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The 12 Kits of Christmas in July: The majestic aura of the Tree of Life Afghan

12 Kits of Christmas

From the dawn of time, human beings have been breathlessly inspired by the king of the plant world, the Tree. Imposing in stature, existing in a mysterious state that transcends our human-scale notions of consciousness, time, and space, trees have infiltrated the very roots of human imagination, representing spiritual growth, fertility, transformation, and transcendence.

They also look super great on a knitted afghan!


Just take a look at today’s kit, this glorious Tree of Life afghan, from our Christmas in July celebration! Can’t you just feel the thrum of eons of mystique dwelling within these stylized, leafless hulks?

Close your eyes and picture the wintery landscape where these living, ancient talismans dwell. Do you hear the strange song of ages that pulses soundlessly from the essence of these silent giants? Can you feel the cool air whistling through their branches? I can’t. It’s hot as heck out, and my imagination isn’t that great.

But that’s not going to keep me from grabbing 10 balls of Wool-Ease: Fisherman and getting to work making this ultra-sweet afghan. Get the pattern, kick up your heels, dial up Terrance Malick’s The Tree of Life on your streaming-platform-of-choice, and start knitting up this genuinely serene, beautiful pattern. It makes for a marvelous gift, perhaps to wrap oneself in while communing with the elder spirits of the forest.

When you have returned to this plane of reality, keep your aura tuned to our blog for more exclusive kits available only at www.lionbrand.com during our Christmas in July celebration! You get a whopping 20% off these kits, but you’ll need to act faster than a tree: these inspiring kits are on sale until August 7!

So make like a tree and leave this blog so you can get started knitting!

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