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The Dye Lot Issue: How We Can Help

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The Dye Lot Issue: How We Can Help

You’ve probably had the experience of desperately looking through the bins for the color of yarn you need to make sure there are enough of one dye lot to make your pattern.  It’s almost always an important consideration for bigger projects.  No one wants to put all that work into a sweater or afghan, only to look at it in the light of day and see unwanted color shifts.  It’s difficult to find more than a few balls of the same color in stores, and nearly impossible to find many of the same dye lot.

At Lion Brand, we take the worry out of the process.  When you order from, you are guaranteed to get the same dye lot for every color, no matter how many balls you need.  And, you don’t have to worry about being short a ball because you can order extra and return unused balls to us.

It’s a little thing that makes your projects a big success.

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  • Interesting … Some years ago I received a kit ordered from lion as a gift, and the yarn was from 2 or 3 dye lots. It wasn’t a huge issue as the colors were close enough, but it caused great frustration, particularly when Lion Brand was unresponsive to my concerns. Glad there’s a better policy in place!

  • I did not know about this guarantee, but I bought eight skeins of superwash merino cashmere a while back and received 5 in one dye lot and 3 in another. At the time I was kind of amazed…I suppose I should have returned 3 and requested an exchange.

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