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The Seven Values Of Lion Brand Yarn Company

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The Seven Values Of Lion Brand Yarn Company

Every year in early December,  Lion Brand associates gather to think about where we’ve been and where we are going.  This year we spent some time defining who we are in 7 words.  We would like to share those values with you today.

Vision offers meaning as we move forward with the day-to-day details and challenges of our business. It was vision that resulted in the extraordinary success of the Lion Brand Yarn Studio (featured in the January 2010 issue of Martha Stewart Living Magazine.) With vision we reinvented the look of Lion Brand through new yarns, color palettes, garment design and visual images that reflect a contemporary beauty.  It was vision that allowed us to create the most popular online destination for yarn crafters in the world. Throughout our history, vision has helped us become the company we are.

As a family business, the personal values of our parents, grandparents and great-grandparents infuse every relationship with vendors, industry associates, customers and employees.  We believe that when all is said and done, this value is what supports all the others.

Adaptability is the value that allowed a 131 year old brand to survive and even thrive through the great depression, world wars, the years when knitting was considered passe, and the extraordinary ups and downs of a business tossed about by the culture, the economy and the fast pace of change in today’s world.

Yarn was part of the dinner conversation growing up and it has been the lifeblood of our family for generations. The passion that we feel for our work makes us go the extra mile every single day. We have built a team of associates that shares this energy.

The product we sell enriches peoples’ lives by providing stress relief, a creative outlet, and a way of sharing of oneself. Serving these higher goals gives meaning to the work we do.

We know that your enjoyment of our yarns may depend on your ability to develop your skills so we offer education at all levels through illustrations, videos and step-by-step instructions.

We believe that as a team we are stronger than the sum of the unique talents of the individuals.  The connections we have to each other when we share information and ideas and collaborate on projects add value to everything we do.

At Lion Brand, we are truly honored to serve your needs.  We hope that  the work we do enhances your enjoyment of knitting, crocheting and crafting with yarn.  As we look forward to 2010, I want to personally thank you, the Lion Brand Community, for your support and for sharing your comments and ideas with us.

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  • I am very happy with all LionBrand offers; I would like to buy not some but all colors of the new yarn Amazing which I find exquisite also in shape (as the model looks); soon the Christmas season is over I will try at least in two different presentations.

  • and I wish you a very happy Christmas and all your purposes for the 2010 come true !!!

  • To all the employees of Lion Brand Yarn — THANK YOU — for all your creativity, dedication and passion that goes into everything you do. From the development of new yarns, to the patterns, to even our dear little Lola.

  • Dear David

    I just had an opportunity to browse your new online catalog. Oh how many wonderful things to make! I’ve downloaded some patterns and can’t wait to get started. Then I got to the back of the book and all the yarn! First of all, I bought your new Amazing and it is truly amazing. The colors are beautiful (I bought Olympia & Ruby). The Olympia became a hat and scarf for a dear friend (whose name is Olympia), the Ruby will eventually become something that is yet to be determined.

    Secondly, I don’t know how the colors are decided upon for the Vanna’s Choice collection. This past holiday season, I made all my friends hats and scarfs as gifts and most of them were made with Vanna’s Choice. However, one person’s coloring made me go with another brand of yarn, because I was looking for a rich jewel-toned green, that unfortunately is not in Vanna’s palette. Do you take suggestions for colors?

    Thank you for listening and for your consideration.

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