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Things We're Doing Besides Knitting & Crocheting: Our NYC Favorites!

Here in the marketing department at Lion Brand, we talk a lot about knitting and crocheting and yarn and magic loops and swatches and yarn weights (we know our DK from our super bulky) and and and ... bottom line is that we're all experts in one way or another when it comes yarn. We can talk about it all day -- and we do! You may however be surprised to know that we're also fairly well-rounded with an excess of interests, hobbies and obsessions that go beyond the hooks and needles.

We thought you might enjoy a peek into our inner worlds. Have fun and please share some of your own personal interests outside of knitting and crocheting in the comments below.

nycBrandyce - I recently went to the observatory deck at One World Trade Center in the financial district, and it was an amazing experience. I really enjoyed the 360 view from a high vantage point; at the top, you can see New Jersey, Statue of Liberty, Manhattan, Queens, and Brooklyn. As a native New Yorker, I typically avoid downtown because it’s always so crowded with tourists and employees who work in the surrounding buildings, but I finally decided to go down for a visit, and was extremely happy that I did. It was a solemn, yet surreal experience, since it’s the site of such an American tragedy. It was amazing to see the new and ongoing construction, and of course – the 9/11 memorial. I felt thankful to live in a city where so many people came together to help one another out during a time of crisis and need.

Sarah - Every holiday season, I make latkahs with my aunt and we have a big dinner and light the candles with my family. Her potato pancake recipe is truly the best! This year we surprised her with a night out and a show! We all went to see Fiddler on the Roof on Broadway for the first night of Hanukkah. It’s one of my favorite shows, and I can’t think of a better way to spend the holiday than celebrating Tradition!

starwarsDanielle - In anticipation of The Force Awakens, I recently took my seven year old son to see the “Star Wars and the Power of the Costume” exhibition at Discovery Times Square. We saw over  70 original and hand-crafted costumes from the first six films and learned about their inspiration, vision and creative process. Being someone who grew up in the late 1970s and had a collection of Star Wars figures (long gone now …), I was thrilled to see some of my favorite characters from the original films up close. Reasonably priced, the show is worth the effort - check the web site for dates/details. Pro tip: No-flash photography is allowed at this show – you’ll definitely want to take pictures!


Shira - To be honest, all I have been doing is knitting and crocheting!  HOWEVER, to help knit my feelings I binge watched Homeland.  I haven’t been keeping up this season and said to myself “I’m going to leave this for a rainy day.”  Well no rainy day came but the perfect time show to knit to!  Carrie is one crazy chick and Quinn is simply a ninja.  If you haven’t watched this show – get the knitting or crochet and watch away!

holidayMargaux - Of course my two daughters are very excited about the Holiday season (and so am I !); our tree is almost entirely decorated with home-made pompoms, pompom garlands and flowers. I’m really looking forward to my first American Christmas (I usually go back to France). I recently had a very nice time in Philadelphia where I particularly enjoyed being able to walk everywhere and visiting the Barnes Foundation; the collections and the set-up are impressive. For our last family expedition we went to the American Museum of Natural History, and I can attest it’s one of the best place to go in NYC as a family with small children !

Ilana - I’m from Philadelphia so this year I visited some of my Philadelphia relatives with some of my family in New York City.  We went to the Constitution Center and saw a fantastic one-woman show about the history of the Constitution that really brought it to life and made history something people of all ages could relate to.  It’s hard to believe the foresight and wisdom that people in the 1700s had about how to create a new set of rules for our country that have served us well for over 200 years. We also visited the National Museum of American Jewish History where my favorite part was a video booth where people were invited to answer a question in a video that would then be shared with everyone else who visits the museum.  Storytelling is such a powerful and personal way to communicate and helps connect a community to each other.

nycZoe - I’ve been busy with holiday shopping! I like to shop handmade at New York’s wonderful holiday markets  --the Union Square Market is right around the corner from the Lion Brand Yarn Studio! I’m also getting into the holiday spirit at home with a tiny apartment-sized tree, which I like to decorate with ornaments made by my friends. Here’s one of my favorites: a sheep wearing a holiday sweater by artist and illustrator Sarah Gramelspacher.


appleLorena - Besides knitting, I like to stay creative by working on other hands-on projects. After a mid-fall trip upstate with my family to an orchard, I had TOO many apples at my house. Time to get cooking! I made spiced cider and a traditional pie, but also tackled something that's been on my Pinterest must-do list for a while. It's an apple "rosette" tart. It's easier than it looks! I sliced the apples with a mandolin slicer (you can also use a sharp kitchen knife) and left the skin on to give it a rosy look. While I'm baking, I like to listen to old Motown music. Lately, though, I've been listening to bands like the Arcs. They're a side project of the lead singer of the Black Keys (one of my favorite bands), and their mellow rock is the perfect soundtrack for an afternoon of baking. I recently won tickets to see them live at Terminal 5, and it was a great show!

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