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Take Your Project on the Go with the 2-in-1 Yarn Tote!

When I'm heading out the door, I usually grab my yarn first and keys second. Now I've got a place to store my project, pattern, and notions along with my everyday essentials.

The 2-in-1 Yarn Tote has a removable, zippered inner pouch that's designed to keep your yarn safe and clean! If you're doing stripes or colorwork, feed your yarn through the two grommets in the pouch and never worry about tangles again! I love this bag because the pouch is big enough for those work-in-progress sweater pieces. We made a little video to show off all of the features of this great tote!

:: Can't see the video below? Click here: http://youtu.be/Up5L88a6aNs ::

The 2-in-1 Yarn Tote comes in four great colors. Which one is your favorite?

2-In-1_Tote_Bag_Black_0210 2-In-1_Tote_Bag_Blue_0213 2-In-1_Tote_Bag_Green_0212 2-In-1_Tote_Bag_Pink_0215
Black 2-in-1 Yarn Tote Blue 2-in-1 Yarn Tote Green 2-in-1 Yarn Tote Pink 2-in-1 Yarn Tote
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  • Kelly

    As an writing teacher, I can not resist this wordy bag! I don't want to pick a favorite! I like the black and the pink! When I followed the link and found the great price, I knew I could order two! ~Kelly

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  • Ginny

    Nice concept, but once you've started your yarn through the grommet, you can't work on that project without the bag. It's like a yarn bowl with a hole instead of a curl opening.

  • Kimberly Hawks

    So the video didn't really help me see how this is any different from another bag--it just keeps things from getting tangled? It would be nice to have it protect the whole project inside the yarn bag and have everything else in the main tote part.

  • beverly

    WELL, I really don't see any problems with a GREAT YARN YARN BAG-----have ordered two BLACK __ PINK THANKS AGAIN TO LION BRAND COMPANY FOR GREAT YARN AND GREAT PATTERNS, ETC....

  • Barbara

    I think this is a great idea! Great price! I ordered all four colors! I can never have too many project bags.

  • Mary

    I have many tote bags this shape/size, fabric not vinyl, after glancing at the picture I have decided to just add grommets to them. I don't have to be able to see through the bag or worry about the vinyl tearing/splitting open at the seams. Thanks for the idea!

  • Sherry

    I really like this bag. I can find small items more quickly while keeping my yarn from tangling.

  • Deborah

    Neat idea I want one...no....I need one!

  • http://elizabethcole.pro/ kentuckyliz

    I use the 31 zip top utility tote, which has grommets. I'd be worried about a clear tote if I'm carrying a wallet.

  • Edie Murphy

    Great idea; however Shipping and Handling fee is high, why not lower that as a special gift to patrons?????