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Studio Snippets

We love our customers . . . they are smart, and funny, they surprise us, and make us laugh.

I thought from time to time I would just share pictures, comments, stories & fun from the Studio.

Today one of our customers named Melody stepped up to the counter to buy six balls of our beautiful Cashmere.  James (our Asst. Manager) was ringing her up.  I looked up at the big pile of cashmere on the counter and said, “Goodbye Cashmere”, and I reached out to pet it.  Just then I heard a growling sound and a barking biting-like sound from across the counter.  I jumped about a foot and looked up to see Melody and James laughing there heads off (the sound, of course, came from Melody).  It was then pointed out to me, with a big old smile, that’s what you get for touching someone else’s Cashmere.


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  • I saw a whole new series of new yarns called LB Collection and I am so so so excited! I also read that LB Collection will only be available on the Lion Brand website and the NY studio … is it true? Will the studio have plans to expand into the rest of the country?

  • It is true we will have ALL of the LB collection.

    There are no plans right now for expansion, so come see us soon!

  • I would be the same way! I’d get very territorial and “toddler” with my yarn – MINE! MINE! I would say (just like a little toddler).

  • That is SOOOO funny!

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