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Summer Style: 5 Tops to Knit & Crochet

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Summer Style: 5 Tops to Knit & Crochet

The warmer summer months aren’t exactly the most inspiring time to start a major crafting project, like a sweater. But if you’re eager to keep up your garment-crafting skills no matter the weather, check out these cute tops! These 5 tops are the perfect way to infuse your summer style with your passion for crafting. Whether you prefer to knit or crochet, we have some fun pattern options to make and wear during the dog days of summer.

5 Tops to Craft for Summer Style

Bondi Beach Top (Knit)

For a cute summer pullover with big visual interest, check out the Bondi Beach Top (Knit). For including such fabulous details, it’s hard to believe this is only a Level 2 pattern! Plus, you’ll have the opportunity to cast on Jeans Colors. As you can see above, this top features one big, friendly cable on the front and back. Since the project is made up of two flat pieces that are seamed all the way around, it’s the perfect chance to practice a simple cable!

STYLING TIP: Another upside of seaming is the ability to control the size of the arm holes – you can close the sides all the way, or leave them more open to wear over a swimsuit, tank, or crop top.

Summer Style

Openwork Cover-Up (C)

Openwork Cover-Up (Crochet)

For a piece with several styling options, look no further than the Openwork Cover-Up (Crochet).

The open weave of this top is easy to achieve, and creates a breezy top that will be comfortable on even the warmest days. Summer style is all about looking cute while staying comfortable in the heat! The mesh-like stitching gives this cover-up a fun texture, which can be hard to achieve in summer garments.

Since it’s a Level 2 pattern, it’s a totally accessible option for your first foray into crocheted clothing.

And because it uses our Rewind Yarn which is a CYC 5 Bulky weight, it will absolutely fly of your crochet hook!

STYLING TIP: Wear it over your bathing suit for a fun beach-day look, or over a tank (as pictured at the left). One of the best things about this open-weave is that you can rock the illusion of this on-trend boxy shape, without covering up your figure.

Summer Style

Folklore Top (K)

Folklore Top (Knit)

For this sweet little top, it’s all in the details. Our Folklore Top (Knit) features some very simple detailing that makes a big statement!

Made from two flat pieces that you’ll seam together, you’ll work in stockinette stitch from the bottom to the top – what could be easier! For the variation at the borders, simply switch to a seed stitch.

But the prettiest detail of all is definitely the embroidery at the notched neckline. The motifs are so simple, yet they really give the feeling of hand-crafting. Plus, you’ll achieve the perfect hint of boho summer style.

STYLING TIP: This persimmon-y orange is going to be a big hit all year, so don’t confine this piece to your summer wardrobe! Layer it over a simple long-sleeve tee for a perfect fall look, too.

Gulf Shores Top (Knit)

Our Gulf Shores Top (Knit) is another fun Jeans Colors project to cast on this summer. For summer, we love styles that are fuss-free, so this simple pullover definitely fits the bill. You’ll work the front and back pieces on a circular needle, as if you’re using two straight needles. The textured elements are simple and stylish, creating enough detail to elevate this straightforward tank. Plus, we love the wide straps, which will conceal any style of bra strap!

STYLING TIP: This is another piece you could style into your fall wardrobe. Pull it over a long-sleeved tee or button up, or even a simple long-sleeved dress!

The color is easy-going for summer, and will transition beautifully into an autumnal palette.

Summer Style

Surf Side Top (C)

Surf Side Top (Crochet)

Last but certainly not least, our Surf Side Top (Crochet).

Craft outside the box with this totally unique tank, which will be sure to garner you compliments every time you wear it.

While it might look labor-intensive, you’ll be surprised to learn it’s only a Level 2 pattern! You’ll craft three pieces, the front, back, and the band that makes up this one-of-a-kind neckline.

Be sure to grab a friend to help you with assembly – they’ll help you position the band to guarantee a perfectly-fitted final product.

Since you’ll be using ZZ Twist Yarn, you’ll actually have a bevy of beautiful colors to choose from. The benefit of a more jewel-y tone, like the Cranberry pictured at left, is that this top can transition from daywear to a fun night out easily. To transition your look from day to night, focus on accessories – check out our styling tip below.

STYLING TIP: Don’t overcomplicated this neckline with too much jewelry! Save your statement necklace for another look, and focus instead on a fun but simple earring. You could choose a cluster, or a simple drop, but let the neckline be the star.

Stylish Summer Looks

Maximize your garment-making skills by keeping them fresh, even in the doggiest days of summer. For us here at Lion Brand, it’s never too hot to put aside our crafting projects. But it definitely helps to have some summer project ideas to keep us inspired! Are you a fan of any of these summer style ideas? Which one will you stitch up first? Let us know in the comments below!
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  • Love the look of the surf side top. But I cannot crochet, with someone would re-do the pattern for knitters.
    Thank you.

  • sorry, I meant to say “wish”. Bad typing. Wish the Surf Side top was re-done for knitters, like me.

  • I really wish the patterns were converted to more sizes – S, M, and L measurements fit a pretty small part of the population these days. Disappointed I can make that cute Surf Side top for myself 🙁

  • I have several WIP’s going but I love all 5 of these beautiful tops!!!

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