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Teaching Each Other to Crochet at Lion Brand

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Teaching Each Other to Crochet at Lion Brand

Hi, I’m Laquana Booker and I work in the Accounting Department of our corporate offices Carlstadt, New Jersey. That magical day I learned how to crochet happened sometime right before Christmas and lunchtime was much more social and festive around that time of the year. It was another day in the break room and a co-worker of mine, Rose, was working on a beautiful throw blanket for her son. Another co-worker’s (Luisa) daughter Julia was visiting our office and during our conversation at lunch Julia and I wanted to learn how to crochet. Shortly after learning the basics of crocheting, Julia and I were in competition to see who could crochet the most in the least time. So I can say that crocheting started for me as a competition with a 12 year old, but shortly grew to become something I genuinely love.

My background is in accounting so to do this kind of crafty stuff is unheard of but I immediately was ready for my first official project. I decided to do a blanket with Lion Wool and once I started I couldn’t stop. A week later it was finished, Rose suggested I trim it with Vanna’s Choice Antique Rose yarn, and it was finally done. I’ve had many requests from my friends and family to have my MASTERPIECE but you can bet your bottom dollar it is staying with me.

Special Thanks to Rose DeMartino for teaching me how to crotchet; I will never forget her for that!

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  • What a great story! My grandmother taught me to crochet at age 5 because, according to her, I needed something to do to keep me from “fidgeting” all the time. What a joy it has been throughout my life. You now have something that relieves stress, provides beautiful homemade items for you and for those you choose to give gifts to, costs very little compared to many other hobbies/stress relievers, can be shared with anyone, and has been shared by women throughout the ages. Congratulations, and welcome to the group!!


  • Your blanket is wonderful – and a great accomplishment for a first project. Thanks for sharing your story with us.

    I love this Lion Brand Notebook and look forward to the posts every day. Again, many thanks.

    KarenAK in Oregon

  • Nice story.
    What calls to me is that you edged a wool afghan in acrylic?
    I would have thought that some sort of breech of yarn laws. Wool and acrylic — I just can’t wrap my head around that. I love the wool. I adore Vanna’s Choice. But together? Really???

  • Oh I was sooooo excited to read that I received comments. Thank you Karen and Lori for your responses. To Liz – I actually made a mistake when I wrote this post, the blanket was made with Lion Suede and Vanna’s Choice – Great Catch!

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