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Tips for Creating a Crafting Space from YarnCraft Episode #22

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Tips for Creating a Crafting Space from YarnCraft Episode #22

Yarn ballsHaving a great workspace can make knitting, crocheting, and crafting more enjoyable. In episode 22 of the YarnCraft audio-podcast, we asked listeners to tell us about their crafting spaces and their ideal yarncrafting sanctuary. What is your ideal workspace like?

Here are some tips from the episode, that will help you whip your space into shape:

1. What’s good for your body is good for your creativity. A good workspace has seating that allows you to put your feet flat on the ground and provides good support for your back and arms. Having a table to lean against if you need it, or just to keep your tools on, keeps everything within reach and keeps you from straining your arms.

2. Lighting makes a difference. Finding a sunny perch can brighten your mood. Good lighting can even make it easier to match your yarn colors. If you do a lot of crafting, it’s worthwhile to invest in good lighting that will not strain your eyes — many companies now produce lamps and light-bulbs that produce light more similar to the spectrum of sunlight.

3. When everything’s easy to find, you get more done. Plastic bins or rolling drawers can help you stay organized. Creating a system, even one as simple as putting yarn into zipper bags and labeling them, can make you feel less stressed when you’re working on a project. Don’t forget to keep your hooks, needles, stitch markers, and other tools organized — office organizers or jewelry trays often do the trick nicely.

4. Keep on-the-go projects by the door. Are you one of the hundreds of thousands of yarncrafters who likes to knit or crochet on the go? Keep your travel projects (along with an extra copy of the pattern, as well as any extra tools you might need) in dedicated tote bags that are right near your door, so you can just grab it and go. When you get home, put it back in its place, ready to be taken with you the next time.

5. Treat your space like a sanctuary. In this episode, we talk about how to make your crafting space an creative sanctuary, whether that’s by using inspiration boards or if it’s overlooking a lake. Add a little beauty to your space by creating yarn vignettes — I have vases of various shapes and sizes, some filled with balls of leftover yarn, others with hooks and needles.

To hear more tips, ideas, and stories, listen to this episode by clicking here [MP3].

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