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Studio Snippets – When Bad Things Happen to Good Yarn

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Studio Snippets – When Bad Things Happen to Good Yarn

Here in the Studio, we have a customer, Jodi.  She’s a great gal, great knitter, but she has one terrible habit.  Dumping lots of yarn in a bag and dragging it all around New York City until it becomes a tangled mess:

She came in the other day and our trusty Michelle helped her with her mess.  I told them I call this picture

“The Tangler and the Untangler (or friends don’t let friend’s tangle their yarn)”

If this is a problem for you, and you’re in the NYC area (or stopping by on vacation this summer), stop by the Studio and pick up a project bag (or two) to keep your yarn organized, OR read some of the “tips of the day” from customers on for useful storage ideas.

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  • 😀

    how many projects does she have going there?

  • Ziplock gallon bags are a great way to keep multiple projects in 1 bigger bag!

  • I have four knitting projects (one of my faves is a revamped one knit stitch cardigan for my amazing niece Clara) and I also have been determined to learn how to crochet and making some flowers for my sister Wendy to wear on her headband. So the bag pictured here is just my yarn I’m not using at the moment.

    I did purchase the walker bag to help me w/my tangled yarn, however the yarn always seems to try to mate w/each other.

    If you think that bag of crazy is outta control, you should’ve seen it before Patty (the very fun and helpful manager at Lion Brand Studio) insisted I needed to get it together, hence the Walker Bag!

    Thanks for the tip! Any others are greatly appreciated!
    – jodes 🙂
    btw, I only started in February, so I guess my yarn bag could have been worse… or better…, probably worse…

  • What is a walker bag? Sounds like a bag of yarn that has gotten up and walked away.

    Patty says: Walker is a bag company that makes wonderful bags & cases for yarn. We sell them at our NYC Studio. Jodi is referring to the Walker Yarn Case (with three holes for different yarns). Click here to see a picture from the Studio blog.

  • The walker bag is a great idea, but I use a bottle bag. I bought this bag at a liquore store for 2 euro and it has 6 holes in it. I take this bag with me when I have a long journey ahead of me or when I have to do a lot of waiting. It works great.

  • I have many projects going – however, I have placed each one in individual gotton bags that I made for this purpose and stored in a box with printed info taped to the front. Since they are up in a closet, I can easily see what is where when I need it.

  • I usually have 2 to 3 projects with me in my purse daily. I just purchased a knitting bag specifically for my projects, but in that I now have the ones I’m currently working on in plastic bags that my fabric drawers came in! I save those and ones from sheets or curtains. The top folds over and snaps closed, and even has a convenient tab with a hole in it so I can store them on a hook in my closet until they are needed. My dear husband bought me a wire book shelf where the fabric drawers have my yarn neatly organized and stored away. No waste, and no more tangled mess!

  • I have a ton of canvas bags that I’ve picked up over the years. Currently, I have about three or four with different projects I’m working on. When I am ready to crochet or going to an appointment, I just grab a bag.

    Another great bag to use is one that sheets and blankets come in. I have a few with zippered openings which also work great for my projects. They are clear so it is easy to see what I am working on.

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