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Thanking Our Veterans: 4 Patterns & 3 Charities

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Thanking Our Veterans: 4 Patterns & 3 Charities

On November 11th, we have the opportunity to honor American veterans. Veterans Day was created at the end of World War I, when fighting ended as the Allies and Germany declared a truce on the eleventh day of the eleventh month at the eleventh hour. Originally, it was called Armistice Day, which means truce. Some Americans might not know that while Memorial Day commemorates those who gave their lives in service, Veterans Day is a chance to thank living veterans for their service. If you’re interested in showing your gratitude with your crafting, read on for some options.

Thanking Our Veterans

4 Patterns to Make & Give

If you have a veteran in your life, whether it’s someone close to you or someone in your life, one way to give thanks might be to make a gift. While it certainly can’t encompass all their sacrifice, it can be a beautiful memento. These 4 patterns feature images of the American Flag, which many people don’t know can actually be used in this way. Flag Etiquette only prohibits the use of actual flags being made into clothing or other items. Representations of the flag are a lovely show of patriotism.

These two crochet afghans are beautiful enough to have on display year round! Our Flag Afghan Pattern (Crochet) features beautiful waves, and some 3D star elements that are very unique. The pattern calls for some of our Heartland yarns, so even your fibers will be patriotic, because this yarn is made in the USA. Our USA Afghan Pattern (Crochet) also uses some appropriately-named yarn, Hometown USA. Either of these blankets would make a beautiful gift, or you could make a wearable item, like the sweaters below.

If you want to make a patriotic garment, then either of these sweaters would be a great option. We often see American Flag t-shirts for sale around Independence Day, but don’t necessarily think about buying or wearing them year-round. Both of these sweaters are beautiful, and would also be great for cooler seasons. The American Flag Sweater Pattern (Crochet) is an easier pattern for beginner crocheters, so most crafters would feel comfortable giving it a try. Our American Flag Sweater Knit Pattern is a Level 1 pattern, so it will also be accessible for crafters of any experience.

3 Charities that Accept Crafted Goods

Back in May, we shared some information about charities that focus on supporting veterans with hand-crafted items. One was Operation Gratitude, which accepts scarves & hats made for service members. But please note, there are some restrictions about sizing and colors, so you’ll want to check out their website to make sure your gift is appropriate. Warmth for Warriors is another group that accepts donations of hand-made hats and socks, which are then given to retired veterans as well as those on active duty. Now you might know this last organization, Knots of Love, from their other projects, but many don’t know that they also created the Veterans Cap Drive. This drive facilitates the gift of knitted and crocheted caps to veterans in VA hospitals all over the country.

Gratitude for Veterans, All Year Long

While Veterans Day is an important national opportunity to honor service members, we can also express our gratitude all year long. One way is by learning about issues affecting veterans through organizations like the Center for Veterans Issues, and supporting those that work to support them, like the Wounded Warrior Project. If you know of or work with another group, let us know in the comments below, so we can include them in our list.

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