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Textured Circle Shrug Knit-Along: Final Post!

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Textured Circle Shrug Knit-Along: Final Post!

Hi Everyone!  It’s been fun knitting with you these past few weeks!  Time really flies!

Today’s post is my last, and will focus on the second round of increases, casting off, and sharing an FO (finished object in knit-speak)!  My FO is a little bit lopsided, since I added about 10 stitches to only one sleeve (so that I could show you how that looks), but I still think it looks awesome and will actually wear it!  (You can’t even tell that one sleeve is about an inch wider!)

Increase round 2 is performed much like increase round 1.  It just brings us back to k1 p1 ribbing. You simply work a M1P (Click here for a video for M1, but instead of knitting the bar between the stitch just knit and the next stitch on the needle, you’d purl it.) between the two knit stitches in every wide rib between the sleeve markers.

Then, for the finale, we switch to seed stitch (also called moss stitch in the UK) and work a few rounds, then cast off. I recommend casting off in stitch pattern (if you are supposed to purl, purl, then pass the cast-off loop over, and vice versa if you’re supposed to knit.) Click here for a video. This will create a more elastic cast-off edge.  I also recommend casting off with a needle size that’s 2 sizes (1 whole mm) larger than the needle you used for the rib…so…use your “body” needle to cast off.  I cast off my shrug a few rows early, your seed stitch border will be a few rows wider than mine.

When your shrug comes off the needle, the seed stich border may seem a little bit wavy.  You’ll just want to lightly steam this edge, so that it will lay flat. If you find that your edging seems too loose (this may be the case if you’ve added a large number of stitches at the under arm) your best bet is to mist the ribbing lightly with water and stretch it lengthwise. Let it dry like this, and it will be tighter and less floppy.

In my photos, I’m wearing my shrug pinned at the front to show what this looks like, since we’ve had a few questions about adding a button.  If you want to add a buttonhole to the front edge, a good point to do that is in the first few rows of the seed stitch border.  You could just do a “yo k2tog” which will make a small hole.

Here’s the back.  My husband took the photo and didn’t tell me that the collar wasn’t lying exactly flat…but you get the idea! 🙂  I could block this so that the back is flat, but I like the ribs that the Textured Stripe pattern creates, so I’ll probably leave it like this.

This has been a lot of fun!  I can’t wait to see all of your FO shots in our Flickr Group! Or share them with us in the Customer Gallery (like this one from Mary Jo).

Look out later this summer for our charity KAL/CAL!

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  • Quick question. I forgot to switch needle size when I began the k1 p1. I have finished theribbing up to the point of the round 2 increase. Will I still be OK and should I switch to my smaller needle? If so ,when?

    Stefanie Says: Hi Marnie, You can switch to your smaller needle at any time. I’m afraid that if you do the seed st on the larger needle, it may be wavy.

  • I had previously posted this on the blog entry about Neckline Trim, but thought I might get an answer here more quickly:

    Finally bought yarn and started knitting. Almost to the point of seeing if the back and sleeves fit. I’m thinking, based on the back widths listed in the directions, that I’ll have to add a few rows at this point to make the back (and, therefore, the sleeves)a bit bigger as Stefanie showed in the section on solving fit problems. So I’ll probabaly end up between the small and medium sizes.

    Which directions do I then follow for finishing the back with the decreases and picking up the neckline trim? Do I just figure out something in-between the small and medium directions?


    Stefanie Says: What you should do is just increase into every other knit rib (see directions for RLI) between the sleeve markers. Trying to follow one of the pattern directions exactly just may not work, since you are in between sizes. The main goal of that increase round is to end up with every other knit rib having 2 knit stitches (between the sleeve markers.) As long as you manage that, you’ll be fine.

  • Almost done! Can’t wait to finish – this is definitely going to get some wear, except right now (it’s almost 100 degrees here in Savannah!). Might have to crank up the A/C just so I can wear it around the house. 🙂

    Stefanie, thanks a lot for the KAL on this great pattern. Yours is beautiful and the color looks fantastic with your hair!

    Stefanie Says: Glad that you have enjoyed the KAL! Thank YOU for joining me! 🙂

  • Stephanie, will it be possible to add/see photos if we don’t finish the shrug this week? Now that I’ve tracked down my sister I’ve discovered she wants it to be 13″ from underarm to lower hem…. and I’ve done 8 1/2″ ribbing so far…
    This KAL has been wonderful! Thank you so much for hosting it and walking all of us through it. Now on to the next one.
    Anne (in very rainy Stonington CT)

    Zontee says: Hi Anne, just to answer your question for Stefanie, everything will stay online indefinitely (just come back to and click on “knit-along” under Categories in the right-hand bar to see all past and present knit-along related projects and posts), so you can come back to the blog any time to reference Stefanie’s blog posts, or go to our Flickr group or Gallery to check those out.

