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Studio Window Sneak Peak

Every season the Lion Brand Yarn Studio changes it's window display.  This is a quick preview of this summer's window display:

Can you guess what it will be?  Check back next week to find out and see pictures of the finished window display!

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  • http://yarnbecomewhatyouare.wordpress.com BWYA

    Sure I can guess ~it's got to be some kind of fair or amusement park. Coney Island comes to mind!

  • http:thoughtsNspots.blogspot.com Linda Kennedy

    The ferris wheel is looking good. How big is the smiling clown face?

    <em>Lindsey says: The smiling clown face is pretty big. Next week I'll have pictures of the whole window so you can get a better sense of how big it is then!</em>

  • http://www.bluepeacelife.blogspot.com Harriett

    I'm going to guess that it's "Alice In Wonderland." Wish this was a contest, and ya'll could do a drawing from those who have the correct answer. But this is still fun to guess. Can't wait to see it.

  • http://www.restlessgrace.blogspot.com Grace

    Coney Island!!! I love this theme and can't wait to see the window and get down to the beach for a fireworks and Nathan's hot dog. I'm so glad summer is finally here.

  • Maggi Minneman

    The Midway at the County Fair ....OR....a circus! What fun! How creative you all are. Love to see the things you come up with. I do not use the word 'inspiring' lightly....but you are inspiring!

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