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Studio Snippets – Our Wonderful Customers’ Wonderful Work

Here in New York at the Lion Brand Yarn Studio, our customers constantly surprise and inspire us.  Here are just a few examples of what some of our customers have been up to.

Wendy made this amazing scarf for her mom.  It’s Nicky Epstein’s Tuscan Sun Scarf in Vanna’s Glamour.

We were so impressed we asked her to pose for us.

Fran came by with this beautiful sweater.  She wanted to take advantage of our finishing service and our own Tracey sewed in the zippers and made a cute little tie for the matching bonnet.

When I asked her if she had any yarn she wanted to use for the bonnet ties, she pulled out a skein of a discontinued yarn, Lion Brand Sayelle.  Our own Jack Blumenthal was in the Studio, and I called him over to see the label.  He took one look and said, “I remember that label: 1985.”  Fran said she had been knitting with Lion Brand for years.

From a lifelong Lion Brand knitter to a newer knitter celebrating her first finished project:  Kendace was so happy with her Wool-Ease Thick & Quick blanket that she couldn’t help wrapping herself up in it…

…and also applauding her own beautiful work.  We applaud her too!

Then there’s Bob with his amazing Irish Baby Blanket.  It’s made from Cupcake & the Shamrocks are two colors of Microspun

(Bob is actually quite tall, he just couldn’t resist the old “shoe on the table” gag!)

Keep the projects coming!  We LOVE seeing your work.

And if you’re outside of the New York area, you can show off your work at the Customer Gallery by clicking here.

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  • I always enjoy showing y’all what I’m working on and it’s so nice to see projects from other customers. Thanks for sharing!

  • is there a pattern for the IRISH BABY BLANKET somewhere? please advise, thanks much!

    Patty says: He used the feather and fan stitch for the blanket with the crochet clover leaf.

  • The customer projects are fantastic! Greaat work, everyone. Thanks, Lionbrand, for posting these bits of inspiration (and history–I love the old yarns/lables).

  • I am looking for Lion Brand Sayelle Color 113 Scarlet. I ran out and need another skein. Anybody have it perhaps??????

    Zontee says: Hi Linda, we haven’t produced Sayelle in years. The best thing to find some would be to try knit & crochet communities like or where there are ISO or “in search of” chat-boards where people swap yarn. You may also want to try auction websites like eBay where people often sell off old yarn.

    Also, please note that comments left on the blog should relate to the blog posts on which they are left. If you have other issues, please e-mail

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