  • Thank you Stefanie – it looks great with the front pinned, I think I’ll crochet a little buttonhole loop & add a button. It’s been a lot of fun and went by really fast !

    Stefanie Says: Hi Mary Jo! You’re welcome! That’s a great idea on the buttonhole loop. You will be able to wear it buttoned or not that way.

  • Stephanie, this has been a great KAL, and I actually did this one as everyone else did. The other KAL projects I have done were done after the KAL was over. I had the advantage of seeing the problems and solutions everyone else used, but not the fun of doing it at the same time. This time, I was able to do it on time. I am almost done. My circular needle broke as I was working the seed stitch, but I have a new one now, and will probably finish the sweater on our car drive home from vacation.

    I picked up stitches at the bottom of the sleeve and did about 9 inches of K1P1 ribbing there, since my daughter wanted long sleeves. I will try to post a picture after it is all finished.

    Stefanie Says: Hi Knitting Nana! Thank you so much for your comment, I’m glad that you enjoyed this KAL, I did, too!

  • Thanks Stephanie, I’ve really enjoyed your posts and knitting it at the same time as you!

  • When you pick up the stitches for the ribbing do you knit them as you pick them up.or do you just put the stitches on the needle.

    Zontee says: Hi Ruby, go back to Stefanie’s post about Neckline Trim to see how to pick up your stitches. Click here.

  • Hi Ruby. You pick up all the stitches first, and after you have all of them on your needle, then you start knitting them.

    Hope that helps!


  • Thanks for the (first) great KAL eperience. I’ve been knitting by myself for well over 50 years; this is the first time I’ve done anything like this worldwide group project. It’s been really great. I have about 18 rows of seed stitch left, so I will be posting a picture of my daughter in her finished sweater sometime next week. Let’s do it again soon!

  • Thanks for guiding us through this KAL – I may be behind, but I’m still loving it and plugging away so I can have something beautiful to wear for myself. I had to go down two needle sizes to achieve gauge on the initial pieces, so what do you recommend for needle size when I switch to the smaller one? Thanks for the input – I hope to have a finished shrug some time next month!

    Stefanie Says: go down another 2 needle sizes. Glad you’re having fun!

  • Hi all!
    What a great KAL. This lovely shrug inspired me to join the group, making this my first KAL ever. Sounds like I’m not the only first-timer! Kudos to Stephanie!
    I seem to remember reading somewhere in the posts that there was a good place to add length and now I can’t find that reference. I’m about 20 rounds into the ribbing. Should I add length before the first inc round, before the second inc round or after the second inc round (in ribbing or in moss stitch)? And if it’s our choice, what are the ramifications of each choice on the fit?
    Thanks again,

    Stefanie Says: Hi Quenby, You can add length at any point, either make the ribbing longer or do more seed stitch at the border, it’s up to you! 🙂

  • Once I get all my stitches picked up (again, as I broke a needle and everything fell off – or at least so much it was just easier to start fresh!), my question is do I do my ribbing in the opposite direction of the way I pick up my stitchs (knitting from back right to back left to left sleeve to neck to right sleeve)?

  • Sarah–
    Once you pick up your stitches, you are now knitting in the round, so you’ll continue in the same direction–there is no more turning around at the end of a row. In other words, the first two stitches that you picked up will be the first knit and the first purl. So keep going in the same direction. You want to keep the right side of the shrug facing you. Remember to place a marker before you knit your first picked up stitch.
    Hope that helps!

  • To Quenby (#12)

    What you’re looking for is Post #15 in the previous KAL post on “Increase Round 1”. Stefanie says “You can add length at any point now. It won’t make a lot of difference where you add it.” I, too, wonder whether the choice has ramifications on the fit.

    Thanks Stefanie for all your tips and insight. This has been great. It’s the first garment for an adult that I’ve knit in decades and I’m enjoying it a lot.


  • Thanks for this great opportunity. The instructions and pictures along with the videos made this very easy to follow. I’m on the last line of instruction, Seed stitch. Are 22 rows necessary or just till I like the look?

    Zontee says: Hi Ann, it’s totally up to you. If you like the look of it, cast off earlier.

  • Thanks for the response, Quenby, but I’m still confused. When I have knit in the round, my right side is on the inside, but you are saying it should be on the outside. How will my working needle be on the right if I’m keeping the right side facing out? (I’m not sure my question makes sense – do I knit clock wise or counter clockwise?)

    Stefanie says: Your RS should be on the outside. You’ll need to just flip your knitting inside out. Knit clockwise.

