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What’s the #Yarnbuzz?

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The Golden Crocheted Toilet

In an ode to an art piece from 2016, an anonymous yarn-bomber crafted a surprising cozy. The inspiring work of art? A gold toilet, installed in a bathroom at the Guggenheim Museum. The as-yet unnamed artist crocheted a gold toilet cozy and snuck it into a public bathroom on the 4th floor. While this “artistic intervention” was only on display for a few hours, it left a lasting impression.


Image via Ruat Caelum

Unconventional Crafting

Med student Daniel Lim found the most adorable way to learn anatomy: by knitting it! He uses his creations as teaching tools, so nailing the proportions is essential. He’ll elaborate with colors, to make sure organs are easy to identify. His most recent accomplishment? The brachial plexus, successfully displayed on a repurposed shelf. Of his growing collection, Daniel says, “I’d prefer it to be accurate than look good. But it does look kind of good.”


Image via Daniel Lim

Knitting on National TV

Major TV star Kristen Ritter visited Stephen Colbert on Late Night and taught him a thing or two. Ritter is currently gracing the cover of Vogue Knitting, so she introduced Stephen to her favorite hobby! “I’m making knitting cool,” she says, and who would disagree? Tune into ‘Jessica Jones’ to catch Kristen at work, bonus points if you craft while watching.


Image via

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