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The Rewards of Learning to Crochet

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The Rewards of Learning to Crochet

This the first post from Marc, assistant to Lion Brand President David Blumenthal. Raised in a family of yarncrafters, Marc has been enthusiastic about learning to crochet. This is his first scarf:

I did not think I would ever finish! After a lot of trial and error, along with much time pulling it apart and starting over, I finally finished a scarf. I never knew that crocheting could be so difficult to learn and yet so relaxing after you get started! I used Wool-Ease Thick & Quick in coordinating colors Barley and Oatmeal for my first project. I like the bulkier yarn because I can see my stitches, making it is easier to work with during a project.

As a beginning crocheter, I asked a lot of questions, did much reading, and became obsessed with getting this scarf finished. This is the product of lunch breaks and my commute to and from work. It looks like it will be warm, which is great because I finished just in time for the severe cold weather for this week. I’ll see how it does when put to the test.

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  • Marc – that’s a stunning scarf!! Hope it’s keeping you nice and toasty!!

  • hey my friend you done a good
    job the scarf is every beautiful
    you go god bless you.

  • thick and quick yarn is the way to go! I just taught a few people using this yarn for the very reason that it is so easy to see and count the stitches. You’re on your way.

  • Good for you. Crochet is fantastic-keep on working at it.

  • The other great thing about Thick & Quick – particularly when learning, is that you can see progress right away, so you don’t get discouraged and think, “It’ll never get done”, especially when you need to pay attention to each stich’s technique and don’t have much speed, yet.

    Great job Marc! It’s a fantastic scarf and looks really warm. It would hold up to -30 wind chills we’ve been seeing in my neck of the woods.

    Welcome to crocheting!

  • […] to everyone for your comments on my first crocheted scarf. After that project, my co-worker Mily introduced me to crocheting with 2 yarns. At her suggestion, […]

  • Great inspiration, Marc! I have just started a blog on Ning, encouraging people to join me in crocheting for charity. I have a hook in my hand, nearly everyday, working on projects for family, friends, homeless and cancer patients. Somethings I create are for no certain purpose, and I gift them randomly. Unfortunately, I don’t have pictures of most of my projects, but I am going to start taking a shot of each to post on my blog. Hopefully, to inspire others to crochet4charity. Lion Brand is always my inspiration! If anyone can suggest how I can start a real organized group, I’d love to hear from you.

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