  • Sarah
    Mine is “inside-out” also. It dosen’t seem to be making any difference in the look of the shrug, except for the fact that in the double ribbing after the 1st increase row then purls are a little more predominant than the knits, making it appear to have ribbing just a little wider spaced apart. I’m not going to worry about it. It looks just fine. Keep going the way you are, and you’ll just have to turn the whole thing right side out when you finish. Be sure though when you weave in your ends, etc. that you are actually doing it on the wrong side. Hope this helps you.

  • Reply to Sarah (#17) Try this: Reach into the circle made by your circular needle. Grasp the shrug and pull it up the circle without moving the needles. (You in effect rotate the project on the needles.) Is your shrug “right side” now on the “outside”? This has been a great KAL. Thanks, Stefanie, for the wonderful instructions. Such a clever design—it wasn’t until I was well into the project that I saw where “Circle” from the title appeared in the knitting itself. The joys of discovery.

  • I’ve really enjoyed this KAL. I’m working on the seed stitch section and the pattern calls for 22 rows but the KAL doesn’t indicate that is correct. I’m about 12 rows into the seed stitch. Should I continue until I reach 22?

    Sorry I haven’t been able to post very often, but have been putting in overtime at work.


    Zontee says: Hi Jennifer, Stefanie cast off early so that she could get her photos taken in time for this post, but if you would like the look of the original pattern photo, continue until you reach 22 rows. If you prefer to cast off early, that’s up to you.

  • About 10 more rows of seed stitch and I will be able to sew the sleeves and wear this puppy. I really enjoyed knitting this one and hope to wear it with my dress in September at my nephew’s wedding. Now I don’t have to worry if the weather is alittle cold. Thanks so much for all the postings.

  • I have throughtly enjoy knitting this in a KAL. I am almost done. I suspect, since my kids are visiting their grandparents this week, that I will be done in the next couple of days.

    Thank you so much stefanie for a wonderful time.

    I can’t wait for the next one.

  • Finished! Hooray! I really like the fit of this shrug, particularly the lower back. The arms are a bit big for me, so I think I may just stitch them up a bit smaller and see how they work.

    Good luck finishing up, everyone!

    Stefanie says: Hi Kelli! I really like to fit of the lower back, too! It makes the wearer look so slim! I’m glad you enjoyed the KAL!

  • Hi All,

    I would like to knit a buttonhole to the front edge for this shrug, where should I do that? I am completed six of the seed stitch rows now, try to find out where (which portion of the shrug, ) should I make the buttonhole? Can it be make on the right side, bottom of the sleeve?

    Thank you very much for your help!!

  • I am a little behind but hope someone can clarify a part for me. I just finished the first round of increases on the ribbing. The next round says to do [k1, p1, k2, p1] between the markers. So my question just to make sure I understand correctly, I am to continue this for 12 rounds which means I will have 2 knits right next to each other? I don’t need to add a purl in there to continue a true ribbing with K1, P1? Thanks to anyone that can clarify!!

  • Lourdes (#25). That is correct. There will be 2 knit stitches together. A purl stitch will be added in Increase Rnd 2,you will be increasing between the 2 knit stitches then.
    Hope that helps!

  • Thank you Pat! That is indeed very helpful. I had read in comments above about the missing purl in the instructions, I understand now where it goes :).
    Participating in this KAL is great, I’ve learned so much already and it is great having a community all doing the same project that you can ask when doubts arise. Thanks again!! I hope I can manage to finish up soon and post some pics.

  • I’m almost done too, on the seed stitch part. I’ve enjoyed knitting with all of you and can’t wait for the day when i’m walking down a street and see one of you wearing your shrug.

    Stephanie, you’ve been great, I’ll knit with you anytime! Can’t wait for the next one.

  • I’m done! Very happy with my shrug. Unfortunately so is my daughter, mother-in law and mother! Guess I am going to be busy to supply Santa.
    Many thanks for this KAL.

  • I just finished my shrug (size small with the ribbing rows equal to the medium size). I think the 8 extra rows of ribbing made it stand up too tall on my neck. I’m considering frogging back and following the pattern as written for the small–without the 8 extra rows. Any suggestions?

    Also, I’m getting a bit of the bubble back–(probably because I am really narrow). Is this something that can be fixed by blocking?

    Zontee says: Hi Haley, if you’re finding it’s too tall, go ahead and rip back. The bubble back will be helped by blocking. Quite a few people have encountered this and overcome it on Ravelry, if you want to take a look at photos.

  • At the end of the second increases i had only 327 stitches so somewhere along the way i lost 1 stitch. should i now inc. 2 stitches at the end of the round or just 1? what kind of inc. should be made at the end of this round? Sara

    Zontee says: Hi Sara, yes, if you lost a stitch somewhere, increase by one so that you end up with 328 stitches. You can again use the M1P as your increase. If you need additional help, please contact our technical support team at, since the knit-along is no longer active.

  • Hey really nice shrug….!! I can’t wait to try for the same. I love Knit Shrug especially for the autumn and winter month.

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