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The Wonderful Creations of Wool Stainless Steel


Lion Brand has a huge variety of yarns spanning the spectrum of colors, fibers and textures, but the one that is the most intriguing to me is our LB Collection Wool Stainless Steel. It's about what you might expect it to be from its name: 75% wool, 25% stainless steel. In a yarn! Crazy, right? It's lace-weight, so you can make really intricate openwork, but the tiny steel thread gives it dimensional body and weight you wouldn't find in a different fiber makeup. It's an obvious choice for crocheted jewelry or knitted lace shawls, but the options are truly endless, especially when used double-stranded or in conjunction with other yarns. Take a look at some of the inspiration I've found on Ravelry!

WSS BrotherLadies faraday cage sweater WSS laineenfrance Joyce's Coralies
BrotherLadies' Faraday Cage Sweater  laineenfrance's Joyce's Coralies
OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA WSS weesparrow traveling cowl
 KristinaS's Steel Deckchen  weesparrow's Travelling Cowl
WSS hcc3 magenta sea lace limonene's Hoarfrost
 hcc3's Magenta Sea Lace Necklace limonene's Hoarfrost Mobius

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  • Sarah Montie Handknits

    Thanks for including my free Coralie pattern on Knitty and my Sea Lace Necklace pattern available on Ravelry.

  • melodie

    I like the earrings. No I love them!