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Studio Snippets: Favorite Felted Hat

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Studio Snippets: Favorite Felted Hat

We loved this hat and had to share it.  This is a customer’s own design, made from her stash and felted.  If you haven’t tried felting before, check out the amazing patterns for Lion Wool.  As you can see from the water that beaded up on her hat . . . felt is amazingly water resistant.  Try your hand at felting, you’ll love it!


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  • I purchased a book: Quick knits with Speed Stix.
    The pattern that I would like to try calls for Incredible Super Bulky Weight Ribbon Yarn. I cant find this in any store and did not see it in your catelog.

    Zontee says: Hi Gay, you can find Incredible on by clicking on the “Our Yarns” tab and clicking on either the word “Incredible” or by clicking on the image of the ball of Incredible.

    Each individual retailer sells a different mix of products, and we are unable to tell you which yarns your local stores carry, so please call them directly for that information. Please note that our catalog only shows a selection of our over 750 yarns/colors.

    For future reference, comments left on the Lion Brand Notebook should only relate to the specific article or topic on which they are posted. Please e-mail us at for questions about our products and/or services.

    Hope that helps!

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