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Studio Snippets – Making a Pattern Your Own

Following a pattern as written is great, but sometimes you want to mix it up a bit.  Don’t be shy, jump in.  Here are two different takes on one of our most popular patterns, the Weekend Retreat Cardi.

Michelle followed the pattern as written, but substituted Lion Cotton, color Sagebrush.  She really like this yarn and wanted to find a simple stockinette pattern that would really show it off.

How cute is she?


The next take on the same pattern comes from one of our customers, Jodi.  She described to me a sweater that she wanted.  I suggested she start with the Weekend Retreat Cardi, but then instead of going to rib she knit the feather and fan pattern for the bottom.  I think it turned out great.

Before you say, “I could never change a pattern like that,” note that Jodi took her very first knitting lesson at the Lion Brand Yarn Studio in February.  She has only been knitting for five months!  If she can do it, you can do it.

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  • Wow, I really like the feather and fan version of the cardi! I think I’m going to have to knit one like it!!

  • Wonderful! Congratulations, I would like to do one like that; and the chevron is close, I mean is not lacy, very appropriate for the upper part Congratulations again.

  • Both versions look terrific!
    What’s your closest crochet pattern to this knit one?

    Patty says: Check out this Crochet Matinee Jacket. It’s super cute.

  • I love both but I have a question on the feather and fan pattern. New knitter here, but as you said, if she can do it, I can do it…okay, so I read through the trim directions and it said it had to be a multiple of 17, so how does that match up with the pattern? AND, do you just use the last row of the sweater pattern as your cast on row and go from there? THANKS, I am a total newbie, but have your blog in my bookmarked faves and check it even when I’m not knitting or crocheting anything!

    Patty says: I believe she knit the small, which means at the point where she began the feather and fan stitch she had 148 stitches. 148 divided by 17 leaves 8 full repeats of the feather and fan with six stitches left for either side. I believe she just used those six stitches as knit and purl rows (meaning she knit the six stitches if she was on a knit row of the feather and a fan pattern and she purled the stitches if she was on a purl row of the feather and fan pattern.

  • Help! I measured the length of this sweater from the pattern and even the smallest size (which I am not) comes to mid-thigh. It looks from the pictures that the sweater comes to the hip bone. Which is correct? Should I compensate for length from the pattern?


    Patty says: I’m not quite sure what measurement you are referring to. The Weekend Retreat Cardi (click on the name to see the pattern, picture and all measurments) measures 14″ total length for the small.

  • Wow, the feather and fan looks terrific! A big congrats to Jodi. The colour is a knockout, and she looks great in it. I’ve bookmarked that pattern before, with this same idea that I could do something different with it, but didn’t have any inspiration till now. Now I know what to do…!

  • I was referring to the length measurement for the 1X (19″). I think the problem was I was measuring from the underarm, not the shoulder. Measured from the shoulder, 19″ seems right.

    Regarding chest measurement, I’m between sizes (43″) and decided to go with the Large and not the 1X since this cardigan doesn’t seem to button but lies open on the chest.


    Zontee says: Hi Judith, if you need extra help, feel free to e-mail and someone from our technical support team will be happy to help answer questions about your project.

  • Can you give me the body measurements your sizes refer to (S, M, L, 1X)?

    I’ve knitted the first six rows of the ribbing on the Large size and stretched out the ribbing seems to go from one side to the other over the back. In other words, it doesn’t go past my sides to the front. I’m thinking I’ll rip (GAH!) and redo in the 1X and hope for the best.

    Yes, I did a gauge and the swatch measured right.


    Patty says: The Weekend Retreat Cardi is a top down raglan pattern. The first six rows of the ribbing is the neck (see picture). The chest width for each size is listed on the second line of the page, right under SIZE.

  • Whew! [smacks head] I assumed it went from the bottom up. You answered just in time to save me from The Rip! Thank you.

    As for measurements, I was thinking about the hip measurement. Since the pattern is top down, that measurement isn’t relevant at the moment. I’ll assume that the increasing stitches will take care of it. But thanks for the email support address.


  • Thanks for the info on adding the pattern. I am getting ready to print (with your comments too in case I get confused!!) and I’ll pick up some new yarn when I’m out tomorrow. Maybe this’ll be the first thing I get made for myself in quite some time. Wish me luck!!

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