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Thank You For Helping 1,983 Students!

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Thank You For Helping 1,983 Students!

In the Lion Brand e-newsletter, The Weekly Stitch, of November 19th, we asked you to join together to help fund public school projects related to knitting, crochet and weaving.  We set up a giving group at Donor’s Choose, where teachers who do not have public funding for projects they would like to work on with their students, request funding from the public.  The teacher lists the project, the purpose and each one of the supplies and their costs.  People can donate $10 and up to teacher requests of as little as $120.

We started out with 12 yarn related projects and donated $120 to get the ball rolling.  All of them have been funded and we (along with all of you who contributed) received lovely thank you notes from the teachers.  As of today, 1,983 students will be able to enjoy yarn related learning experiences in their schools.  The group is still open and the newer projects added are in the general field of the arts.

If you are scratching your head for a gift for a teacher who is special to you, consider finding a project from Donor’s Choose.  The gift recipient will receive a note that you have donated on his or her behalf and another note when the project is funded.  You can choose from science, art, history, and of course, crafting. Along with a hand made gift from you, this may just be the perfect way to help and thank many people who mean a lot to you.

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