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The Perfect Knit For A Curvy Fit!

Well I have some exciting news!!!

Lion Brand has decided to get curvy!  That’s right.  Lion Brand is creating a collection of patterns specifically designed with curvy ladies in mind.  I've had the opportunity to be part of the design process, from the beginning planning stages, all the way to modeling the end garment.  I used to hate my curves but as I've matured, and might I add, become much wiser, I've learned there's nothing to hate just more to love!

The Process

I sat down with Susan Haviland, Design Editor, who asked me some great questions to help her develop the perfect garment. What do I look for when I shop? What does my mom (who's also a curvy lady) look for?  I always wear flowing tops and garments that hide what needs to be hidden and accentuate all the right parts! Susan borrowed a lot of my tops for inspiration. I was flattered that she liked my taste in clothes so much! She took my measurements and I really felt like Cinderella -- all we were missing were some squirrels, birds and mice helping Susan and then it would have been perfect. Based on many of the tops I left Susan, she came up with some really awesome knit and crochet garments.

Perfect fit for Cinderella... That's me

I can’t get over how perfect the garments fit! They covered my tush perfectly. They fit my arms just right, and the colors of course were PERFECT! I wish all of my clothing was made to fit my shape. This collection will inspire you to craft for your curvy shape. Don’t deny your curves hand knit or crocheted sweaters or cardigans, because we all need to be crafty. . .  and fabulous too!

More pictures and posts coming soon!  Can’t wait to share!

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  • Kate

    Thank you thank you thank you - I can't wait to see what you created for us curvy girls! Imagine not having to completely re-write every pattern just to fit my body shape and never knowing if the out-come is even going to be worth all the effort! So excited!

  • http://elizabethcole.pro/ kentuckyliz

    Thanks. I have been looking for a crochet pattern for a tank-style beach cover up dress in 3X and they all stop at 2X or smaller, and I'm not skilled enough yet to adjust patterns.

  • Diane Ederer

    Can't wait to get this pattern! When will it be available?

  • Diane McKenzie

    Thank You....about time the world realized that most to the world are "curvy" women!

  • Jen

    When will these patterns be available? I can't wait to see them! So many patterns don't seem to get that it's not just about upsizing a "normal-sized" garment, it's about making something that will be comfortable and flattering.

  • Alikat

    I can't wait to see the patterns - all the "plus-sized" patterns seem to end around 2x-3x. And I think I'm a 3x-4x.

  • Glenda

    Will really be great to have stylish patterns for curvy gals!!