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Texture Stripes Cardigan: A luxurious knit from our Style Guide!

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Texture Stripes Cardigan: A luxurious knit from our Style Guide!

Today we’re featuring the Texture Stripes Cardigan! Available exclusively as a kit in our Fall/Winter Style Guide, this richly textured sweater would make a versatile addition to your wardrobe.

Texture Stripes Cardigan

Luxurious Textures

We love the simple knit-purl textures in this piece. The stitch patterns are classics from Fisherman sweaters, and have a unique look in this homespun style yarn. The horizontal striping and texture of the welting pattern are echoed in the “sailor’s rib” stitch pattern, tying everything together visually. Once you establish the two stitch patterns after a couple of repeats, it makes for relaxing knitting, with enough interest to keep you engaged.

Texture Stripes Cardigan


New Basic 175 has the rustic look of a traditional Icelandic yarn, but it’s machine washable, lightweight, and outrageously soft. And New Basic 175 in the color Whisper is subtle and gorgeous! This pale greyish white with a hint of mauve makes us think of early morning mist, or the onset of dusk in winter. Plus the light hue shows off textured stitches really nicely.

Texture Stripes Cardigan


This breezy piece coordinates effortlessly with a variety of styles! Whether you wrap yourself in the cardigan to keep warm at home, or fling it over a lightweight jacket to wear outdoors, this versatile piece will keep you cozy. You can roll the collar back for a double-thick collar, or wear it up, perhaps overlapping the front edges and closing with a shawl pin.

Texture Stripes Cardigan



The cardigan is worked in pieces – the back and two fronts. This makes for very portable knitting, with just a little sewing at the end. The boxy shaping is quite minimal, with a touch of sloping at the shoulder for a nice fit.

Pick up a kit today, and show us your finished cardigans! #LBYStyleGuideFW17 #lionbrand

Check out a 360 degree view of this textured cardigan below!

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  • Such a great sweater! I’d love to make it for my mother-in-law but I have tons of yarn and am low income. Kits are so popular currently and leave me (and I assume others) out of wonderful knitting experiences.

    I do love LION yarns and patterns!


  • I agree with Anne! Love the pattern and wish it was available alone and not just as a kit. Thanks.

  • Agree wit Anne and Penny. Your patterns are fantastic. Just wish we could purchase them alone!

  • I too agree with the two ladies before me. I am as well many others are not working and living on a very low income ( social security and small retirement) ,
    due to being a full time caregiver for both of my parents. Crafting is a stress relief but can be expensive.
    Please consider this when offering kits only projects.
    I have been using Lion Brand for years but when you live on tight budget we really have to pick and choose our projects by cost not by the one that may be our favorite.
    Could you offer a senior discount?
    I wish companies could reward caregivers with discounts or special offers,. Caregiving is very hard work especially with two parents and one having Alzheimer’s.
    It’s a very important job but is not a paying job.
    There are few benefits offered to us and stress level is over the top.
    Thank you,

  • Is pattern available in Crochet?

  • PLEASE! Just patterns!

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