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Textured Circle Shrug Knit-Along: Gathering Your Materials and Getting Ready to Cast On!

Gathering materials for the Textured Circle Shrug

Hello and welcome to the Textured Circle Shrug Knit-Along!  This is one of my favorite patterns from my newest book, Glam Knits, and I'm so happy to get to share it with you here.

Before we get started with the knitting, let's take some time to gather up our materials and all of the information we'll need.

First, you'll need the pattern, which can be downloaded here.

Once you have printed out the pattern, start on page 1 (page 83 in Glam Knits,) and read through the information section.

The first thing you need to do is choose a size to knit. The pattern is sized for a range of bust measurements 32-34 (36-38, 40-42, 44-46, 48-50, 52-54).  You can simply choose the size that is closest to your actual bust measurement.  The shrug doesn't actually cover the bust, so if you want to double-check that the size you choose is the right one for you, you can check out the schematic on the second page of the pattern.

Textured Circle Shrug Schematic

Take a look at the measurements given at the bottom edge of the drawing (for a larger schematic, click the drawing or refer to your pattern): 17.75 (19.5, 21.25, 23, 25, 26.75)" This is the cross-back measurement of the shrug.  (The measurement of the shrug across the back, lying flat.) You can measure across your own back, from under arm to under arm, and compare these numbers to your own measurement, then choose the size that you think will fit you the best.  Because this is a top-down knit, you will be able to adjust the size as you go.  (We'll talk more about adjusting the size in a later post.)

Now that you have chosen your size, go on to the next section: YARN

You will need aproximately 882(1078, 1176, 1470, 1666, 1862) yards of worsted weight yarn.  I have chosen to knit the shrug in LB Collection Organic Wool in the Toffee color.  You can knit yours in any worsted weight yarn, and will get a great result, as long as your gauge is the same as given in the pattern.

Some alternative Lion Brand Yarns are:

Now that you've chosen your yarn, take a look at the next section in the pattern: NEEDLES

The needles that I recommend are given as a guide.  You'll need to knit a swatch and make sure that the gauge that you come up with is the same that is given in the pattern (18 sts and 26 rows in 4" of textured stripe pattern using the larger needle.) If you end up with more stitches per inch, you may need to choose a larger (US9) needle, and if you end up with fewer stitches per inch, you'll choose a smaller (US7) needle.

The larger US 8 (5mm) needle is used to knit the body and sleeves of the shrug, and the smaller US 6 needle is used to knit the trim.  Do not worry too much if you can't find the exact lengths given in the pattern.  Needles from 24" to 40" will work just fine.

Once you have located your needles, gather up your NOTIONS

  • Stitch markers (you will need 4 markers)
  • Scrap yarn (this is used to put the sleeve stitches "on hold" while we work the body of the garment...if that makes no sense to you now, STAY TUNED, we'll talk more about it later!)
  • Darning needle (for putting the sleeve stitches onto the waste yarn, and later for weaving in ends.)

Now that you've got all of your stuff together, start on a GAUGE swatch.

The gauge is given in the pattern as 18 sts and 26 rows in 4" (10cm) in textured stripe.  SO, when you knit your swatch, you'll want to knit it in the stitch pattern as written on page 84.


  • Rows 1-5: work in Rev. St. st
  • Rows 6-13: work in St st.
  • Repeat rows 1 - 13.

I usually try to make a nice generous swatch, so I cast on 25 sts and work in stitch pattern until the piece looks approximately square.

Here's my swatch hot off the needles (you can click on the images to enlarge):

gauge swatch before blockingAnd here it is after blocking, showing stitch gauge measurement:

stitch gauge measurement...and row gauge measurement.

row gauge measurementYou can see from the photos that I do get about 18 sts and 26 rows in 4" square. (about 4.5 sts per inch and about 6 rows per inch.)

In the next blog post, we'll cast on together for our shrugs and work through the yoke!

We're also happy to annouce the two winners of our random drawing for a copy of Glam Knits, commenters #743 Zora and #1017 Mette. Congratulations and enjoy your book!

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