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Store-Bought Sweater Inspired by Hand-Knitting Yarn

Sometimes the sweaters and garments that we knit or crochet are inspired by something we see in a store or on a runway.  But the other day while I was shopping, I couldn't help but notice this sweater, which seems to be inspired by one of our popular yarns! Doesn't it look like a few of our fun self-striping colorways of Sock-Ease? Sure looks like Red Hots, Cotton-Candy, and Lemon Drop to me!

I love the idea of using a fun self-patterning yarn for embellishments on a solid sweater.  Even if you don't knit yourself an entire sweater, you could spruce up an old sweater with hand knit or crocheted embellishments!  Check out our StitchFinder for flower motifs.

Here is a close up of the retail sweater for inspiration:

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