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Textured Circle Shrug Knit-Along: Increase Round 1

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Textured Circle Shrug Knit-Along: Increase Round 1

Hi Everyone! I hope you’re having a great week!

In our last installment of the Textured Circle Shrug KAL, we picked up all around the neck opening and started working on our ribbing.

In this installment, we will proceed to Increase Round 1.  In this round, we work a few RLI (in every other knit rib) between the markers that we placed to denote each “sleeve” portion of the shrug. (The pink arrows in the picture below show the stitches over which the increases are worked.)

You work your ribbing from the beginning of round marker to your sleeve marker, then begin the increases.  Work increases all the way around to the second marker.  Then, work normal ribbing across the top / back neck of the shrug, all the way to the second sleeve.  You’ll work increases all the way across this second sleeve section, and then work regular ribbing across the back.

  • NOTE: If you’ve added stitches at the under arm, you will have placed markers as in the previous post to keep those stitches separate.  Do not work increases across those extra stitches, only across the original number of sleeve sts as denoted in the pattern instructions.

I talked a little bit about the RLI at the end of last week’s post, if you’re just joining us, be sure to check it out.

Here, again, is the link to the video on that shows how to do a RLI.  In this pattern, RLI means to knit into the right leg of the stitch below the next one on the left hand needle, and then knit the next stitch.

I took some photos of how this looks in our shrug:

Here is how the stitch pattern starts out, with a k1 p1

Next, we knit into the right leg of the stitch below the next one on the needle:

Next, knit into the next stitch on the needle.  (Once you do this a few times, this step will become very fluid.)

Here is what the ribbing looks like after this step.  Every OTHER knit rib (between the markers that denote our sleeve sections) has two knit stitches.

Now, just proceed in this new rib stitch until we get to Increase Round 2.  Next week, we will work this second round of increases and FINISH THE SHRUG!

How are you coming along with your shrug? Where are you up to? Let us know!

And, for those of you who are finished already, share your project with us in the Customer Gallery.

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  • I’ve finished Increase Round 2 – I think there is an errata, I believe at the end of the increase repeat there should be a p1, this would insert a purl stitch between each of the 2 knit stitches from the Increase round 1. It now reads *[k1,p1,k1,M1P,k1] X times, I beleive it should be *[k1,p1,k1,M1P,k1,p1] X times.
    I am now starting row 2 of the seed stitch and really getting excited about finishing it and trying it on! This has been a great KAL – my first! It has been so wonderful to have Stefanie giving such great instruction with pictures along the way. Thank you.

    Stefanie Says: you may be right! When I get to that point in the pattern myself, I’ll check it out!

  • hi i’m a little confused am i supposed to pick up stitches where the pink string is? i did it that way & it looks like its making another sleeve?

    Stefanie says: You aren’t supposed to pick up any stitches, you should still have your neckline tube on the circular needle, and at this point, just do increases between the markers. This will add extra width to accomodate the bust in front.

  • I’m with Mary Jo(1) about the possibility of an errata in increase round two. It seems that there is a missing purl stitch. I’m so close to getting this done that I hardly have the patience to wait until next week!

    This has been great! Great pictures, great instructions, and just overall fun. I look forward to doing more KALs!

    Stefanie says: When I get to that point in the pattern myself, I’ll check it out.

  • To Mary Jo and Rhonda: You may be right…I’m not that far yet in re-creating the sample, but I’ll post as soon as I’m sure!

    To Melissa: You aren’t picking up any stitches here. You already have the whole thing on the needle, and are just doing increases so that the ribbing will accomodate the bust.

  • I agree the pictures are an absolute blessing. I am a week behind and hope to catch up this weekend. My question is; to pick up and knit around the neck opening, knitting in the round, does this not make it into a tube? I know I am probably just missing the “big” picture with the shrug, but help!!

    Stefanie says: YES. It does make it into a tube. That’s what is supposed to happen! 🙂 The neckline trim is one big tube that you fold down at the back neck and fronts. You’ll see how it works when you cast off! (Or check out the pics in the first post in this KAL to see the garment finished on a model.

