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  • Embellish It! Making a Tassel


    Tassels can be used to add a little bit of fun flair to projects like afghans and shawls or added as accents to purses or even keychains. They're simple and quick to make and don't require large amounts of any special yarn or fancy tools.

    Tassels on the corners of shawls like the Standard Triangle in the How-To Knit A Triangle Shawl post give life to an otherwise plain design.

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  • Hat Size Guide: Preemies Through Adults

    Hats make great gift projects, however, knowing what size circumference is right for your recipient can get a little confusing. The following hat size guide chart offers some guidelines. Do keep in mind that this serves as a reference, but every person is unique.

    Hat Size Guide

    Circumference measurement is "actual size." The finished circumference of your hat should be at 2-4" smaller (negative ease) than the actual head circumference. How much negative ease depends on the stitch and yarn used for your hat. Very stretchy yarn/stitch pairings (i.e. wool worked in 2x2 ribbing) should have a larger amount of negative ease.

    Browse a selection of knit and crochet hat patterns on!

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  • Learn to Knit Lesson 4: Binding Off

    Through the Learn to Knit series, we have learned how to cast on, the knit stitch (garter stitch), and the purl stitch.  Today, we are going to learn how to bind off (cast off).  After learning this, you will know all of the basics to start your knitting journey!

    BO = Bind Off

    For your bind off row, it is super easy! Here is a video tutorial, or keep reading for the written directions!

    Step 1: Knit two stitches. Insert the top of the left needle into the first stitch on the right needle. Lift the stitch over the last stitch you knit and over the top of the right needle.

    Step 2: One stitch remains on the right needle. Knit another stitch. Lift that stitch over the stitch just knit.

    Step 3: Continue in this way until one loop remains. Cut the yarn, leaving a tail of 4 or 5 inches and draw the end through the last stitch.

    That's  it! Super easy right? You have just learned all of the knitting basics, the steps that you have learned throughout the Learn to Knit series, you will carry with you throughout your knitting projects!

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