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Styling Fun with Claire from the Lion Brand Yarn Studio

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Styling Fun with Claire from the Lion Brand Yarn Studio

This is a guest post from Claire, Floor Manager of the Lion Brand Yarn Studio.

Working at the Lion Brand Yarn Studio and helping people pick projects and yarn every day has taught me many things, not the least of which is that a cowl is a cowl is a cowl — except when it’s a hood! I’m sure all of you are familiar with two or three ways to wear a scarf, but have you tried experimenting with your other handmade items?

Cabildo Cowl styling

With a long infinity scarf style cowl like the Cabildo Cowl (pictured in Cincinatti Red Hometown USA), it’s easy to change up your winter look. Wrap it twice around your neck for an extra snuggly style or pull the second loop up over your head as a hood when it really starts to blow! Leave it long when you get inside and it becomes an accessory focal point for your outfit.

Knit Spring Ruana styling

For the brisk fall weather, you might want to toss a wrap on before heading outside to play in the leaves. The Knit Spring Ruana adds a little bit of warmth and a lot of pizazz! You can leave the garter panel to the back for a traditional look, or turn it sideways and add a shawl pin for a less drapey look.

Cropped Turtleneck styling

The Cropped Turtleneck is a fun garment to turn on its head — literally! Worn as is, it’s a cute cropped sweater with a generous turtleneck. Turned upside down, it becomes a dramatic fitted piece with a fun boatneck.

Now it’s your turn to look through your hand-crafted items and see what you can make of them. And next time you’re buying yarn, remind yourself that you could be getting two sweaters for the price of one!

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  • I’ve been doing this for years….especially with hats. Many looks from one pattern.

  • The links above are not working for me. All of them go to Error 404 Not found.

    • Hi Pat, sorry about that–our servers were down for a short period yesterday. They are up and working now, so you should be able to get to the patterns now. Enjoy!

  • Heh, I don’t think that would work for the cropped turtleneck on me.

  • Great post! I love seeing more pictures of the pattern samples. I think that ruana and 2-way sweater or going in my queue!

  • […] Styling Fun with Claire from the Lion Brand Yarn Studio […]

  • I love Lion Brand yarns and patterns. (btw: still getting Error 404 for the 5 hats link)

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