  • Just finished the ribbing and ready to start the increase round. The pictures and video on RLI are terrific! I have enjoyed this KAL so much! Stephanie, thank you so much for your clear instructions and pictures. I loved your pattern so much that I went and bought your “Fitted Knits” book. There so many patterns I want to make, but I wish you could do a KAL with all of them! LOL Seriously, I hope you’ll come back and do another one!

    Stefanie says: Hi Jenny! Thank you very much for the kind thoughts! I really appreciate it that you enjoy my posts! 🙂

  • My progress has slowed as the weather gets nicer and nicer but I’m plugging away at the ribbing, not yet to the increase rounds. I am getting excited to see it finished too, it’s been awhile since I knitted clothing. The pictures have been my saving grace many times as I tend to be a visual learner, also thanks for the video links.

  • I am a little behind. I still have about 15 rounds of k1p1 ribbing to get to the increase round. I was a bit confused about what the ribbing would look like after the increase round is done. Now I see it be a k1p1 k2p1 in that area.

  • I am also behind (on row 18 of ribbing with about 42 to go since my sister wants it longer than the pattern)….. but it does help looking at this week’s work. A bit like the carrot in front of the donkey. I know there is no way I could have done this without all of Stephanie’s guidance! as well as everyone’s comments and help.

  • I didn’t remember to put in markers where the increases will go. I’m almost at the end of the original k1p1 ribbing. Is it too late to figure out where and place markers for the increases?

    Stefanie says: The markers go in at the edges of the sleeve section. What you’ll want to do is:

    1) find the point in the written pattern where it tells you how many stitches to pick up in each sleeve section. (This includes a few sts at the cast on edge.)

    2) look for the points in the body part of the shrug that delineate the sleeve. These are the raglan increase line in the body, and the edge of the sleeve.

    3) Place your markers approximately in line with these points, making sure to have the number of stitches from 1) above.

    4) you should be good to go!

  • Mary jo#i is right there should be a p1 after m1p k1,

    Stefanie says: Thanks Nancy!

  • I love reading everyone’s posts. They have kept me motivated to keep up. I have completed the first increase and am plugging away at the next set of rows. Thanks Stefanie for sharing your time and talent with us.

    Stefanie says: You are welcome, I’m glad that you’re having fun!

  • Anne #5 Mine appears to be a big tube too! I am becoming concerned that I am doing it wrong.

    Stefanie says: Granny… It’s supposed to be a big tube…check out my response to Anne’s comment above. You’re doing it right! 🙂

  • To the ladies concerned that they are knitting a tube – no worries 🙂
    This is what will make it “vavavoom!” with form-fitting beauty when you put it on – yay!

    If you are seriously concerned that something is wrong though, transfer it to scrap yarn and it may help you visualize the bigger picture. I hope it works out for you:)

    Stefanie says: Thanks, Lisa! You’re so right, that’s a great suggestion! Just put all sts on a length of scrap yarn and try it on! 🙂

  • Hi everyone,

    A whole list of firsts here – first KAL, first top down knit so hopefully firt garment that fits!!!

    One question though Stefanie. In an earlier blog you mentioned that if we wanted to increase the length that would be done in the ribbing section. So if I do want to add an inch to the overall back length do I just add a few extar rows and if so before or during the increase section?

    Really enjoying the pattern and the KAL. I now can’t understand why all garments aren’t knitted top down!!

    Thanks for all the wonderful advice,

    Sarah x

    Stefanie says: Hi Sarah, You can add length at any point now. it won’t make a lot of difference where you add it. I’m glad you’re enjoying the KAL…and happy to have a new Top-Down convert! 🙂

  • I’m behind as well, about half way through the first ribbing section. I’m really liking the feel of this shrug. I also forgot to mark my sleeve sections.

    Stefanie says: See my response to #10 above…it’s not too late! 🙂

  • I’m a bit on the short side, so I’m actually shortening mine by several rows before the increase row. Just put it on scrap yarn last night and tried it on, and I love it! It has a little poofiness on the back above the ribbing, but once it’s blocked that will most likely come out.

    Stefanie, this is a gorgeous pattern. Thanks again, and I agree with Jenny – we’d love for you to do another of these KALs at some point! 🙂

    Stefanie says: Hi Kelli, That’s the “bubble back” that people were talking about earlier. It will definitely steam out once you’re done. Even if it’s still a little poofy, I think the look is pretty cool! The more you wear it (as with any knit garment) the more it will form fit your body!

