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Throwback Thursday: Crochet from 1861

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Throwback Thursday: Crochet from 1861


I spent my July 4th at the New York Historical Society to see an exhibit on Civil War Textiles. While most of the exhibit was quilts, I was quite surprised to find this very patriotic crochet shawl. It was made in 1861 (that’s older than Lion Brand!) and was presented to the Massachusetts governor and his wife to thank them for their support in the Civil War and abolitionist reforms.

I was most impressed by its simplistic design and could actually imagine someone making something similar today. It’s really amazing to see how the art of crochet (and knitting) has been an integral part of American history, don’t you think?

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  • This is so beautiful. What’s amazing is that this was probably not made from a pattern–or at least not the type of patterns we are used to today. I can almost imagine the feeling of patriotism, love of country, and the prayers for freedom for all that went into every stitch. OK, here come the tears. 😉

  • This shawl is so beautiful and right up my alley! I just love anything patriotic! Also wishing the pattern was available for purchase. The workmanship is beautiful and unique!

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