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Supporting St. Jude: $1.9M with Vanna’s Yarns

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Supporting St. Jude: $1.9M with Vanna’s Yarns

Several years ago, we celebrated 1 million dollars of donations to St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. Through a partnership with our favorite crocheter, Vanna White, we donate a percentage of sales of all her yarns to this extraordinary hospital. We’ve been working with Vanna for over a decade, and it was essential to her that our collaboration have a charitable purpose. As a result of her dream, we’re approaching the 2 million dollar donation mark, and you play a role! Because every time you choose one of Vanna’s Signature Yarns, a portion goes toward St. Jude. Their April Patient of the Month, Janie, is one of the many children touched by your crafting.

St. Jude

Vanna White crafting with families at St. Jude. | Image via St. Jude

St. Jude

Janie, St. Jude Patient of the Month | April 2018

Their Patient of the Month

Janie is a busy two-year-old, and she has blood cancer. She was diagnosed last year, and her parents felt hopeless. With a diagnosis like acute lymphoblastic leukemia, it didn’t seem like there were any possibilities. Her dad Joe shared, “Growing up, at my age, if anybody had that, it was a bleak future for them.” Then, Janie was sent to St. Jude, which has the best survival rate in the world for this disease. She’ll undergo several years of chemo, and it’s possible she’ll be cancer-free by kindergarten. Because of the support of companies like Lion Brand and visionaries like Vanna White, families do not pay out-of-pocket for care. Her family is receiving the care they need, while she gets better. Finally, the future seems possible for Janie.

Shira Visits St. Jude

In 2016, Shira visited the hospital, and witnessed first-hand the special community caring for thousands of kids every year. Watch the video below about her trip.

Crafting for a Cause

Anytime you choose one of Vanna’s yarns, you’re helping us continue to make a difference with St. Jude. Learn more about all the work they do by visiting their website. You can also read Vanna’s story about choosing St. Jude here. To see Vanna’s yarns, click here, and craft with a purpose.



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  • Do you have a proofreader? They need to re-read this article.

    • Hi, there – this article has been proofread. Are there any errors in particular that made reading more difficult?

  • Thank you Vanna for supporting the children of St. Jude.
    Every time I purchase your yarn I think of their struggle. It is wonderful that they have people like you and Marlo Thomas in their lives.
    I will keep them in my prayers.

  • Great article. This makes me want to look for Vanna’s yarn the next time I start a project!

  • I did not know this until I read your article. How wonderful. I would love to donate some of my hats and whatever else they might need that i crochet. How can I go about doing this? Thank you so much!!!!

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