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Tea with Shira #25 Shira's 3 Favorite Throwbacks!

WOW -- this is my 25th episode.  I feel like it was just yesterday you were all just inviting me into your homes for tea …but it actually was a year ago!  I know, mind blown!

For the 25th episode of Tea with Shira, (which is actually half way to 50... which is half way to 100 AHHHH! I digress.) I am going to throwback to some of my top 3 memorable moments.  Now, it’s hard not to play favorites, but let's just say these are some memories that really stood out.

:: Can't see the video above? Click here to watch - ::

I am going to be taking a break this summer and working on some awesome new Tea with Shira ideas and filming some of those awesome ideas. But I want to hear from you, maybe you have an awesome idea for an episode! let me know, and I might just use it ;)  Send us an email at