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Temperature Blanket KAL/CAL 2020: Your Year In Yarn

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Temperature Blanket KAL/CAL 2020: Your Year In Yarn

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Have you heard of temperature blankets? They’re a great way to make a blanket that is completely unique to you! It’s like a physical representation of your life in yarn!


Temperature blankets start on the first of the year. Each day you will work one color stripe, so at the end of the year you have a finished blanket. The color you work is based on the high temperature for the day. Pretty simple, right?

Here’s the break down to prepare:

  • 1 – Decide if you want to knit or crochet. (I will be posting a guide for both on December 30, so stay tuned here!)
  • 2 – Choose your yarn and color palette and assign a temperature range to each color. (See my palettes below.)
  • 3 – Download a weather app, bookmark, or get a notepad ready to jot down the temperature each day.
  • 4 – Work one row every day in the color you have assigned to the temperature for that day. (For example Jan 1 is 32º and 32º falls within the Baby Blue color range then you will work one row of Baby Blue to represent Jan 1 on your blanket.)
  • 5 – Follow the hashtag #LBYTEMPBLANKET to watch everyone’s progress. (And don’t forget to post and tag your own WIPs through 2020!)

Yarn And Colors

What colors? Typically temperature blankets are worked in a rainbow of colors with whites and blues representing the coldest colors and orange and reds representing the highest temps. We have put together two color palettes using Basic Stitch Anti Pilling yarn. One works with the more classic color scheme (shown above) and with the other I took a bit more creative license on color choice.

You can work with Basic Stitch Anti Pilling yarn in either color or select your own yarns and colors!

  • >99 F – Black
  • 88 – 98 F – Charcoal
  • 77 – 87 F – Prism
  • 66 – 76 F – Olive
  • 55 – 65 F – Frost
  • 44 – 54 F – Turquoise Heather
  • 33 – 43 F – Baby Blue
  • 22 – 32 F – Silver Heather
  • 11 – 21 F – Grey White
  • <10 F – Ecru

The amount of yarn you will need in each color will vary depending on the temperature in your area. The finished size of your blanket will also vary depending on your yarn and gauge.

Coming up in the next post we’ll discuss a little more about yarns, yardage, and pattern recipes for both knit and crochet. In the meantime, start planning your colors! (You may wish to gather a ball or two of each color to be ready for January 1!)


Find the pattern recipe HERE

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Erica Jackofsky

Erica is the email marketing manager for Lion Brand yarn.


  • I live in the desert of Arizona where the daily summer temperatures gets over 100 and sometimes over 110. Would like you to assign a color to the 110+ temperature range. Otherwise I would have a big block of one color in the middle of my blanket! Not everyone lives in the East Coast!

  • Would really like to know your knit pattern ideas before I decide if I will go ahead. How about a knitted hat
    and scarf patternn for this idea?.. like for a month instead of a year. Thanks!

  • Think I might plan one from the day of conception to the birth – a history of the weather my great grand is incubating! How does that sound?

  • Could you suggest a modified range of temperatures for a tropical climate like Hawaii? It rarely gets below 60 here.

  • Such a fun idea!

  • Cant wait to start this.

  • When is the next post from this one, on Dec 18th?

  • Hello
    Merry Christmas
    Can I buy Lion brand yarn in Europe ( Portugal)
    I would love to crochet this blanket cal 2020.
    What is need to participate?
    The temperature are not in the same measure of Europe I will try to convert and start on 1/1/2020.
    Thank you
    Happy new year

  • Hello! My son just asked me today to make a temperature blanket for his daughter. She was born in July 2019. I will need to knit a few rows a day to make up the missing time. Think it’s a great idea! Can’t wait to see your next post!

  • Hello,

    When are we going to get the pattern to start this project??

  • where is the post for Dec 30 ?

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