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Technology for Stitch-Counting

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Technology for Stitch-Counting

For most projects, it’s important to keep track of your stitches. If you’re like me, you use stitch markers and stitch counters — or you make a tally in the margin of your pattern. If you love technology, then there’s a new way to track your stitches on your iPhone or iPod Touch: the free StitchMinder application.

This handy little program keeps track of your stitches, rows, increases, and decreases. The developer Quilt2Go’s website notes, “Counters can be configured to count upwards or downwards, and your counts are always stored when you close the program or if you are interrupted by a phone call.” How convenient!
You can check out the StitchMinder at the Quilt2Go website.

How do you keep track of your stitches?

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  • Wow – cool – wish someone would create an application like this for Palm-based PDAs/phones.

  • I can’t wait to test this out. I’m going home and DLing this thing right away.

  • The mental counting is the ‘zen’ of crochet and these contraptions would just be one more thing to keep track of for me.

  • I don’t know what I did before stickies (BS) – I don’t like writing on my patterns and books, so I mark my place with a small sticky. It’s easy to just move them to the next row, and I don’t have to do any mental calculations!

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