  • Just so I do this right: I go K1P1 LHI P1, K1P1 LHI P1 ?? Or do I increase every knit 1 . Thanks so much Stefanie, this has been way fun. I used to consider myself an experienced knitter, but I have learned so much by doing this project with personal help. I agree–Please do another oe

  • Oops! I mean RL1

  • Sounds like everyone is doing great! Keep plugging away, you really can get to the end of that ribbing! I have 4 rounds of seed stitch left! I should finish tonight if my darn migraine would go away. Stick with it every one!

  • I am on the 34 row of the 44 rows of ribbing. Almost to the increase row. I had to slow down cause my hands needed a break. I am really loving it so far and can’t wait to get it done and wear it.

  • I just started the ribbing section because I hadn’t had a night to really focus on knitting to pick up my stitches evenly. Now that I have all the stitches picked up, I’m ready for lots ribbing. Thanks for all the great pictures and clear instructions–and fun pattern! Can’t wait to get this finished for my sister. Quick question: My sister is thin (so I’m making her the smallest size), but she has a long upper body–should I add extra length to the shrug? If so, how do I do that?

  • Thanks for all of you who gave the heads up on the eternity of ribbing. I feel mentally prepared to do it because of reading about how everyone was “still on the ribbing” . I am on row 21 and I am having fun with it as I push to get caught up with everyone. 🙂

  • Just realized you kind of answered my question already with Sarah’s comment and response. I would still love any additional advice if you have it. Thanks!

  • I made two shrugs one size 38 to wear with dresses and skirts, and one the next size up to wear with jeans slacks both look good. larger one has the bubble back but looks good with casual dress The smaller one is more form fitting. For a perfect size for me I think a 38 yoke and pick-up stiches for larger size for the body Did I say I love this pattern have made many many cardigans over the years I rate this one as the most fun too make thank -you I think I’m a top down girl to

  • Stephanie: Could you please post the finished length of the shrug from the underarm? I need to figure out if I need to increase or decrease the number of ribbing rows-this is for my daughter in a different part of the country, so trying it on won’t really help me -I need to get her side length measurement and compare to the pattern. If anyone else is done, and have followed the directions for the small size, please let me know what the side length is?

  • Now that I’ve finally caught up with the rest of you speedy knitters and am about to do the first increase I thought I’d add a photo to the flickr page. I took it at work yesterday showing the infamous tube! It really looks like a tree trunk.
    Thank you so much Stephanie for sharing your ideas and thoughts with us. I couldn’t do this without the help.
    I really fell behind with a pinched nerve situation. Not good for knitting. Now with some medication I am starting to feel human again.
    Hope everyone had a wonderful Sunday.

  • Just blocking my shrug, so I should have a final pic for you all on flickr tomorrow! I am a little disappointed in myself for making the wrong size though. I recently lost over 20lbs and should have made a small, but just didn’t think it was going to fit me so I made the medium instead. Now I wish I had trusted the pattern. We’ll see if its still too big after its blocked… maybe I can give it as a gift and make another for myself… although that ribbing still haunts me… lol

  • To Anne (of Stonington): I hope you feel better soon. I’ve had a pinched nerve before and it is intensly painful. Be kind to yourself and please don’t fret over falling behind! Best of Luck!

  • I’m finished! I used the Vanna’s Choice yarn so don’t think I can steam out that bubble in the back, but otherwise, it’s pretty cool, even with my “design choice” error. I have photo’s on the customer gallery but if you can’t find it (sometimes I can’t find a specific thing) also at

  • I am so excited about finishing this! Your pictures,instructions and video clips have been invaluable!! I went out this weekend and purchased “Fitted Knits”. I am a “Belly Girl” and all of the sweaters I have knitted thus far have been boxy and/or baggy styles. But… I put my shrug on a waste yarn to see how it looked so far and I’m sold; fitted really is more flattering. I am also a top down convert. This has made all the difference in my knitting-life. Thanks!!!

