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Studio Snippets – Ode to Blocking

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Studio Snippets – Ode to Blocking

A customer came in the other day to our New York Store, and asked if there was a trick to keeping her gauge consistent.  She was working on an afghan made up of many knitted squares.  She knew she would be knitting them over a long period of time and wanted to know how to make every block exactly 1 foot square.  I told her, “Easy, blocking!”

Blocking is the final step to make every yarncraft project perfect.  It can even out your stitches, and make each piece exactly the size you want it to be.  If you live in New York, come by the Studio for more information on the the products we carry for blocking, and or blocking class.

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  • My wife has knitted for a long time and is interested in learning to machine knit. I’m doing some research for her. How do I start? Thanks for any help. — Lee

    Patty says: Try searching for a machine knitting guild or meet up in your area. Joining a group with other machine knitters is a great way to get info on the best machine to buy. Also if there are any classes in your area, sign her up! Here in NY we will offer machine knitting classes in May and start offering privates in March.

  • Um, yes I see how blocking can help, alot. My question is, can it help with Mile-a-Minute patterns? They are the bane of my existence. I love how they work up so fast but…I do the exact same stitch counts for each strip and depending on the day and my mood and my stress level, the strips end up varying in lengths of over a foot. Incredible perhaps but for now I’m sticking to granny squares, lol. I still have my last attempts laying here to remind me that blocking can only help so much. oh my…. 😉

    Patty says: Try using Blocking Wires. I’ve never had a piece I can’t shape to the size I need it to be with blocking wires. If you live in NY come by the Studio and I’ll show you.

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