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The Afghan That Was Created From Our Swatch Experiment

In last week's post I talked about how we design based on experimenting with swatching. Last week I shared a peek into the process by which we decide on color sequencing.

Here is the afghan we created with the new Vanna's Choice colors that was based on that swatch.

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  • Darla

    Greetings, Jaremy!

    I loved what you had to say about male knitters & crocheters, and I want to share a conversation I had recently with my office-mate at the private Catholic high school where I teach. Father Jim is (obviously) a priest, our school diving coach, an avid bike rider (an average Saturday jaunt for him is 120 miles), and 65 years old. He often admires the knitting I do while we are sitting through interminable staff meetings together.

    One day, as he was leaving to attend what would likely be a 3- or 4-hour coaches' meeting, I suggested, "Maybe you should take up knitting to pass the time." He laughed and said, "Wouldn't the other coaches just have a field day with that!" To which I replied, "Actually, Father, I think you are just about cool enough to pull it off!"

    Here's to our pioneering men! Knit on, dudes!