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Thank a Teacher Day: 12 Fun & Free Project Ideas

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Thank a Teacher Day: 12 Fun & Free Project Ideas

While we’re grateful every day for teachers, May 2 is Thank a Teacher Day. Because teachers are superheroes who work tirelessly to make the world a better place, they deserve the best. You probably have an amazing teacher or two in your life, so it’s a wonderful opportunity to show them! Craft the perfect gift with one of these 12 fun & free patterns we’ve rounded up, and let them know how grateful you are.

Thank a Teacher Day

Say Thanks with a Bookmark

For the teacher who loves to read, we’ve got just the thing. Hand-made bookmarks! They can either mark the page when reading aloud to the class, or use at home. Check out these 4 fun options for a quick way to thank a teacher you love.

These Pom Pom Bookmarks (Crafts) are so simple, you could whip them up for every teacher you know! If you’d rather follow the trend, these Mini Granny Square Bookmarks (Crochet) are back in style. For a fun craft for a science or biology teacher, our Gecko Bookmark (Crochet) would be a great choice. But if you’re looking for a project for a teacher at, say, Hogwarts, you’ll definitely want to check out the House Colors Scarf Bookmark (Crochet) below.

Express Your Gratitude with Caffeine

A classic teacher gift, and one that is much-appreciated, is a coffee gift card. But to personalize the idea a bit more, check out our cute coffee cozies. And of course, tea drinkers can take advantage, too!

The Crafted Cup Cozy (Crafts) could work with any super bulky yarn, plus, it’s a perfect stash-buster. You also could gift our Cabled Mug Cozy (Knit) along with a fun mug. In addition to being adorable, the Latte Cozy (Crochet) is also a great stash-busting project.

Classroom Craft Ideas

For gifts for your favorite teacher’s classroom, these are two spectacular ideas! This Dragon Bookends (Knit) project has major ‘wow!’-factor. Not only is it a stunning addition to any classroom, but it’s also a gift that will be appreciated for years to come.

Thank a Teacher

Dragon Bookends (Knit)

Since teachers often have to think about decor for every season, the Four Seasons Wall Hangings (Loom/Weave) is an amazing gift idea. Whether they found a spot for these in the classroom, or chose to hang them on the door, they’d be beautiful anywhere.

Thank a Teacher

Four Seasons Wall Hangings (Loom/Weave)

Classic Teacher Gifts

Thank a Teacher

Amigurumi Apple (Crochet)

But maybe you just want to keep it classic! It’s likely this Amigurumi Apple (Crochet) will appeal to anyone’s desire to be ‘teacher’s pet’. Best of all, it’s a Level 2 project, so you’ll get extra credit without pulling an all-nighter!

Thank a Teacher

Arthur Pattern (Knit)

For another classic gift, here’s the Arthur Pattern (Knit). It also happens to be amigurumi, but it’s a knit project. Make sure your favorite teacher always has something to write with.

Thank a Teacher

Daffodil Pencil (Crochet)

Lastly, this Daffodil Pencil (Crochet) is like giving flowers that’ll last all year. You could even make whole a bouquet of practical yet pretty blooms!



Thank Your Teacher

If you’re looking for a way to thank a teacher in your life, we hope you’re excited about these fun ideas! Whether or not you choose to craft something to celebrate them, it matters most that you let them know you appreciate them, however you do it. Take this opportunity, or make your own, and thank a special teacher in your life!

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