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Studio Snippets - Making a Pattern Your Own

Following a pattern as written is great, but sometimes you want to mix it up a bit.  Don't be shy, jump in.  Here are two different takes on one of our most popular patterns, the Weekend Retreat Cardi.

Michelle followed the pattern as written, but substituted Lion Cotton, color Sagebrush.  She really like this yarn and wanted to find a simple stockinette pattern that would really show it off.

How cute is she?


The next take on the same pattern comes from one of our customers, Jodi.  She described to me a sweater that she wanted.  I suggested she start with the Weekend Retreat Cardi, but then instead of going to rib she knit the feather and fan pattern for the bottom.  I think it turned out great.

Before you say, "I could never change a pattern like that," note that Jodi took her very first knitting lesson at the Lion Brand Yarn Studio in February.  She has only been knitting for five months!  If she can do it, you can do it.

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