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Tea with Shira Episode 11: How to Dye Acrylic Yarn with Rit Dye

Grab your gloves and aprons - in this episode of Tea with Shira, brand ambassador Shira Blumenthal sits down with Rebecca of Rit Dye to show us how to make yarn colors that pop!

Using Rit Dye and your favorite natural fiber, you can create a custom colored yarn that's unique to you. Since we're big fans of easy-care yarns, like acrylic blends, Rebecca also shares a new Rit Dye formula that's just for synthetic fibers!

Rebecca shares two of her latest yarn dyeing projects and shares tips on how you can use Rit Dye to dress up your projects. Tune in below!

:: Can't see the video above? Click here to watch -- https://youtu.be/lgMEoS291IM ::

Yarns mentioned in this video:

Fishermen's Wool®

LB Collection® Wool


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  • KittyGritty

    I have to say-this is a video about dying Acrylics? And all you show is dying wools? What? How about a real life example with Rit Dyemore?

  • Sunnie Mitchell

    I love Tea with Shira, and love the new Rit dye product for synthetics - thank-you a million trillion times for the heads up on it! I live in the UK and a quick search online has me over the moon to find the dye for synthetics is now being sold over here. Again, thank-you, Shira, and thank-you, Rit Dye!

  • Sharon Folck Howell

    I've watched 3 Tea with Shira. I put on the closed captioning, because I have trouble hearing sometimes. The one with Nikki was the worst! While they were talking about dolls, the captions said "dogs." And when Nikki said, Matel, the caption read "tails." Didn't the captioner watch the video? Now, I'm not even sure if that's the way "Nikki" spells her name. The captions did not use a dash to indicate who was speaking. It read like one person was talking all the time, putting another's words in what one person said.