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Studio Snippets: Our Customer-Made Scarf

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Studio Snippets: Our Customer-Made Scarf

A few weeks ago, Claire — one of our fabulous Studio staffers — unpacked the Cricket Weaving Loom, read the directions, and set it up in no time.  She picked out a whopping seven different kinds of yarn to play with: Vanna’s Choice, Wool-Ease, Microspun, Homespun, Moonlight Mohair, Vanna’s Glamour and Cupcake.  After getting it started, we left the loom on the table and encouraged customers over the next few weeks to try their hand.  Some were conservative, doing a row or two of the yarn on the shuttle. Others were more creative freely mixing yarns, while others were down right daring, holding two yarns together creating a stunning effect.  The bottom line is: anyone can create a work of art with no training. Just pick out some yarn and start weaving!

Here’s some close ups of all our customer’s work on one magic scarf:


scarf 2

Here’s the final result:


By the way, if the customer scarf ever “goes missing” from the Studio . . . it’s because it’s found it’s way home with our own Will.  He has his eye on it!


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