  • Stefanie – I just want to thank you! This has been a wonderful experience, I feel like I’ve learned/accomplished so much! I bought your book, the patterns are so wonderful. An additional bonus about your book, my 19 year old ‘stylin’ daughter has marked about half of them for me to make for her…this book has given us something to do together, not at all easy to find something to enjoy with a teen!


  • The ribbing is therapy just relax and go with it I find my mind is rested while knitting rib, very good pattern for traveling,

  • I’ve also slowed down because of the beautiful weather, and needing to give my hands a rest. I’m a cake decorator, and this weekend was our biggest since I’ve been there, so my hands are a little tired! I’m trying to divide my free time between gardening and knitting. I love sitting outside with my knitting, planning & admiring my garden while I knit.

    I have both sleeves started, in the round, and figured I could finish those up later.
    I’ve continued on to the ribbing, and it’s coming along slow but steady. Hopefully I’ll get to the increases before the posts end!

  • I’m almost done knitting the second sleeve then will get to the ribbing. That’s because I had to take out some rows a few times when I got carried away and ended up with too many rows of stockinette or reverse stockinette. Having too much fun knitting and watching baseball at the same time. Ha! Ha! I’m wishing I had gotten in on that last Knit-a-long, doing that darling tunic with all those cables. Maybe I’ll get around to it yet.

  • I am almost at the second increase row and really need to hear about the finished length of the pattern for a size small so I can adjust the length- anyone out there who can help me?

  • Stefanie- Hi! I’ve been plugging away on a size 1x shrug. Here’s my dilemma – either my gauge on the ribbing is way off or something else is amiss. I’ve finished 30 rows of ribbing and this section now measures 7 inches. According to the insturctions I have another 65 rows to go – putting the length at about 21 inches. I know I’m twice as wide as most – but I’m not twice as long! If I measure down 21 inches from my armpit I’m down below my waist. Should I start my increases now and do less rows of each? Hope I explained this okay… does anyone have an answer? Help!

  • I’m done!!! I blocked yesterday, but I did make one size too big. I will just have to make another.

  • I finished ! I thought I posted pictures in the Customer Gallery but when I checked today they weren’t there. I’ll try again.

  • Jane (#36) – I had a similar concern, because I’m not very tall and am making the L size. It looked like it would come down to my hips at least!

    My recommendation, even if it’s kind of a pain, is to put all the stitches on a huge piece of scrap yarn and try it on. That’s the beauty of these top-down sweaters, you can try them on as you go! I did this, and found that it was going to be a bit long for my taste, so I shortened the ribbing section before the first increase by 10 rows. I figure I might have to try it on again before I finish the next ribbing section (before the seed stitch section) just to make sure it’s going to be a good length.

    Good luck!

  • Kelli – Thanks for the response! I was waiting for a reply before knitting on. That was my gut feeling and I’m glad to know I kinda know what I’m doing. This is my first top down and knitting in the round project so I wasn’t quite sure. I appreciate the help!!!

  • No problem, Jane! Good luck with it!

  • I am falling a little behind because the picking up stitches wasn’t easy for me and now the ribbing is taking forever! Hope I can catch up over the next few days, seeing the shrug take shape just makes me so happy.

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  • I’m stuck on the INC RND 1

    I wrk to 1st marker(rt bak edg); then increase on the sleeve rib; then wrk to nxt mark (back edge); [then increse on sleeve rib; then wrk to nxt mark(lft bak edge)]this is the rep from * once.

    I still hve the 40 stiches for the lower back to work before I complete this rnd. Do I complete these in rib and then begin NEXT RND?

    This is a great pattern and I love all the others in your book.

    Zontee says: Hi Isabel, since the knit-along is officially over, you may want to e-mail for technical help with the project, but here are some possible problems you might be having: (a) make sure you’re repeating the [k1, p1, RLI, p1] the right amount of times for the size you’re making; (b) make sure you’re doing the RLI correctly, as described in the previous KAL post.

  • I’m just catching up and I’m on the first increase row. When I finish the 13 increases I’m not at the next marker. Something is wrong and I can’t figure it out. It’s very frustrating. Please help.

  • Great cam Girls…

    […]Textured Circle Shrug Knit-Along: Increase Round 1 | Lion Brand Notebook[…]…

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