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The Granny Squared Crochet Top by 1DogWoof!

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The Granny Squared Crochet Top by 1DogWoof!


The World’s Least Boring Basic Shirt! 

ChiWei from 1DogWoof is back, and this time, she’s bringing you the world’s most interesting basic shirt (or at least, I think so!). It’s a perfect blouse for wearing in an office that (like ours) has air conditioning that could compete with the cold winds of the arctic! And when the weather gets cool again, you’ll love how warm this top is.

Stunning But Simple

The idea starts simply enough, with a great yarn (LB Collection Superwash Merino) and two granny squares put together… But ChiWei employs a waffle stitch that gives the piece an incredible modern geometric feel that almost recalls brutalist architecture.

The compelling visual action here is undeniable. While the shirt is essentially two granny squares put together, ChiWei adds a textured block on top to add length, and to give what she describes as a “somewhat military look”. But don’t worry – these aren’t shoulder pads, and you won’t be confused for an extra on the set of an 80s movie about Wall Street!

The Yarn Chooses The Project… Again!

ChiWei had an itch to make something using our LB Collection Superwash Merino yarn – a sumptuous line that features different natural fibers such as bamboo, silk and… this washable 100% merino wool!

“The yarn itself was thinner and lighter than I expected,” says ChiWei, who felt drawn to the yarn but had never worked with it. As we learned yesterday, sometimes the yarn chooses the project and not the other way around! “At first I planned to make a blanket, but this yarn really lends itself to clothing and the shirt drapes really well.”

Get This Look!

Trust us, this top is going to become a staple of your wardrobe. To make it, you’ll need only 3 balls of Superwash Merino. And if you’re itching to get stitching, you’re in luck – this is a project that works up very quick.

We really cannot say enough about 1DogWoof; every post is fun, every tutorial is super clear and easy to follow, and the photography is just the very definition of sumptuous. ChiWei is a true gem of the yarn world, and we are tickled dizzy that she likes working with our yarn. We hope you do, too!

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