside and knitting and crocheting together!

Over a hundred local yarncrafters met up in Union Square Park to collaborate on a yarnbomb piece that London later hung up in another NYC neighborhood. Together, we made a lion with a rainbow mane, consisting of hundreds of intricately knit and crocheted pieces! With lots of passersby stopping by to ask about our crafting, we were more than happy to share our favorite pastime with a new audience.

See the process from start to finish in the video below!:

:: Can't see the video above? Click here to watch - https://youtu.be/xrX4yzGfi78 ::

You can be a part of I Love Yarn Day too! Enter the I Love Yarn Day Stitch It Forward photo & video contests -- you could win a fabulous prize pack full of yarn, tools, books, and more!

Share with us how you'll be spending I Love Yarn Day -- tell us what you're working on, what new pattern you're most excited about, or simply tell us what your favorite Lion Brand® yarn is in the comments below!

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  • Katie Hanson

    I just started the 'My Cozy Valentine' dress from Nicky Epstein's 'Knits for Dolls' using Vanna's Sequins. I Love Yarn!